Python: Delete / Remove Files

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How do I delete a file called /tmp/foo.txt using Python programming language under MS-Windows or Unix like operating systems?

You can use either remove("/path/to/file") or unlink("/file/path") to remove (delete) the file path.

Syntax: Python delete file

import os


import os

Examples: How can I delete a file or folder in Python?

A better option is to use os.path.isfile("/path/to/file") to check for whether the file exists or not:

import os
## if file exists, delete it ##
if os.path.isfile(myfile):
else:    ## Show an error ##
        print("Error: %s file not found" % myfile)

Or use try:…except OSError as follows to detect error while deleting the file:

import os
## get input ##
myfile= raw_input("Enter file name to delete : ")
## try to delete file ##
except OSError, e:  ## if failed, report it back to the user ##
        print ("Error: %s - %s." % (e.filename,e.strerror))

Sample outputs:

Enter file name to delete : demo.txt
Error: demo.txt - No such file or directory.

Enter file name to delete : rrr.txt
Error: rrr.txt - Operation not permitted.

Enter file name to delete : foo.txt 

A note about deleting an entire directory tree in Python using shutil.rmtree()

Use shutil.rmtree() to delete an entire directory tree; path must point to a directory (but not a symbolic link to a directory). The syntax is:

inport shutil
## syntax ##
shutil.rmtree(path[, ignore_errors[, onerror]])

In this example, delete /nas01/nixcraft/oldfiles/ directory and all its files:

import os
import sys
import shutil
# Get dir name
mydir= raw_input("Enter directory name : ")
## Try to remove tree; if failed show an error using try...except on screen
except OSError, e:
	print ("Error: %s - %s." % (e.filename,e.strerror))

Sample outputs:

Enter directory name : /tmp/foobar/
Error: /tmp/foobar/ - No such file or directory.
Enter directory name : /nas01/nixcraft/oldfiles/
Enter directory name : bar.txt
Error: bar.txt - Not a directory.

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  1. The best way deleting files within Python is using shutil module, so this article is sorta useless.

  2. and note that you’d better using “tempfile” module to work with temporary files, it is secure and does more stuff automatically for you.

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