How To Find Out What My DNS Servers Address Is

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How do I find out my DNS server addresses under Linux, UNIX, Apple OS X/macOS, MS-Windows operating system? What is my dns server IP address under MS-Windows operating systems? Can you specify a list of public DNS server for personal use or game consoles?

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System. DNS is key to many network services run on the Internet or LAN (Local Area Network) such as:


  1. Internet browsing
  2. Mail server
  3. Web server
  4. Gaming
  5. Video streaming and more.

Almost all traffic on the Internets depends upon the DNS servers. Most ISP (Internet Service Provider) have their caching DNS server to reduce network load. But, how do you find out DNS server IP address? How do you find out current DNS server IP address? Under Linux, FreeBSD and all UNIX-like operating systems you have a file called /etc/resolv.conf. It is often known as the resolver configuration file. If you are using MS-Windows version 7 / 8 / 10 (or older Vista / NT / 2000 / XP / 98) then see below for how to find out DNS server address under MS-Windows operating systems.

How to find out what my DNS servers address are on Linux/Unix/macOS

The resolver is a set of routines in the C library that provide access to the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). The resolver configuration file contains information that is read by the resolver routines the first time they are invoked by a process.

Commend to find out your dns servers ip address under Linux/BSD/Unixish system

To see your DNS server address type the following cat command as shell prompt:
$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
OR use the less command/more command shell pagers:
$ less /etc/resolv.conf
Another option is to use the grep command/egrep command:



  • nameserver : It is Name server IP address (in dot notation) of a name server that the resolver should query. All your application will use this IP address for DNS purpose.

Further, you can use the dig command and host command to verify that DNS working:
$ host
$ dig

Find out my dns server ip address on Linux or Unix
Determining a Linux or Unix/macOS computer’s DNS Name or IP address

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The following video tutorial shows you how to find out your dns server IP address assigned by an ISP router or dhcp server under Linux or Unix operating systems using both command line and graphical user interfaces:

Find Out DNS Server IP Address Under MS-Windows Version 8/7/Vista/XP/NT/2003

Click on Start button > Run > and Type command cmd > Press [enter] key

At DOS prompt type the command:
C:\>ipconfig /all
You should DNS server IP address, and other information related to Windows networking:

Fig.01: Windows Operating Systems Find DNS Server Addresses
Fig.01: Windows Operating Systems Find DNS Server Addresses


  • You can Click on Start button > Settings > Network connections
  • Double click on Local Area Connection
  • Click on Properties button
  • Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Click on Properties button and Look for Preferred DNS Server:
Fig.02: Windows XP TCP/IP Properties - DNS Settings And IP Address
Fig.02: Windows XP TCP/IP Properties - DNS Settings And IP Address

Public DNS Servers

You can use the following Google public DNS (IP Addresses) servers for game consoles, routers, wifi devices, mobile phones or any other purpose:


They are free to all, pretty fast too and works with all sort of computers and game consoles.

See also:


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  1. i tried ipconfig/all it work when you allredy have the dns address writen internet protocol properties but it does not work when you dont know your dns address.
    please can you show me how to get the DNS of a new network that i dont have uts DNS server name but i have the IP and sbnetmask and gateway

  2. i cant find my DNS i tryed what the overs said but it still wont let me find it i am trying to link my ps2 wireless to the internet i have an adapter but where as cable it done it all 4 u with wireless it wont find it i got it connceted but i still cant get on line coz i need both primary and secondery DNS coz i go 1 but it keeps saying i need the over 1 as well

  3. Hi im am trying to connect my ps3 to the internet and its asking for my IP address, subnet mask, default router, primary dns ans secondary dns an i dont know were to find them im on a wired dsl connectin virgin if that helps

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    1. Geez. The response time on this site is great, with replies every few years, Shaun’s kids are going to have to take this one over.

  4. hey guys if you want to find out what your dns server is then go to start and search cmd and then go to the command screen and type nslookup and hit enter and that should show you your dns server address

    1. Thank you bro. So simple. They could of found that out years ago if they were not being so childish and posting nonsense crap all the time.

  5. Hi, I am currently trying to connect my Playstation 3 to the internet but it isn’t working, when i try to test for an internet connection it tells me i have a ‘DNS error’ i have followed your instructions above to find my primary and secondary DNS numbers for the connection i am using but both boxes are blank.
    It gives me my IP address and my subnet mask but not my preferred DNS sever or Alternate. Please could you tell me how in ‘Laymens’ terms as i don’t know anything about computers and i only found out 45 minutes ago what the hell DNS stood for.
    Thankyou for any help.

  6. heyy…wow, my god am i EVER having one hell of a time trying to hook $#@*en xbox live, jesus this is hillariouse, i have the stupid cord hooked up to the stupid modem and the stupid xbox, but when i go to “Join Xbox Live” it says “No Network Connection”, and when i go to “Test Connection”…everything connects until it gets to DNS server….it says something about failing, im soo confused, what in the blue hell is DNS..and why is my xbox not connecting to it….HEEEELLLLPPPP!!

  7. lol i kno i have the same problem i still odnt know how to find the primary and secondary ones
    i tried everything but i only get 1 set which doesnt work!
    i have no idea how to find both and i dont know why the 1 wont work!
    i need help too…

    1. with both ur problems u either need to switch ur settings to automatic or go to command prompt on the computer and type: ipconfig/all and it will give u one, two or three dns codes, something like or dont know if it will work but hope it does. For xbox live you can also try going to network connections on the computer and sharing the internet connection, making sure both checks are checked (u will see what i mean when u do it) and then go to LAN (xbox live connection) and in tcp/ip properties, type in for the first box and then it will automatically fill in the second one with and leave the rest blank. Turn on ur xbox and will hopefully work : )

  8. when ever i connect my xbox 360 to the modem everything passes but the dns so i go to run and put in cmd and gives me some dns servers and i try them all for primary and secondary but they wont work. can someone tell me how to find the primary and secondary dns on my computer????????

  9. when i try to connect my xbox 360 to my modem and run the test its stoped by the dns bit i can find 3 sequences i tried them all in different combonations nothing seems to work i duno which is primary and secondary help me please !!!!

  10. i followed your steps to find prefered dns number but when i clicked on properties it didnt show which one was had been automatically set.

  11. this didn’t help me at all i need to find out my primary and secondary dns servers to be able to log on to xbox live with my xbox 360 elite so if you figure out how to do that then you let me know\

  12. Yea same here for the xbox live. i need to figure out the dns server code to play some halo 3 so hit me up if u know how to get it and that would be awesome

  13. It wont let me join to xbox live because that stupid dns things the others are connecting can somebody please helo me before i throw it out of the window!!!!

