Howto find out AIX UNIX RAM size memory from command line

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Q. How do I find out the memory size of my AIX UNIX server? Can you tell us the command name to do the same?


A. You need to use bootinfo command to determines and displays various boot information, including boot device type and boot device name.

Command to check RAM in AIX UNIX

The bootinfo command uses the device configuration databases in information searches.

Just type the following command as the root user:
bootinfo -r

It will displays amount of real memory in kilobytes. bootinfo command may not be available in latest AIX UNIX version, try following command:
$ lsattr -El sys0 | grep realmem

svmon command – Captures and analyzes a snapshot of virtual memory

The svmon command displays information about the current state of memory. The displayed information does not constitute a true snapshot of memory, because the svmon command runs at user level with interrupts enabled. To print out global statistics, type:
# svmon -G

Read the man page of svmon for more information.


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  1. Dear AIX Expects,

    I want to configure ramusage in nagios for aix machine can you any suggest me how ?

    Pls revert on high priority


  2. amepat

    [oracle@webpaycl1:servcl]/home/oracle> amepat
    WARNING: Running in no modeling mode.

    Command Invoked : amepat

    Date/Time of invocation : Mon Jul 21 09:57:23 CLT 2014
    Total Monitored time : NA
    Total Samples Collected : NA

    System Configuration:
    Partition Name : webpaycl1
    Processor Implementation Mode : POWER7 Mode
    Number Of Logical CPUs : 32
    Processor Entitled Capacity : 2.00
    Processor Max. Capacity : 8.00
    True Memory : 32.25 GB
    SMT Threads : 4
    Shared Processor Mode : Enabled-Uncapped
    Active Memory Sharing : Disabled
    Active Memory Expansion : Disabled

    System Resource Statistics: Current
    ————————— —————-
    CPU Util (Phys. Processors) 0.02 [ 0%]
    Virtual Memory Size (MB) 12037 [ 36%]
    True Memory In-Use (MB) 32140 [ 97%]
    Pinned Memory (MB) 5707 [ 17%]
    File Cache Size (MB) 19983 [ 61%]
    Available Memory (MB) 19869 [ 60%]

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