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  1. thanks for the helpful information.

    are there any conditions that we should be worried about under which a lastb command will return a “command not found” message in terminal?

    i entered lastb and got that message.

    1. if “lastb” is installed and you got the “command not found” ,
      it means the command “lastb” is not in your path.
      usually it is installed at /usr/bin, which is normally in your path. so it could be that you don’t have it installed. (moreover, “lastb” would require “root” or “sudo” password/privilege to execute)

  2. Hello, the “last” command may show too few lines, truncated by when the “wtmp begins”.

    If I want to get the last info as long as possible (e.g., to see if my laptop was hacked by some guy using my username, but from IP unknow to me), how can I output the missing “last” info? (If I use “last -2000”, intend to see 2000 lines of output, but the command may only return just a few lines, anything that happened before the damn “wtmp begins” would be truncated.)

    Just wondering if you have some magical way to show all the login info.

    Thank you

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