  14. Not sure why you guys are having such a hard time finding your primary/secondary dns, the commands have been giving above very clearly.

    At the C:> you type:

    C:\Documents and Settings\userx>ipconfig /all

    it will then give you a listing of your computers IP address information including your default DNS info. If you have a router like a linksys or other it may give you the same IP as your default gateway. Simply input that into your Xbox or Ps3 for both lines if they require both.

    example of the >ipconfig /all command output

    IP Address. . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . :
    Default Gateway . . . . . :
    DNS Servers . . . . . . . :

  15. In windows ipconfig /all will show dns server and dhcp server also. But, how to know DHCP server address in Linux?

  16. I dont get it. My router was working fine a couple of days ago. I plug in all the ethernet cables that I needed correctly. All of the lights on my linksys router are all lighted up. When I test the connection on my xbox, it passes the ip address but it fails on the dns. Also I dont even have internet connection for my computer. Every setting is pretty much automatic due to I dont really know what to put it manually.

  17. i hook up my laptop tht has wireless internet capabilities with my 360 and when i try to sign up for to the DNS test it fails. i have tried eveXBOX LIVE the wired network and ip address pass but when it gets down to the DNS test, it FAILS!!!,i have tried everything i even did something to my computer to allow the dns to be accessed by all internet users which would include the 360. I dont even know how to find the DNS address on my computer ive looked everywhere i could think of. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS PLSSSS, ID REALLY APPRECIATE IT.thanks

    o and if im having this problem with the wired networking then if i bought the $100 microsoft network adapter, would i just be running into the same problems and have just wasted my money(even though the thing is a rip off anyways!!!). Does the wireless networking adapter even need any setup or is it just plug in and play???

  18. i finally found the dns server screen but the only thing tht it shows is teh ip address the dns adress looks like this “DNS: . . . .”……… does anyone know how to get my dns adress to show up??

  19. uhh im trying to connect my wireless to my ps3 and i put in all my info that i got from the command promt and my ip address is succeeded but then the internet connection fails and says i have an error that occured during communication with the server. This is a DNS error.

    any suggestions?

    but i can connect to my neighbors belkin54g but it has a low signal so i wanna connect to my own

  20. I’m trying to hook up my wii and every time I try to do a connection test it says internet setting incorrect. Yet my PC says it is correct. HELP!

  21. wow, my internet for PS3 isn’t working i found my DNS and all but when i go to test it says there is still a problem i need help to play Call of Duty 4 online

  22. ok i have the xbox 360 prob. my ip works but i cant get the dns to confirm. i have the primar but not the secondary. does anyone know how to get it?

  23. yo i got a ps3 and i cant keep it online. I get on for awhile but then it signs me out of the playstation network. When i try to sign back on it says that there is an error ( a dns error). I cant figure this out and im gettin really frusterated. So if you know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  24. A lot of post for such problem

    Solution :

    1. Find telephone number to your internet service provider and teach support, write it down on paper

    2. Call to providers teach support, DNS adresses is the information that they shuld provide you on your request

    3. Write it down on the same piece of paper

  25. ok i hav the same prob for ps3 this is exactly wat i done and i no loads of peeps have this prob.

    1st. wireless

    2nd. easy or custom (dunno)

    3rd. wep key entered

    4th. ip manual along with subnet and dns stuff
    and default router and stuff.

    5th. mtu auto (should i change)

    6th. proxy server do not use (change?)

    7th. upnp enable (dont change)

    8th. settings list blah blah blah.

    9th. results were ip adress succeded voila.

    internet conection checking………longer then a last time gets ready to jump for joy………….uh…..(30 seconds later) fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! internet connection fail and thats that i need dns because it says dns error and im from ireland thanks.

  26. the things that are definetly right are the wep key ip adress and the ssid. i not sure about the gateway or default router though. the dns now im definetly not sure… sorry for the laughin bits above im a junoir comedian and singer just tryn.

  27. OK I am trying to set up a static IP address on one of my home PCs so that I can configure port forwarding on my router. To do that I need to know which DNS my IP provider uses. IP Config just gives me the internal router IP address fro DNS ( and if I use that as my DNS address it does not work. I didn’t expect it to but I tried it anyway.

    So I went to plan B and phoned my IP provider. They had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and advised my to speak to Netgear since they made my router! Seriously, somebody at Roadrunner knows the answer but I have no idea how to get through to them.

    Any advice? Like ISP above I’m amazed that a simple task can be so difficult!

  28. Tim, use following two DNS server IP – they are free and very fast

    You need to open your router configuration page and add those IPs under DNS configuration

  29. Alright…

    so i’m trying to hook up to xbox live.

    i have everything up until the DNS.

    i have my DNS but it askes for a secondary one.

    how or where do i recieve my secondary DNS?

    —-> please email me at if you know————or jus reply on this page

  30. Hi,

    Sorry to post this again but I am also having problems with my PS3.

    I have entered all the information correctly both on Manual and automatic but still, for some reason, my PS3 won’t even obtain an IP address. Now, forgive me for my ignorance but I do not know too much about wireless routers or their settings!

    Is there anyone that has had this problem and has been able to resolve the issue? My Router is a Netgear DG834.


  31. rite! i have a ps3 40gig…. i want to set up my wireless connection… i have the following info already..:
    IP Address.
    Subnet Mask.
    Default Router.
    i realy am goin to throw the thing at a wall if i cant get it working soon !!!
    please help

  32. shan… exactly the same with me but i need both dns ffs wen i type

    C:\>ipconfig /all

    i press enter and it just makes a new line plz help!

  33. i have a wireless modem and it wont let me connect to the madden online how do i do it does anyone know call me at 861-461-6676

  34. to find your dns server you can log into your router. go to
    it will ask for username and password. The default is–
    username – admin
    password – password

    If that doesn’t work you can always call your isp and ask what your dns server is. it’s a question they answer all the time. hope this helps!

  35. when i type in command cmd the black box comes up with C> instead of C:\ so when i type in the rest it wont work!!! what shall i do because when i do the other idea it dosent show me my IP address.

  36. I am having a problem with hooking my psp to the internet to play socom ftb2. I found my dns but when i test connection its says test failed. plz help me before i go insane.

  37. I need help hooking up my ps3 to internet. I am having trouble finding my dns servers i can only find 1 but were can I find my second 1?

  38. My xbox 360 will not connect to the internet even though it has an fully working IP address. Also i’m using a MAC so it’s difficult. please help me. I cannot find out what my DNS address is.

