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How do I find out all files owned by a user called tom or jerry under UNIX / Linux / BSD / OS X operating systems?

Use the find command as follows to find all files owned by a user called tom, in /home (open terminal and type the command):

find /home -user tom
find /home -user jerry

To find all files in the /sales directory owned by the vip group, enter:

 find /sales -group vip

You can restrict your search to *.c (all c files only) for user tom as follows:

find /home -user tom -type f -name "*.c"

You can restrict your search to directories only as follows:

find /home -user tom -type d


  • -type d – Find only directories.
  • -type f – Find only files.
  • -name “*.c” – Find all file ending with .c extension.

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