Create a MySQL Database, Tables and Insert Data

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How do I create a MySQL database, tables, and insert (store) data into newly created tables?

MySQL is a free and open source database management system. You need to use sql commands to create database. You also need to login as mysql root user account. To create a database and set up tables for the same use the following sql commands:


  1. CREATE DATABASE – create the database. To use this statement, you need the CREATE privilege for the database.
  2. CREATE TABLE – create the table. You must have the CREATE privilege for the table.
  3. INSERT – To add/insert data to table i.e. inserts new rows into an existing table.

Procedure for creating a database and a sample table

Login as the mysql root user to create database:
$ mysql -u root -p
Sample outputs:


Add a database called books, enter:
mysql> CREATE DATABASE books;

Now, database is created. Use a database with use command, type:
mysql> USE books;

Next, create a table called authors with name, email and id as fields:
mysql> CREATE TABLE authors (id INT, name VARCHAR(20), email VARCHAR(20));

To display your tables in books database, enter:
Sample outputs:

| Tables_in_books |
| authors         |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Finally, add a data i.e. row to table books using INSERT statement, run:
mysql> INSERT INTO authors (id,name,email) VALUES(1,"Vivek","");
Sample outputs:

Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

Try to add few more rows to your table:
mysql> INSERT INTO authors (id,name,email) VALUES(2,"Priya","");
mysql> INSERT INTO authors (id,name,email) VALUES(3,"Tom","");

To display all rows i.e. data stored in authors table, enter:
mysql> SELECT * FROM authors;
Sample outputs:

| id   | name  | email         |
|    1 | Vivek |   |
|    2 | Priya |   |
|    3 | Tom   | |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Now, you know how to create a database and a table. For further information please see MySQL data types and official documentation.

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    By the by, this is also of help can train people who wants to use mySQL their studies. many thanks!

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    i am working on swing project in Java
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  8. this is suryaprakash
    i am working on swing project in Java
    i want to insert Jtable information into DataBase table

    can it is possible..?
    if yes
    plz send a sample program
    waiting for u r Reply

    My email address is
    Thank u in Advance ..!


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  10. I am using a webhost and has no shell access so unable to use command line.
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    I tried to create a new table from within phpmyadmin but it requires me to indicate how many fields and then to fill in those empty boxes…which I have no idea what to put in there.

    So, i thought of using bigdump to try to import this table into the database or to do a manual import by copying the content of the table into the SQL tab’s Sql Query box from within phpmyadmin.
    Are the above two options suitable?
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    Any assistance, guidance and advice, would be much appreciated.

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    1. try to change the password in xammp or wampp depending on the server you are using.log in and in the specific database for the specific user, you can change the password. make sure you click GO..
      hope this helps…

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    1. CREATE TABLE databasename2.tablename LIKE databasename1.tablename;
      INSERT INTO databasename2.tablename SELECT * FROM databasename1.tablename;

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  19. its very nice, i understud that table

    Finally, add a data i.e. row to table books using INSERT statement, run:
    mysql> INSERT INTO authors (id,name,email) VALUES(1,”Vivek”,””);

    Sample outputs:

    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

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  23. Good day, I have just started studying SQL, thank you for this tutorial on MySQL, I have been using Microsoft SQL server, and I wanted to try MySQL.

    I followed your instructions and I created a database, tables, and data, I did this same thing in MS SQL and used the following query to create a new table called result with a condition that screens > 1, here is my code:

    /* Using SQL Server syntax */

    /* creating the new table with a query */
    t1.mac, as du_name, as config_name
    into [result]
    from player t1
    inner join display_unit t2 on(t1.player_id=t2.player_id)
    inner join configuration t3 on(t1.player_id=t3.player_id)
    where t2.screens > 1

    /* what is the syntax to get this to work on MySQL???/*

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