  39. i have managed to connect to the wireless connection. however, when i tried to use the internet or even the msn messenger, i cant enter and internet says tt im not connected to internet. and msn says there is a problem with my dns and key ports. so pls, help me. this problem has been like this since last month when my laptop has been reformatted due to school requirements.

  40. I found my DNS server in my modem’s int log. people check your router log on your dsl modem. PS I dont think the tec’s aat alot of Internet company’s know what there doing they must read out of a book or something and cant think outside the box. Thank god I studyed Cisco

  41. well really all i did to connect to xbox live was i bought a wireless adaptor for my 360 and got a wireless router and what do u know it worked but there was a few problems like xbox live is curently unavailibe but thats what i did so mind as well try it.

  42. can someone please help me! i know this is off the topic, but please help…ok this is my prob. with my wireless connection.

    ” after my laptop connects with my wireless router, why is that i can’y surf the net?” it keeps saying that “this page cannot be displayed”

    its an actiontec modem/built in router..Actiontec WT704-WG.

    weired part is that “when i try to connect my psp it also displays a message like “failed to communicate with dns server”..

    Finally, i also tried putting “” on my address bar to configure my modem, but nothing happens or appears when i do that..

    please help!!

    1. Do me a favor open up a command prompt.. Go to your start button in the search function type in CMD hit enter.. When your command prompt comes in type in

      ipconfig/all. Tell me what your address is

  43. perfect. exactly what i was looking for thanks. (never knew about the /all feature for ipconfig.

  44. Sir, I 200 Clients under Domain, i have two Domain I want to see what PC have under which Domains? But I want to see all clients at a time.
    I want to see pc1 have domain IP
    and PC2 have


  45. i done everything for xbox live excpet DNS server i done /ipconfig/all thing i got DNS servers but they wont work so if anyone can help me post on this formun please thanks.

  46. yea i hve the same problem on July 3,i wuz playin DMC4 w/no problem later on durin the day it wuz not connecting 2 the network n it kept on askin 4 an IP address,Default router,primary n secondary dns.But yet i can still play my demoez no problem. Then it sayz couldnt obtain IP address n really i dnt kno wut the hell 2 do n i jus got it thiz Jan. or Feb. somebody plsz help me out i miss DMC4 im bout 2 set thiz freakin thing on fire T.T

  47. hi can someone tell me why…when i download a song of lime wire i get 5-600 kbs, and when i try to open a web page it takes about 1-2 minutes?i cant figure this out, can someone help please i use windows vista and and im on a wireless network with a bunch of workers using the same network.

  48. Okay, well. I found my both my DNS server addresses, and I typed them in, but it still wont connect…

  49. Hey Ppl I Got Everything Done Until It Got To Dns I Typed In My Pcs Dns And It Still Said Failed ! Sum1 Plz Help Me =[

  50. please help me someone.

    i have a wireless internet connection which is connected to my household’s router. the wireless connection was having trouble getting an ip address, but when i used the wired connection it worked fine.

    then i used command – ipconfig/release [enter] ipconfig/renew [enter] and it found the ip address.

    now i have discovered that it hasn’t got a dns server, but again the wired connection has, and works. i have tried ipconfig/all, but that just loses me my ip address.

    if anyone can help, it would be really appreciated.

  51. how can i know that in my LAN, internet is available
    or not???????
    how can i config my machine to use it????????

  52. i have the saaaaaaam problem as all of you guys
    the stuiped dns severs dont work. i have tryed any and all sugestions by all of you + microsoft and i need help

    i already threw the controller at the wall and dented it because this is so frustrating

    also is there a way to like download the updates onto ur computer, put them on a usb and then put them on ur xbox?

  53. i have a problem with my adminitrator
    i want to change my ID,sabnet and DNS but i cant
    coz i have no privileges to to change them
    if u all have any idea plzz tell me

  54. I am having a really hard time getting my PS2 online.. i know no one plays PS2 online anymore but i can get the LAN connection to work but not the internet connection…1st- Is there a difference? and 2nd.. everytime i try the internet connection it says no DNS Server found (-612).. I have both the secondary and primary DNS numbers in and it still wont work.. please explain


  55. hi can someone help me im trying ipconfig/all but it just ses disconnected and dats it no ip but theres dns servsers only

  56. Okay, for the past 2 days my Wifi been saying DNS Server is down I’ve searched EVERYWHERE to find out how to fix played with router settings , you name I’ve basically done it… It will still acting up, not really mine Stealing it >=) but yeah..
    Version Info
    Firmware Version
    Boot Version
    DX-WEGRTR v1000
    Serial No.

    LAN Settings
    IP address
    Subnet mask
    DHCP Server
    Internet Settings
    WAN MAC address
    Connection Type
    Subnet mask

    Wan IP

    Default gateway

    DNS Address

    Firewall Settings

    What it says, I have NOOOO clue what any of it really means but hey… I need it fixed Asap, only On here thanks to a Friend… But Please Help out, Much appreciation. BTW the DNS is originally. FYI…

  57. For those with an ActionTec router the address to get to that router is actually, which differs from the Linksys ones at; same logon credentials.

  58. ok right now i am struggling to hook my internet upto myy ps3 when but when i test the connection it read my IP address and then is says failed this is and DNS error (80710102) and its really pissing me of can any 1 help? ( bu the way i use wried connection) =D

  59. I’m bummed so I thought maybe if I can help someone out I’ll feel a bit better, I have a PS3 connected through a router ( it really doesnot matter which company is your ISP – AT&T – Verizon – or if you have FIOS or DSL, if you have dial-up it would be so slow it is not worth the effort. Anyway, I need a little info to help you out…
    1) How are you connected to the Internet ?

    2) The paragraph below can be disregarded if you are using a router and you can turn on your PS3 and go to the Network settings screen on the PS3.
    From there if you can set DHCP, you will not need to manually set an internal IP address or even know what your DNS address is. That is the purpose of DHCP it finds all of that for you and automatically gives you an unused IP address in the 192.168.x.x octet. You will alos want to use UPnP (aka Plug and Pray-by some) it’s really not that bad. With those 2 set ON, you should be able to make a connection. If you need more help lemme know. rey MCSE

    (I just named the 3 of the primary methods). If you have an actiontec router the advice from Gregg regarding using is absolutely correct. Other routers, Netgear, Linksys … use 192.1678.0.1. Once you enter that into your PC browser (IE or firefox or…) you should get a login screen, your manual will give you the ID and PW to logon. Once you have that done you are about 1/3 done.

