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  1. Should have read bitbud’s last parraagph a little closer. If he is right, than XEN and KVM are pretty much even on this front since both will require the VT-d/IOMMU in the motherboard chipset to allow fully virtualized hosts PCI pass through. XEN has a slight advantage in that it can allow PCI pass through to paravirtualized guests without the extra hardware requirement.I should also clarify, Fedora 9 is the Dom0, WindowsXP is the DomU and Windows has the drivers and support software loaded in my test set up. So far, the testing shows that the system behaves similar to a barebones install of Windows XP on a Optiplex 745 with the same model interface card and same software install, although there are a few differences. We’re still testing and are trying to get some updated software for the card to do some more rigorous testing (the software it shipped with appears to be the source of a number of the bugs we see).

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