Linux burn ISO images to Cds and CD-RWs howto

Linux comes with various GUI and command line application to burn ISO images to CDs/CD-RWs. Cdrecord is command line based application used to record data or audio Compact Discs on an Orange Book CD-Recorder or to write DVD media on a DVD-Recorder i.e. it can brun ISO images.

Find out your CDR/W SCSI address/device name

Scan all SCSI devices on all SCSI busses and print the inquiry strings with –scanbus option. This option may be used to find SCSI address of the CD/DVD-Recorder on a system:
# cdrecord -scanbus

Cdrecord-Clone 2.01a34 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
Copyright (C) 1995-2004 Jrg Schilling
scsidev: 'ATA:'
devname: 'ATA'
scsibus: -1 target: -1 lun: -1
Warning: Using badly designed ATAPI via /dev/hd*
Linux sg driver version: 3.5.27
Using libscg version 'schily-0.8'.
1,0,0 100) 'SONY' 'CD-Writer' '1.0g'
1,1,0 101) *
1,2,0 102) *
1,3,0 103) *
1,4,0 104) *
1,5,0 105) *
1,6,0 106) *
1.7.0 107) *

In above example, my device name is 1,0,0. Now again use the cdrecord command to burn ISO image:
# cdrecord -v -dao dev=1,0,0 file.iso
You can also specify burning speed:
# cdrecord -v -dao dev=1,0,0 speed=8 file.iso

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  • yogesh Jul 19, 2009 @ 13:19

    i want to burn a iso image of rhel 5.1 using dd command.pls tell me the exact command to do the same.
    Thanks in advance

  • hailer Aug 17, 2009 @ 11:49

    Hi yogesh, im a 1 year linux terminal user but av never heard of a way that you can. It would be intersting to find out how so if you do come across a way you can please let me know. i know dd can be used to copy from cd to .iso file but not the otherway round.

  • Iain Sep 20, 2009 @ 18:55

    Hi. I know that you can use dd to write .img to floppy, so it might also work for cd-roms.

  • Jeff Mar 15, 2010 @ 7:51

    Iam new to all this, but I tried the command

    # cdrecord -scanbus

    But it spart out a series of errors,….. so I didnt know my device name to use the command as stated. so I googled and found this alternative.

    # cdrecord -v /dev/cdwriter myisofile.iso

    where myisofile.iso is the ISO file I want to burn, this worked for me.

  • me2 Aug 9, 2010 @ 14:24

    I am booting from Puppy Linux 3.0.1.
    The new puppy 5.0.1 ISO is on my USB drive.

    Do I have to specify the file location to burn the ISO?

    Your site has helped me out of a few jams.


  • AhnJuHyun Sep 16, 2010 @ 16:06

    Wow.. great info. thanks! it helped me

  • fedora Jul 30, 2011 @ 13:40

    If scanbus gives you errors but you know your device name, you can also use this (assuming the cd drive is /dev/scd0):

    # cdrecord dev=/dev/scd0 file.iso

  • fedora Jul 30, 2011 @ 13:42

    Sorry, make that:

    # cdrecord -v -dao dev=/dev/scd0 file.iso

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