  60. when i type ipconfig it says that ipconfig is not recognize as an internal or external or external command

  61. i’m using Bsnl willphone and internet connection but rapidshare don’t using by me.the file download can be displayed error.your IP Address is download
    .so i have own ip address….so how will i create IP address..pls tell about creating of own ip address with dns server no

  62. i’m using Bsnl willphone and internet connection but rapidshare don’t using by me.the file download can be displayed error.your IP Address is download
    .so i have own ip address….so how will i create IP address..pls tell about creating of own ip address with dns server no

  63. i want to set up my wireless connection… i have the following info already..:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    when i test the connection it read my IP address and then is says failed this is and DNS error
    May you help me?

  64. In my place,when we are to purchase our computer all is window ready, we just specify what we want and being custumized according to our needs. My first window for i dont know what happened has been off all been remain was a rebbot in the screen, so I had to return my drum to the shop where I purchaced. All my work on Acad and documentation has been deleted. When My computer arrived, I had to upgrade my window to IE8 as latest as possible. Now In this Island of Mindanao God forbidden country I’m Lan Connected. When Im downloading IE8 my server slowed I thought when I click the download was not registered so I click again and my server gone. I go back to microsoft and click again. What appeared that MY DNS was blocked due to internet abused! Jeus Christ! how well I know ! I actually didnot able to download IE8 since all i recieved was a warning of a malicious content from My security tool on my window. What I did I just write my friend and ask for IE8 adds on.

    Their must be a certain policy on this over paranoia DNS over the web. Just because we are from this God Forbidden Country. That DNS must also be aware respect of every person identity and its pureness of truth. That abuses of Power over end users should not be tolerated. You can actually scan my computer remotely what have been I am doin. And our clenliness in person and privacy must also be respected. I am not either a politician in my place nor see me hovering with those currupt people. You must also aware of your technology extent and limitations that to block person DNS must be first submitted to court order before doing it. Not because you are DNS you are to put things and rule of law in your own hands to your wrong impressions and swell headedness.

    icrown of denmark and france

  65. plz some one help to find the dns server
    ip address is
    subnet mask is

    plz help

  66. Vivek i have changed my DNS servers to

    and then on my xbox when im trying to access live i test my connection and it keeps saying failed on the DNS section.

    DNS Lookup Status: A DNS server could not be reached please verify the DNS setting for this network configuration.

    please help me…im useingg a windows XXP laptop…im good w. computers and all its just this isnt workin and im getting “PO”ed

  67. Hi. I am trying to connect my PS3. Got everything except 2nd DNS server. How do you get this? I tried nslookup on the command screen and it said “default servers are not available” and “non-existent domain.”
    Thanks, would be great if you could post a supply!

  68. Sounds like a lot of guys trying to connect their gaming rigs to the Internet. You may have to set up a router (with either your PC’s or rig’s NIC MAC address cloned) between your gaming rig and your Internet modem. The reason is that your ISP might initially redirect you and deny you Internet access if they cannot locate your rig’s NIC MAC address. You’d have to start a web browser, navigate to their site, and authorise your MAC address.

    An I.P. address of 169.254.x.x is invalid; it means that your hardware cannot locate a DHCP server to retrieve settings. This could be due to a faulty cable, a bad network card, a broken plug or outlet, your ISP being down momentarily, power to your modem being off, etc. There’s no quick advice to fixing a problem like this aside from “Investigate”. Yes – this means you’ll have to look, to think, to reason, and to research. You may even have to toggle power off and on for your modem, your switch / router, and / or your rig.

    Each ISP will have different numbers for their DNS servers; the “208.x.x.x” given above will only work for customers of whatever company that is. Call up your company and get the information from them if you have static setup. If it’s dynamic, set your network card to dynamic and you’re laughing, provided the company has registered your NICs MAC address.

  69. You dont need to call your ISP, nor do you need to be computer savvy to get this to work. The simplest way to do it, is to make your xbox set it all automatically, then write the IP, the gateway and the subnet mask down. Then type those same numbers back in, but change the last digits of your ip to whatever youd like between 2 and 254. so if your IP is, change it to and keep the subnet and the gateway the same. Then on your computer or laptop use the run prompt and type cmd
    This will bring up the DOS Prompt and the under c:, type ipconfig /all (yes there is a space after config.) This will list your primary and secondary dns, you may have to scroll up though. Then just reset your modem and router and test your connection. It should work beautifully. I just finished doing it for two of my xboxes and it works fine. Good luck

  70. plz help i do not know how to set up my xbox360 to Internet it keeps asking for my ip addrees and subnet mask plz help

  71. hi i have a problem of my internet connecttion in playstation 3, i have my dns server .but i tried to connect on it .it didn’t work ? can u please help me .. how to get my dns server . thank u …

  72. yeah except when i test my xbox live it says it cant find my IP adress but i put it in idk if i got it from the wrong place so it might be wrong but i need 2 fill in the 2 dns’ too. so confused i doubt ill ever get my live going.

  73. Hey guys, if you want to set up the PS3 internet connection and you need to manually put in the DNS first and secondary code, then this is how you do it. First go to control panel, then go to Network Connections, then go to Local Area Connection, the on the status page, click details and it should be displayed on there. this was done on my Windows XP computer.

  74. I need to change my DNS but I don’t know how to. Can this be done at home? If so, how? If not, who do I contact to change it? Qq

  75. For those having trouble with connecting your wireless to your PS3, I have a tip on getting the information that you need.

    I too was having issues connecting and it seemed like every thing I did, gave me different SUB numbers, Default Router numbers and Primary DNS numbers. I finally stopped messing around with it and took my PS3 into the room where my computer/router is at. I hooked up the PS3 to the TV and then plugged the ethernet cable into the Playstation. I proceeded to do the internet setup only this time I selected to connect using a wire. It ran through the process and when I was finished, I went back to the settings and checked the connection status which listed all the correct numbers.

    Now I was able to move my PS3 back into my room and enter the correct information to establish a wireless connection.

    Some of you may also have a firewall set up in your Network Connections which is preventing your PS3 from connecting to the host.

  76. does anyone know how to hook up a ps3 to verizon internet?? i can not figure it out and im getting mad !

  77. i did what you told me me but it only said the dns i need th primary dns server and the secondary one

  78. hi i am in the Iran ther some web site are filter how i can see my favorite website
    that they are filter by iran?

    please help me……

  79. Hi there I’m trying to connect my XBOX 360 to live but it stops at DNS (Not Found). I don’t msdos, cant search for the cmd and in the local area connection can’t get into it to determine what the DNS is. If i can get some advice on how I can go about obtaining it that would be muchly appreciated

  80. Could someone actully tell me me who do connect a PS3 to the network.
    A step by step idiot proof guide would be good


  81. Hi, i am trying to connect to xbox live but my dns keeps failing how do i find it but when i put my ethnet cable in the router it works on the ip but the dns keeps failing.

