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  1. You are talking about the GUI (graphical user interface) and that depends on the distro you are using. If you are using Ubuntu (with gnome) you can play with compiz to change how the mouse and windows, and all that stuff behaves, if you are in a distro that uses kde, like kubuntu, slackware, etc you will have to look at kde window manager. Anyway read about window managers.

  2. I am newly using linux programming. can anyone help me out of a program
    Write a shell script which gets executed the moment user login and should display message GOOD MORNING/ GOOD EVENING etc depending upon the time the user logs in.

  3. Correction on the html, you put:
    U : Insert the string “1 user” or ” users” where is the number of current users logged in.

    i noticed in the source you put users but the isnt shown because it is considered to be a tag so it gets hidden, just thought you should know… oh yeah and i think you have to use something like > or something like that to get the greater-than and less-than signs to print when you put them in a form that makes it appear to be a tag (like that ) this comment i am hoping the leave a comment thing automatically does this for me cause I dont remember exactly which one to use :( ….if not just look at the source in plain text, you’ll get the idea…

    PS TO COMMENTERS OUT THERE: DONT FORGET TO SELECT+COPY your texts before hitting that submit button, it will save you alot of greif (and prevent you from going bald!!!)

    1. ok so it didnt print them… ok i’l try this again:

      i meant for the >n< to be put up there, my message was a perfect example how this can h appen even when you EXPECT it not to… heheh..

  4. I have repeatedly vi’d /etc/issue and changed the /ect/ssh/sshd_config files to show what banner to display and what path the banner is in. Argh..still nothing shows up except
    “CentOS 6.2
    Kernel /r /n /m”

    Drivin me nutz.

    I also tried /etc/issue.net

    What am I doin wrong.

    I have no network connectivigy and gdm is not installed. Can’t yum it.


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