Test PHP Installation With a Phpinfo page under UNIX / Linux Apache Web Server

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How do I test php installation with a phpinfo() page under UNIX / Linux Apache / nginx / lighttpd web server?

PHP has a special function called phpinfo(). It displays a large amount of information about the current state of PHP. This includes information about PHP compilation options and extensions, the PHP version, server information and environment, OS version information, paths, master and local values of configuration options, HTTP headers, and the PHP License etc.

Create following test.php script in your /var/www/html directory (or your httpdoc directory) or upload the same using ftp / sftp / scp client:


Open your web browser and type the url: http://example.com/test.php.
Sample outputs:

Fig.01: phpinfo script output
Fig.01: phpinfo script output

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  1. If phpinfo just shows the code written out as plain text, exactly as it is in my PHP file, does that mean PHP isn’t enabled?

  2. If you’re not seeing anything, you might want also want to try:


    (Note the opening <?php tag.) Best – ATM

  3. what if firefox prompts me to download the php test file (with just the text string )? does that mean that php is not working?

  4. i have developed a website using php. So in order to make it run i installed php,apache,mysql(LAMP) server. I copied the folder into root (/var/www/) folder. when i tried to run the website on my local server. I got a distorted view of the web page. The whole structure of the website is ruined. i think that is because the other folders in my website folder are not accessible. one thing more i am getting a cross on sub folders in my website folder. Help me out with this…please. thanks

  5. I can’t get the page to run on my mac. It gives me the “safari cannot open the page message” or takes me to example.com domain. My installation seems to be fine. Please help. I am new to php.

  6. @westyfesh
    i was having the same problem running debain. i started and stopped apache then it was working.
    as root in terminal type:
    apachectl stop
    hit enter then type:
    apachectl start

    hope this helps others too because this was the first page in google for : test.php downloading

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