If else statement in C Program

Q. Can you give me example for If else statement in C Program under Linux or TC?


A. C follows universal syntax for if..else. You can use any complier GNU Linux gcc or UNIX or old good TC.

if..else syntax

General if..else syntax is as follows:

if ( condition ) {
else  {

If given condition is TRUE, expr_set1 will get executed.
If given condition is FALSE (not TRUE), expr_set2 will get executed.

if..else example

Following example will find out large number from given input:

int main(){
        int x,y;
        printf("Enter value for x :");
        printf("Enter value for y :");
        if ( x > y ){
                printf("X is large number - %d\n",x);
                printf("Y is large number - %d\n",y);
        return 0;

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