Linux / UNIX: Print Current Working Directory with pwd command

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Q. How do I display the absolute path to the current working directory under Linux or UNIX operating system?

A. The pwd command displays the absolute pathname of the current working directory to the computer screen.

Print name of current/working directory

Type pwd command:

Above command print the full filename of the current working directory i.e /home/vivek.

Display actual directory location

Use -P option to display the physical current working directory (all symbolic links resolved). For example, /home/lighttpd is /var/www/root/lighttpd:
cd /home/lighttpd



Now run with -P option
pwd -P


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. I ran across an article that showed how to use pwd in an if statement, but i can not find that article. can you poin me to some artcle that might explain this.


    1. #!/bin/bash
      if [ "$_pwd" == "boo" ]
            echo "Current pwd is boo, starting backup..."
            echo "cd to boo and try again."

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