Q. How can I install or upgrade an RPM package under CentOS / RHEL / Fedora / Suse Linux?


A. To install or upgrade an rpm file or package you need to use rpm command. RPM is a RPM Package Manager (originally called Red Hat Package Manager). Both Novell Suse Linux and Red Hat Linux support (Fedora Linux) uses rpm.

To install an rpm you need to use following command (you must be a root user i.e. login as a root user):# rpm -ivh package.rpmTo upgrade an rpm package you need to use rpm command as follows:# rpm -Uvh package.rpmRed Hat enterprise Linux user can use up2date command to install or update package over Internet:# up2date -i package-nameFedora Linux user, use yum command to install or update package over Internet:# yum install packageFedora Linux Update package: # yum update package

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  • Rizwan Sahibzada May 16, 2008 @ 12:32

    it is really knowlegeable website.

  • Jagadeesh kumar.k[TPSS] Nov 18, 2008 @ 11:17

    It provides a good information abt the queries .
    thanks a lot .

  • Phoe May 18, 2011 @ 22:42

    Hi. I have CentOS 64bit linux. Have autoconf 2.59. I tried “yum update autoconf” but that tells me there isn’t anything to update. How do I update it?

  • anu Nov 22, 2011 @ 5:20


    i have zip-2.31-2.el5.. i have to update it to a higher version.. please help… i am using centosa and i am completely new to linux. also in the command : rpm -Uvh package.rpm, where do i get that package from???

  • ann Oct 8, 2013 @ 9:16

    It provides a good information abt the queries .
    thanks a lot .

  • venkatreddy Aug 21, 2015 @ 14:33

    Hi. see if pkge is their that will be upgrade other wise install…so which option are u using…………………..Thks in advance

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