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Q. I need Perl programming language to run scripts. How do I install perl on FreeBSD operating system?


A. Practical Extraction and Report Language or Perl can be installed using FreeBSD ports or binary package system. Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It’s also a good language for many system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).

Install perl using FreeBSD ports

Perl5 port is located at /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8. Type the command as follows to install Perl5:
# cd /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8
# make;make install;make clean

Now perl will be installed and binary path to perl is /usr/local/bin/perl.

Install perl using FreeBSD pkg_add command

Just type the following command:
# pkg_add -v -r perl


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  1. In release 8.x of FreeBSD command is

    pkg_add perl -v -r

    If is package not present, it downloads the latest package from Internet ftp server with distribution..

  2. I must add, it connects at always, and on FREEBSD 8.x
    in directory /usr/ports/lang/ is perl5.8 and perl5.10
    Command make in this directory will instal perl, but it cannot find package and attempt to download it too..

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