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  1. It is interesting to notice how easy it is to find this information on the web, how to login as a superuser, and how it is difficult to find the information about how to log OUT of superuser (exit). Wouldn’t it make sense to put these things together ? I guess that someone who just learnt how to log in as a superuser would also immediately need to know how to log out.
    And by the way, your answer after “A” doesn’t answer the questions “Q” at the beginning of the article.

  2. Hey, i tried this but my linux said:
    Error with approval ( think thats how you translate it..
    its bothering me alot and i tripple checked the password it is correct

  3. what version of lunux are you using? if you are using any ubuntu based linux for example you, you can only use the super user to run comands, you cant stay loged in as the super user.

    Ex: to install an aplication, you would opne a terminal and enter

    sudo apt-get install name_of_application.

    the sudo or su comand will indicate to linux that you are trying to run the comand as the super user or administrator, but in ubuntu after the application is done installing it will go back to regular user to aboid any security breach. y have to realize that the when you are in super user mode it can be verry danguros becasue bc you can do anything, like deleting all you files and messing up your operating system.

    so in conclution you get that message because your linux you might not be running any other comands after the sudo or su comand.

    i hope that made sense.

  4. I am new to linux, i want to learn more about linux as much possible. i am using ubuntu and suse.
    i try to log in as supper user by su command, and provide password i used to login my system but it shows Authentication failure. please guide me.

    Thanks and regards

  5. Earlier i used to login to root by typing ip address and port, i just remember the ip address but i forgot the port number, can anybody please help.

  6. thanks for this! learning linux command line scripts now after installing fedora in my nephew’s inspiron 1525, was wondering how to get to root user, other sites weren’t explaining well enough so again, thanks a million! :)

  7. Being a super user can be VERY dangerous so I suggest you know what your doing if your going to become a super user but another way to get root access is to type into the command line:

    sudo -i

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