Linux: find out information about current domain name and host name

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Q. Under Windows Server 2003 I can use active directory domain tools to get information about current domain and hostname. Can you tell me command to list current domain name and hostname under Red hat enterprise Linux 5?


A. Both Linux / UNIX comes with the following utilities to display hostname / domain name:

a) hostname – show or set the system’s host name

b) domainname – show or set the system’s NIS/YP domain name

c) dnsdomainname – show the system’s DNS domain name

d) nisdomainname – show or set system’s NIS/YP domain name

e) ypdomainname – show or set the system’s NIS/YP domain name

For example, hostname is the program that is used to either set or display the current host, domain or node name of the system. These names are used by many of the networking programs to identify the machine.
$ hostname

The domain name is also used by NIS/YP or Internet DNS:
$ dnsdomainname


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  1. Hi
    Had a good read through your site. The featured articles is an excellent section. Learned loads of things I did not know about the Linux OS I didn’t know.

    Good luck.


  2. I have configure samba server in my machine when I am accessing the samba server it is perfectly accessing with ought user name and password but when I am configure it through user name and password its not accessing and that pop up window again come and asking username password and domain.

    to to access my samba though user name and password in linux 5.0

  3. hello friends.

    Actually i want to know how can i check hosted Domain list on my server ,i mean what is the command, if anybody know then please reply me.i will be very thank full to you..

  4. Hi friend.

    Actually i want to know,how can i check domain’s list in through SSh ????????????
    what is command for that ?

  5. Hi Nitan,

    Are you using any thried party application for managing server? If yes please let me know so I will explain you.

  6. hello. I am using CentOS 7. When i type dnssomainname in my server, i get no response. Please help

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