  82. .i have a preferred dns ip and alternate dns ip how can i connect inter to client to my local server ip with out proxy.

  83. i’m also trying to hook up my PS3 for internet use and it does the DNS crap. someone smart please tell me how to do this

  84. i have trouble connecting to other website because of a Failed DNS server.. does it also indicate a problem in my motherboard?? plsss help…

  85. please help, i have no idea were to find a DNS for primary and secondary, ive looked all ove the web im only 13 and i really need some child freindly advice to find the 2 DNS without having to phone up. Please Help!

  86. hey im trying to hook my xbox to xbox live and i am using a linksys router and evry thing is good intill the stupid dns thing and it says failed i tryed everything and it still isn’t working idk what to do HELP!!!!!!

  87. Most ppl here seem to be missing the point with there console eg rtfm as in port forwarding etc . When you use a router learn about the settings by default a router acts like a firewall(and is one) unless you make an exception eg xbox psp 360 ps3( theres traffic in and theres out ). So xbox live etc all use certain ports which need to be put in your router settings hence failing the tests when trying to connect .
    Also open browser log into your router and you should find your dns server ip address etc as the xbox is not connecting to your pc so why look for your pc ip dns etc your console is connecting through the router almost a mini pc in its own right .

  88. hey im trying to connect my playstation 3 so i can play online, when i do a internet connection test, it fails and it says it was a DNS error, i have no idea what this means and i would love someone to help me, please

  89. anyways type in ipconfig /all

    should look like taht chart .. the second dns server is listed under the first 1

  90. I keep typing in my DNS Server number for me ps2 but it keeps saying “Connection attempt has timed out” after 5-10 seconds of it searching, what should I do?

  91. i know that people dont play ps2 that often anymore but i want to hook it up online. i have the ip adress but i need the password and the dns server thing. plz help.

  92. I have friends who play XBOX360 on live n im the only 1 who don’t have 1 because i don’t know my primary n secondary DNS. plz help me

  93. im trying to hook up my ps3 to the internet and then i perform the test connection it says ip address succeded and then says dns failed and goes on below to say there is an error with the dns connection.

  94. I am trying to hook up my xbox 360 to live, because i just got a new comcast modem yesterday. I found the Ip adress, Subnet ,and Default gateway. All I need is the DNS… thats the problem. I tried to have it set to automatic, but it wouldn’t work, so I found my DNS thru Command Prompt(MS DOS). There are 3 DNS sever numbers, and none of them work. I tried everything. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  95. ya im trying to get my xbox 360 to online and im ploged in to the router and evey thing is good until the dns plz help

  96. mybe someone can help me,,I work with Virtual PC machine, and i install him on my pc,
    on him i install Windows XP, then i copy 4 time.They all are on Virtual PC.
    Now I have 5 computers, i am doing network and it work ok, i call on cmd ,, ping ip-s,
    evrything work.I am doing ipconfig/all , and evrything is ok, working properly.
    I must to do this, make this for example….
    one PC i call, he have two conection and,, this have conection with more two PC ,, and,,,

    now what i have or do to came this names frst, and all of them,,
    i use bind9, can someone help me please, i was reed so meny text file, but i nower reed and andersten how make domen names on the lan,how doing this hierarhy of PC ,
    i hope that someone andrsten what i am writing

  97. i am getting a “clearing DNS cache” error when i try to repair my internet connection. What should I do?

  98. hi… I had problem following a virus scan wherein i lost access to internet browsers like IE,Mozilla,Opera and Chrome. but my torrents were active and downloading. Only clue was that a DNS problem occured and error 105 was displayed on attempt in chrome…. and it was the same case both in XP and Vista. I was really worried but this helped me really…. I found out my DNS specifications through the wireless connection in my XP which was still working(only after unplugging LAN, wireless didn’t work simultaneously with LAN) I changed the LAN settings with all the particulars in XP, followed by vista..Both wworking really nice now… thanks

  99. Ok I have tried every thing i know both of my dns number but when i put them in my ps3 they dont work. i have read all the comment help and tried to find another number but they wouldnt work. whats wierd to me is that i was able to connect earlier today please help

  100. I tried ipconfig/all. in cmd. and typed in Local area connection/properties/Internet Protocol/properties – DNS, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway.

    It works. fine.

  101. i cant get my fucking nintendo ds to work thruogh any thing i need a lot of help please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. if you can’t get your Nintendo ds to work through anything take it back to the store and get your money back

  102. well im having a prob with my xbox 360 to and i found my DNS just when i put it in there it wont work and i got 3 DNS server and i put those in there and it dosent work i need help T.T

  103. hey
    im trying to get a internet connection on my psp
    i put in my dns and everything and test the connection
    but it keeps on saying “a connection error has occured
    thekeyinformation exchange has timed out.”
    what do i do?

  104. I am trying to work at home. I need to know if I have a high speed internet servise. If not, I need to switch to a high speed internet provider. I am also trying to watch a vidio clip sent to me by my employer but dont know how to make it play and dont know how to turn on speakers. Can you help

  105. hey, my xbox live suddenly stopped working and i said test connection but it says the same thing over and over again that my ip adress in wrong when its not i have it on automatic and it says tht it cant connect, any help please, it used to work but 1 day it just stopped, i am really pissed off now caz im wasting my money paying for xbox live, if any1 thinks they can help me email {EMAIL_ID_REMOVED} or if you have msn add {EMAIL_ID_REMOVED} please i really need help, thanks.

  106. I was having the same problem as a lot of you. I was getting those dns errors while trying to connect to Xbox live. Apparently the MAC address is where the hang up is. It was for me anyway. If you run the ipconfig the MAC address is next to where it says physical address. Enter that address into your Xbox Live MAC settings and try it.

    I think it has to do with the fact that I was connecting directly to the modem. Not sure if it would have been a problem if I was using a router.

  107. hi,the isp wont gave the dns…i have a problem my ps3 can’t connect to internet because there is no dns….i’am using an wireless connection


  108. Hi Nixcraft

    Thanks for all the information and I have a doubt

    How to port forward in Linux (all distro plz if it is going to be different)

  109. best and simple in 3 steps way to find the ip and dns address : just go to windows start button ,click run, type cmd or command,then enter, nowyou can find the c: propmt screen in black, type ipconfig/all ,enter its u r address.

  110. I am trying to hook up my blu-ray player and i am setting up the wireless connection and i tried to get my dns number, but i don’t know where to find it.

