Gnome Linux Disable / Turn Off Hardware Beep Sound For Terminal

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This beep sound is annoying under Linux, how do I disable it forever under Debian / Fedora / RHEL / Red Hat / Ubuntu Linux?

There are diffrent methods to disable / turn of beep under Linux (turn off terminal beep). Use any one of the following method as per your requirements.


Ubuntu Linux / Gnome Terminal

a) Open Gnome terminal

b) Click on Settings > Preferences > Silence Terminal Bell

Alternatively, Click on General Tab -> General -> Un-Check Terminal bell option

If you are using xterm

Open ~/.xsession file (i.e. /home/you/.xession)
$ cd
$ vi .xession

Append the following line:
xset b off
Save and close the file.

If you are using bash shell

Open you ~/.inputrc file (i.e. /home/you/.inputrc file
$ cd
$ vi .inputrc

Append following line:
set bell-style none

Save and close the file.

If you just want to turn off beep for VIM text editor

Open vim config file ~/.vimrc (i.e. /home/you/.vimrc)
$ cd
$ Vi .vimrc

Append following line
set vb

Save and close the file.

If you are using Ubuntu Linux

a) Click on Applications > Accessories > Terminal
b) Now click on Edit Menu > Current Profile
c) Click on General Tab > General > Remove check box (Terminal bell)

You can also remove the driver, enter:
$ sudo modprobe -r pcspkr
Append the following line to your /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist so that beep remains off after the system reboot:
blacklist pcspkr


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  1. Thank you for this tip to turn off the terminal beep. I used your bash shell suggestion, which worked perfectly after reboot. Thanks again!

  2. Great man, with every distro install I need to switch of the beep ….
    The last section is also applicable for Fedora 11

  3. To disbale the annoying beep in the opensuse 11.3 gnome terminal, Select edit > profiles > edit (the default profile) and uncheck the ‘Terminal Bell’ in the General tab.

  4. Thanks a lot!

    The ‘Thang!’ was extremely irritating on GNome shell. I’ve now gotten rid of it.


  5. Thanks for the info! This is still super useful. especially on a chromebook. Chrome OS has a *very* annoying terminal bell that made it difficult to work and not mute all audio (so as to listen to music).

    For those curious, on machines I ssh to from my chromebook, I set both the .inputrc and the .vimrc. AFAIK, there is no way to disable the annoying chrome OS beep directly.

  6. Thank You!!! The suggestions were very good. It annoyed me out of my wits to hear to that annoying beep sound and finally silence prevails with this suggestion.

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