Howto see output of C program in Linux or UNIX

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Q. I am new to Linux but not to c programming. At university we are using Turbo C compiler under DOS/Windows XP to write and compile C programs. Under Linux I’ve small program called test.c. How do I compile and see the output of C program in Linux? Note I’m using Fedora Core Linux.

A. Under Linux you need to gcc (GNU project C and C++ compiler) command to compile a program. When you compile a program it generates an executable file called a.out.

gcc -o output-file program.c

Task: Compile program

To compile type the command:
$ gcc test.c

Task: Execute program to see output

Above command will create a file called a.out. To see output of test.c program type:
$ ./a.out

Task: Compile to specific executable file

You can specify an execuable file name while compiling program itself:
$ gcc -o test test.c
Now execute test (see output of test.c)
$ ./test

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      1. After written the program in c language
        To Compile that program in turboc click the ALT+F9
        To Run that program in turboc click the CTRL+F9

  1. Hi,
    from your site i came to know how to compile and see out put of program, but how to write c program in linux????I m a window user,so if anyone give me that ans i will be obliged.

    1. Use just have to do write ur program in gedit and save it with c extension…..
      U have to go In file right click then document then click empty document….
      Now u can write ur program this is gedit then save it filename.c extension…..


  2. i search this site through google and find my answer on the topic … How can i run and compile program on gcc compiler?

  3. Thanks for this tip
    Plz also tell me how to enter the out put of one c program to another one plz send this at my email address.
    Thanks for this tip

  4. i am executing c program in fedora as gcc temp.c but it says that
    bash: gcc: command not found
    please tell how to run

  5. @bhargav:
    Update your YUM repo (in Fedora/ RHEL), thereafter
    run the following command as root:
    yum install gcc
    or simply write
    sudo yum install gcc
    have fun!

  6. i m a new user for linux platform,may any body plz let me know how to code,compile etc a graphics application for c++ under linux platform ,,,,,( explain with example plz)

  7. I use Fedora 12 (live Cd).
    i created a c program in it and tried to execute.
    it says that no such command..
    how to eliminate this problem.

  8. I am sreedhar,i am doing MCA.I have interest to learn programming languages in linux operating,what should i do.

  9. I have typed a hello world program in fedora.. But how should i get back to the terminal.what are the keys on keyboard that i hav t press and want commands to type so that my file is saved.

    1. Any language needs a compiler/interpreter.
      I can even run Turbo C++ on Linux.
      so, answer to your first question = no, but yes, it’s the most preferred compiler for any *nix Operating system.
      for second question = No.

  10. Please show me how to write a program in c that prints a file a screenfull at a time waiting for response from user.

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