  111. hey thank u vivek so much i used the dns server u gave for a static ip address and they work and like you said there fast also. ty!

  112. OMFG!!!!!!!!!! ONE DAY I WAS PLAYING ON XBOX LIVE THE NEXT DAY I CANT EVERYTHING IS FINE EXCEPT THE DNS SETTINGS!!!!!!! THIS INFO THAT THIS WEBSITET GAVE ME SUCKS!!! i have a windows vista laptop i did what it said to do nothing please tell me how to find the dns settings I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO GO ON XBOX LIVE FOR LIKE A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Kevin A.K.A. -Pagota

  113. I have tried getting online with my ps3 a while and i still cant figure it out
    i have tried evryhing from this site to other sites
    I obtain the IP address but the internet connection fails.
    I can get online wiht my nieghors linsky but has bad signal
    It was working for a little than stoped

    If you have any information email me at {snip_email_id}

  114. hiii thnx i got my DNS Address very easily, if u have some more geeky tricks for net then plzz do send me.

  115. Yowww i iz tryin 2 set ma internet up for ma ps3 yhh buh it wnt let me cuz it sayin dah dere is a dns error n i dnt no wah ma numba is cud u tell me how to get it

  116. i need help finding my dns addresses it sais my ip address succeeded and then after a about 30 seconds it sais failed and it said it is because of my dns

  117. My brother had problems connecting to xbox live so i told him to try this and it worked the missing part was the part 5,12,13 & 14 the MAC address
    hope this helps some of you guys

    Use this to solve the DNS not resolved error:
    1. Click the “Start” button on your desktop
    2. Click “Run”
    3. Type “cmd” if you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, otherwise use “command”
    4. Type “ipconfig/all ” if you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, otherwise use “winipcfg”
    5. When you get to your default enabled connection copy down the letter/number sequence called the “Physical Address” or “MAC Address”, and the “DNS Servers”
    6. Unplug your modem
    7. Turn on your Xbox without a disc in the drive
    8. Go to “Settings”
    9. Go to “Network Settings”
    10. Go to “DNS settings”
    11. Enter the DNS settings you copied down then apply the changes
    12. Go to “Advanced”
    13. Go to “MAC address”
    14. Input that letter and number sequence
    15. Press “ok”
    16. Connect your Xbox to your modem

  118. Hey, listen, if anyone could help meh with my DNS Server, my computer is really an Acer so all of this stuff is different, I got my IP Address but when it comes to DNS Server is says it failed, if anyone knows how to see the Primary and Alternative DNS Server for an Acer Computer please E-Mail “{snipr@no_email_id}”

  119. Hello

    The problem we are having here is that when I click on a link or go to click on certain websites like Microsoft Download Center link; the internet access doesn’t work and I can’t browse. Do you know how to fix this problem. Please email me back.

    Thank you.

  120. yep same here cody i am trying to get my ps3 to get to type 2 not type 3 cuz i need it to join servers on call of duty waw anyways i was fucking around and i lost my dns codes shit then i tryed to sign in and it said error same ol shit anyways now i cant find them and i need them soomebody post a comment on how to get type 23 to type 2

    thx austin

  121. it wont let me connect with my xbox its asking for my secondary dns server but i only know what my first one is what can i do to find the secondary dns server?

  122. im trying to set up my ps3 to the internet and i’ve used the steps to find my dns servers but they didnt work the codes for the dns primary and secondary were both the same as my default gateway

    something tells me that thats wrong

  123. hello boss i am unable to find how to chage my dns ip adress and acess to the internet plz help me fast i am bother more in chnging ip adress of domain name system

  124. plzzzzzz sumone i need help about dns error on my ps3 i havent played online for 1 year and im so pissed so plzz can sumone help wit dis stuid dns erro shit

  125. Hey I’m having problems with my ps3 about the dns I know I have tried everything but doesn’t work I have tried your instructions a doesn’t work if there is somebody that can help me please email me thank you.

  126. Hi you can just use your DEFAULT GATEWAY in place of your ACTUAL DNS IP’ can find the Default Gateway by the above method and in IPCONFIG /ALL you should see Default Gateway (Routers IP). This acts as a relay of your Actual DNS IP;’s but it is always Best to try and use your Actula DNS IP’s..

    You need only 1 entry in the DNS IP leave the 2nd BLANK..

  127. when I type in the default gateway in the address bar I keep on getting it’s a broken link. what should I do? what is the problem??

  128. Im trying to get internet access on my playsation 3 and everything is going well until it checks the DNS Server Address. I’ve taken all the steps to find the DNS Server Address and put it into my playstation 3 system but there’s still an error for some odd reason.

    This is what it says: An error occured during communictaion with the server.
    This is a DNS error (80710102)

    Now what does that mean and what should I do?

  129. hey dude firstly i got into the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) so there mistakenly i selected “obtain an ip address automatically” due to which i lost the whole information written below about my ip address and dns server and each and every thing written there so kindly reply me how can i get the same information again as i have selected obtain automatically ip address so it is making the internet slow please do reply me whether on my e-mail or on this site!!!!!


  131. im tryng to connect my xbox 360 t live using the wireless adaptor. i have my ip, gateway, subnet mask and both my dns however when i go to test connection all i ever get is something about a static ip? can you help me please

  132. i have a problem with my ps3 when i plug my ethernet card to my router
    to my ps3 the green light is not working anymore but when i plug it to my
    cumputer to my ps3 the green light is on…..someone please tell me what going on….

  133. how to find dns server ?because I want to see that any site come(rediff,google,yahoo etc) to my computer of which dns server to come?I was used the tracert command then i see the only for my dns server then i never see the who’s next dns server .

  134. i have a esktop computer with a dsl server and i got the ip address but can’t connect to the internet using my laptop. i tried using the instructions but none of them works. can u please help? thanks.

  135. Got my Dns server address and manually entered in the configuration menu as instructed but I still get the same message. It seems to connect to the network but when it trys to connect to the internet it says it’s unable to connect WHY? …I’ve tried 3 different modems and none of them can connect!

  136. I was givin a router from a friend. I went to the router site to install a WEP to secure my internet, but then it asks me for a Network Key when I try to sign onto the internet. Where do I get my Network Key from? Some one please help me as my neighbors are stealling my internet from me…..

  137. HAHA! no one really seems to be getting past the basics here….

    my problem (not that i expect anyone to respond – but i’ll be REALLY PLEASED IF THEY DO! :D) is that my DNS is lsited as the same as my default gateway, because everything’s routed (through my router). my router’s IP won’t give me my real DNS, or if it will i don’t know where to look (i’ve looked everywhere). my router is a Huawei EchoLifeHG520s. any solutions? i will love forever the person who helps me solve this problem !!

