vi / vim: Jump To End Of File Command

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I‘m using vim as a text editor and editing a large code file written in python. How do I jump to end of file using vim text editor under Apple Mac OS X Unix or Linux operating systems?


You can save a lot of time by using appropriate movement commands in vi or vim text editor. For large file the cursor keys are not the best choice. To move to end of file just type G (press ESC and type capital G):
Sample outputs (jumping from 1st line to line # 82):

Fig.01: vi/vim command demo for EOL jump
Fig.01: vi/vim command demo for EOL jump

You can jump back to beginning of file by typing any one of the following command
OR gg
You can jump to line number 700 (press ESC type 700G)

Move cursor to end of file in vim

In short press the Esc key and then press Shift + G to move cursor to end of file in vi or vim text editor under Linux and Unix-like systems. However, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts too.


  • Esc + Ctrl + End – Jump end of file
  • Hit Esc + Ctrl + Home : Jump start of file
  • Press Esc + gg : Go to top the file
  • Esc + G : Go to bottom of the file
  • Esc + G + A : Go to bottom of the file and in append text mode. In other words, jump to last line and start writing code/text.
  • Hit Esc + A + $ : Go to bottom of the file and end of line.

In this quick tutorial you learned how to move to last character of the file or jump to end of file. We also explained how to jump to start of file when using vim text editor including various keyboard shortcuts cominbations.

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  1. it takes you to the begining of the last line of the file. how can i reach the end of the last line of the file?

  2. Worked perfectly!! Thanks for posting this simply, yet hard-to-find command. I moved to the bottom of a 40,650 line log file in less than a second!

  3. This is an excellent example of a difference where one can spend monstrous amount of time in linux unless they’re quite good with linux. Luckily, because this to-the-pont useful article ranks high on the internet, this particular issue will be much easier to solve for those googling for help to navigate through logs containing hundreds of thousands of lines or more, where tail command won’t offer them a proper help for some specific circumstances.

    Unfortunately, there are many other seemingly “easy” linux tasks that pose a nightmare because solution is not easy to find for anyone besides those “intermediate” users who are extremely accustomed to vi editor and/or they have a strong clue how to solve it.
    VI editor is a nightmare for any beginner and many intermediate linux users for a reason, depsite its versatility and powerful features that it offers for top experts.

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