Howto find out AIX UNIX CPU information, clock speed

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Q. How do I find out CPU information under AIX UNIX?

A. You can use graphical system administration tool for the IBM AIX computer operating system called SMIT.

AIX Commands

Following commands can be used.

lscfg command

lscfg – Displays configuration, diagnostic, and vital product data (VPD) information about the system including CPU information:

Determining CPU Speed

When using AIX 5.1 and subsequent releases, the following code returns the processor speed in hertz (Hz):
lsattr -E -l proc0 | grep "Processor Speed"

Also, in AIX 5.1 pmcycles command lists the processor speed:

See also

=> Determining microprocessor speed

=> Read man page of pmcycles, lsattr, lscfg

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  1. How to get the processorFeature option in AIX?
    For eg
    Name current Value
    ProcessorFeature 01AB

    I am new to AIX and I am not sure what this 01AB means ?

    Please help

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