  138. Kyriel my ip is also the same as the default gateway but that doesnt matter.
    My router worked for my ps3 and ds ladt year but now they dont so the only thing you can do is call your internet service provider and if all else fails get a new linksys routers those are good for linking different systems.

  139. Hi well the basics are a good place to start lol.. anyhow you can just use your DEFAULT GATEWAY as your DNS IP. what this does is your router is acting as a relay for the actual DNS IP’s and you need only fill in 1 DNS IP ;)

  140. Hey there I am having the same problem as everyone who has been writing in. My xbox 360 crashed while I was playing CoD4 when I restarted it I was unable to connect to Xbox live it kept on telling me to check my MTU, which I did in the router, then it said port 3074 may be blocked which I opened up in the router, then I got ICMP not responses. I had a tech from my isp provider come out and help but still no joy. After a week of playing around with different settings both on the xbox and in the router it finally worked only to crash again and now can’t sign in again. The same message port 3074 may be blocked which is rubbish.
    I didn’t change any settings when the game crashed so why would it say that??? Even though now I have been changing settings both in the xbox and router I am still unable to connect to xbox live. I think the server is down but microsoft are not telling us.

  141. hi people when i try to connect to xbox live on my xbox 360 it says my network adapter is wired but than when it gets to my IP Adress it says it fails plz email me with any info at i no my email is weird.

  142. hunter if you want to know your DNS server then go to start run on your pc type cmd and press enter. you will get a black screen. type cd\ and press enter the type cls and press enter.
    Then type ipconfig /all (note there is a space after the ipconfig)press enter and it will show you your ip address and dns which dns is at the bottom. Hope this helps.

  143. hi, i cant seem to get onto yahoo games get right till end then nothing ….. java updated aswell never happened b4 …. can someone please helpme ty

  144. how to find dns server ?because I want to see that any site come(rediff,google,yahoo etc) to my computer of which dns server to come?I was used the tracert command then i see the only for my dns server then i never see the who’s next dns server .

  145. hey! i learned to see my ip address and dns address. It’s really helpful for me to know this to increase my knowledge.

  146. I tried all the ipconfig/all my DNS code wont show up i can se my ip address but no DNS can someone please help

  147. i have the same problem as everyone else lol. im trying to connect my xbox 360 to my dsl. i just need the DNS settings. i tried all the numbers u guys suggested but none worked. is anyone useing dsl extreme btw?

  148. The main issue is most people need to make sure they are connected directly to the router that converts their cable signal or phone sig to the internet. If you ipconfig /all while connected to an external wireless router or LAN router your dns is not the same. Most people are not directly connected to their router. You must locate the “actual” router to get the dns settings you need…. my suggestion. Grab a laptop and an ethernet cable and plug directly into the ISP’s router. Command prompt… config /all and copy down all the addressing including MAC address. The MAC address comes in handy sometimes with multiple routers. Sometimes the default is set and you want to make sure the information is being routed to the routers MAC and not the default.
    Hope this helps … mostly reiterating allot of what has been said.

  149. ok, im trying to connect my xbox to xbox live via a ethernet cable into my virgin media box(that i get broaband from)

    when i do a network test it connects to the network, but not to the internet. it keeps telling me to put in my dns primary adn secondary, which i do, but then it still fails. i have tried everything such as manually putting in the ip address, gateway and subnet mask. is there anything else i can do ?

  150. BN BN Doo doo dododoo: All I can tell from this mess of comments…

    But anyway… For PS3 users… Doing the >ipconfig /all command, DOES get you both of yoru DNS code things… So don’t say they aren’t there… Just have a better look… Also, xBox people should have the same outcome…

  151. hi i am working in office there is internet but availble only for seniors how can we browse the net. i dont know the dns number

  152. I am trying to hook up PS3. I have all the address, however my DNS Primary and Secondary are the same and PS3 will not accept this it gives me an error.

    1. hey dud u should try to change the last number of the dns settings so u should try
      if it is
      try to change it to
      and it’ll work

  153. can any1 help me please… im having a serious problem with my Xbox 360 live? so i used to played live just fine, until 1 day i came home and everything was messed up… Since then i cnt ever play online anymore, everytime i try, it asks me for the DNS thing… i made comcast reset the modem still doesnt work… the way i have my connection is, i have an ethernet cable from the xbox to the router, then i have another ethernet cable that goes str8 from the router to the modem and another 1 from behind my computer to the router… so that means the internet feeds all the acble through the router.. so thats the way i had my connection, but now the whole thing is messed up and i have no idea how to fix it……. cn any 1 be kind enough and tell me how to fix that please, cause this thing agrevates me…lol!!!!
    thank you,

  154. hello, im using socks 4/5 when i check my dns it still shows my real ip
    how can i configure it in order not to see my real ip with disabling my java?


  155. hello there this is my first time on this page in search for information and i am quit impressed with what i have obtained here thanks. But the very thing is thati have been trying to connect my psp to the internet for some ti2me now and whave been having problem pls i need info on how to go about this.

  156. hey i did what yaniv sed and i got my DNS servers and everything but, does my IP routing and WINS proxy need to be enabled, i have no idea how do i enable them if so?
    i want to connect to xbox live by the way, im gettin really frustrated

  157. hey i can not find my primary dns and my secondary dns, where do i find it at in my pc in xbox 360 where just give me sign

  158. Im trying to connect my Nintendo DS to internet and it needs a primary and secondary DNS number and my pc doesnt have one. Ive tried steps on the net on where to find it and theres no number.

  159. Hi,
    I can get my Preferred DNS serever but i cant get my alternate one. I need it as quick as possible. I have clicked run then “cmd” then “ipconfig/all” but i still cant get my alternate. Please Help!!!
    PS. Im using Windows 7 (64bit)

  160. hi Soem ISP’s do NOT have a secendary. the good news is you only need ONE.. Just fill in the Primary and you should be good. If you need a second one use a Public DNS such as that is a verizon DNS IP for the Public..

  161. Hi, here is my problem. I got new internet connection provided by WISP. The agent fist filled the ip as submask and all other fields empty and saved it. Then he type in the address bar of IE. and logged in with admin and password. and then he choosed my plan with 128 kbps and then assaigned my ip address as
    ip: 10.3050.XX
    default gateway

    DNS server:
    alternate DNS:

    Now i want to change my speed plan to the higher, so that i can hold some money in my pocket. I want to know:
    1. Is there any use by changing the MAC address?

    or can any one tell me, what would have the service provider done here.?
    Here i want to tell you is, he was able to view the logs in my computer when he sign in into website and when i entered into that website i havent seen such kind of option.

