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How Do I Search My Linux and Unix Server For a File?

I am a new Linux system (CentOS) user. How do I search my Linux box for a file? How can I locate files on a Linux based system using bash command line?

You need to either use find command or locate command to search files on a Linux or Unix-like server.

Find command

The find command is used to find files on a Linux or Unix like system. It will search directories you specify for files that match the supplied search condition. A search condition can be used to search files by name, owner, group, type, permissions, date, time, case, and other criteria. The search is recursive i.e. it will search all subdirectories.ooks like this:

find {dir-name} -name {file-name} action


find where-to-look criteria action

The default action is to print file names:

find /dir/ -name "file-to-search" -print

Find command examples

To find out a file called foo.txt in entire server, type:
# find / -name foo.txt
To find out httpd.log file:
# find / -type f -name httpd.log
To find out httpd.log file in /home/web-server/ directory, type:
# find /home/web-server/ -type f -name httpd.log
To find out httpd.log file in /home/web-server/ directory without case i.e. match httpd.log, HTTPD.LOG, HTTpd.LOG case, type:
# find /home/web-server/ -type f -iname httpd.log
To find out all php file (*.php) in /var/www/ directory, enter:
# find /var/www/ -type f -iname "*.php" -print

Find all files except “*.c” in a directory called ~/projects/?

To find all files except a specific pattern i.e. invert the search with -not or !.
# find /dir/to/search/ -not -name "*.c" -print
# find $HOME -not -iname "*.c" -print

# find /dir/to/search/ \! -name "*.c" print
# find $HOME \! -iname "*.c" print

Finding file by type

The syntax is as follows:

find /dir/to/search/ -type X -name "file_pattern" -print
find $HOME -type X -iname "file_pattern" -print

Where -type X can be any one of the following chracter:

  1. f : Search for normal file only.
  2. d : Search for directory only.
  3. l : Search for symbolic link only

To search for all *.pl (perl) files in /var/www/, enert:

find /var/www/ -type f -name "*.pl" -print
## OR case insensitive search ### 
find /var/www/ -type f -iname "*.pl" -print

How do find files by content on a Linux or UNIX based server?

Use grep command as follows:

grep 'string' *.txt
grep -R 'string' *.txt

Search /etc/ directory for all files and only show files that content an IP address
# find /etc/ -iname "*" | xargs grep ''
See “find(1)

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    I tried so many option to find a sting under all directory/file in unix server….
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