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Q.. How do I update Fedora 7 Linux? I’ve just installed everything from DVD and I’d like to keep my system upto date.


A.. The Fedora Project frequently releases updates to Fedora. Many of these are simple fixes for common bugs, others are security updates. Installing these updates on your system will help keep it as reliable and as secure as possible.

Fedora Linux comes with a special applet (a small program on taskbar) to update your system automatically when updates are available.

Using puplet GUI tool

Fedora includes puplet and yum-updatesd which work together to provide an ‘Updates Available‘ popup when updates are published on internet. So all you have to do is click on popup window and apply update.

Using command line tool yum

As usual you can use yum to update your system with the latest packages released for Fedora. Login as root and type the command:
# yum update
# yum -y update


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  1. Im have a FC7 setup with PHP 5.2.4

    I did yum update php but returns :

    [root@servername ~]# yum update php
    Setting up Update Process
    Could not find update match for php
    No Packages marked for Update
    [root@servername ~]#

    Why isnt it able to update to PHP 5.2.5 ?

  2. Hi Anjanesh,
    most Linux distributions “stick” to one specific version of a package for the distro’s release livetime, which means they will apply security patches into your running version of, let’s say php. If you do a major upgrade of your distribution one day, there will be fresh versions for most of your apps. Then, again, you will be sticking with those version numbers for some time.
    This is not bad, because it makes things save and easy for years. Trust me if i say that you wouldn’t want a version upgrade of every package as soon as it gets available. Been to this hell with another distro… can become a nightmare!

  3. Hi!
    If you are really so hot about getting the new phpstuff, try

    yum upgrade php

    or download the rpm and install it via rpm -u


  4. I want to write and execute c program in my os 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7. i have the editor gedit. It seems that there is no c compiler. please help.

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