    Experts please reply me.

    thanks in advance


  162. Hi, This is Beyond the scope of this thread and if You Want Higher Speeds call your ISP and Pay for it ;)

  163. OK…..brand new xbox360, brand new wireless network adapter. I wanna play online, I’m at a hotel. I can connect to the hotels network, but not the internet. xbox tech support tells me that its because i don’t have a secondary dns and/or because my “gateway has the same values as my primary dns server. I did the ipconfig and i can’t find a secondary dns. The error message tells me to turn my router or modem off and back on, but i’m in a hotel and i can’t do that. I have been playing ps3 online just fine!!! What’s the deal with this???


  164. Post #215:

    If you need a second one use a Public DNS such as that is a verizon DNS IP for the Public..

  165. OK I paid the maintenence man here at the hotel to let me turn off the router and wait 30 seconds like the other suggestion says. Still nothing….. I tried to put the verizon secondary DNS for the public in….nothing. I do have to put in a password into my computer to be able to get online, where do I do that on the xbox (BTW it’s not under “Additional Settings” “PPPoE Settings, I tried that)……………..So frustrating. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a way to make this easier. This day and age it should be as easy as touching a button!!!!

  166. Im having the same issue as everyone with this dns crap… i been at it for hours trying some of the different codes.. nothing seems to work.. I even tried the run ipconfig /all and it pops up but quickly disappears… anyone knows why??? and isnt there a site which specific details to this dns stuff is posted… ?? if anyone can help email me

  167. my computer has been asking me for a new ip address every 3rd day or reset the local adaptor, is that my Internet providers fault or can be my computer the problem?????
    I really don’t think is my computer because is only giving me troubles when I ‘m trying to access to Internet.

  168. Do you have a project plan or steps to decommission Legacy DNS servers. The actual hand off to service down would take place after all communication to IT teams are complete – what are the pitfalls?

  169. Could you help me please?i can’t seem to connect to my wifi and i got all the things needed there (DNS IP and all) but still i cannot connect.


  170. i have an xbox but it wont connect to xbox live. its asking me to input my secondary DNS server.what is it and where can i find it.

    ALSO does anybody think it would be easier using a wireless connector instead of the wire that comes with the xbox 360

  171. control panel -> network connections ->
    right click on Local Area Network, left click Status
    click on Support tab
    click on details, you should see all the info in there.

  172. I want to set up my outlook and it asks for the incoming & out going servers names.where can I find this information? and my IP address I cant seem to pull that info.
    Clearly I am a newby, so I would appreciate any help (ie:information /guidence) to inlighten me.

  173. Just bought a new wireless Samsung DVD player that will not automatically configure ip address and DNS server. Cox internet says to call router manufactuer Lynksys but Samsung makes the DVD player and I’m trying to watch movies on Netflix? Do I need congress in on the teleconference as well? Thinking of buying a playstation 3 or X box since Samsung blu ray dvd player won;t link?

  174. Hi Brian, You should set the IP on the Samsunf Manually. to do this you need to find out the Start & End IP of the Router. by default it should be 100-150 but check to be sure..
    Once you know that number manually setup a Static IP in the Samsung Blu Ray player and pick and IP that is OUTSIDE the Range of the linksys Start & End DHCP IP..You may have to look in the routers menu under Status in there look for DHCP you should then see the Start & End IP of the DHCP.. DHCP is what hands out the IP’s Automatically to the devices on your Network..

  175. my son connected wireless xbox on my computer and now I can’t even get out to the internet. It is telling me DNS server is disabled. I had verizon tech and they couldn’t help me. I called gateway and they restored the computer back to the factory defaults and I still keep getting that the DNS server is disabled. Can someone help me with this? I am so frustrated.
    I have a new gateway and operating system of windows 7.

  176. Hai sir,i just wana clear something that,i am trying to figure out to hack other computer. i learned how to hack with IP address but when i enter the address of one system which is not known(as you that there will be many ip address in the format”192.168….”) when i start proceeding it is saying that the thread is dead and the operation is terminated.How to approach in these situations sir plzzzzzzzzzz, kindly reply me the solution in a satisfied way. Thanking you and eagerly waiting for your answer

  177. Can’t play my ps3 online anymore keeps saying there is a dns error whilst trying to comunicate with my server I only have a primary dns but no secondary dns is shown have called my server and they say they don’t give out dns numbers,called ps3 helpline they said call my server

  178. please friends explain me following file


    $TTL 3D
    acemoney.internal IN SOA (
    6 ; Serial
    604800 ; Refresh
    86400 ; Retry
    2419200 ; Expire
    604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL
    @ IN MX 10
    @ IN NS
    @ IN A
    ns IN A
    server IN A
    www IN A
    hathway IN A
    mail IN CNAME


  179. here This People are Blocked many Keywords (if u enter that key word that is showing error.That is showing like this

    The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:

    Access Denied.

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

    Your cache administrator is root.

    Generated Sat, 26 Jun 2010 11:05:27 GMT by (squid/

    how i can break this and how to get any keyword please send to me.wait for ur answers please send .here waiting 1000 members of people.
    please please

  180. hi
    im trying to play online on my ps2
    ive tested the connection
    and it works!
    but every time im going to play online i have an error on something called DNAS
    it says error – 611
    please help if u can
    thank u

    1. hi jon..
      dnas” (dynamic network authentication system)
      if you receive a message during login identifying a “dnas” authentication error, please contact scea (sony computer entertainment america) consumer services at 1-866-466-5333.
      problem will be with the authentication from the server…..

  181. i can t sign into ps3 network it kepts saying that i have been sign out of ps3 network 80710B23 error i need help!!!!!!!!!

  182. our server has just gone down and when we try to open in any of the work station it gives an error message that says there is no path on drive m.

  183. One point to add for all those that entered a new DNS that is good only to get “cannot connect”… Many of these configs now will add a domain suffix search list; it’s usually a checkbox on the config page. UNCHECK IT. I know this is true with Windoze 8 and no doubt others.

    This is worth knowing about in general as it’s the fraud du jour with many ISPs, like SBC. They advise you to use “automatically acquire a DNS server” and then give you theirs, which are deliberately crappy. They figure most people will not understand that and decide “I need to get the more expensive internet package”.

  184. If I login to my router via browser there is primary dns and secondary dns different than the ones ipconfig /all shows.


  185. when i try to go into my game on facebook it shows a blank screen it says unable to resolve the servers dns address what does this mean and how can i fix the problem

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