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Linux: Howto Make a Directory Command

How do I make directory under Linux operating systems using the command prompt or bash shell?

You need to use the mkdir command to create new folders or directories under Linux operating systems. A directory (also known as folder in MS-Windows/OS X) is nothing but a container for other directories and files.

mkdir command Syntax

The mkdir command has the following syntax:

mkdir dirname
mkdir dirname1 dirname2
mkdir [option] dieNameHere
mkdir -p dir1/dir2/dir3


Open a terminal and use the mkdir command to create empty directories. The following command would create a directory called foo:
$ mkdir foo
To list directories, enter:
$ ls
$ ls -l

The following command would create two directories within the current directory:
$ mkdir tom jerry
$ ls -l

The -p option allows you to create parent directories as needed (if parent do not already exits). For example, you can create the following directory structure:
$ mkdir -p ~/public_html/images/trip

Sample mkdir demo

Animated gif 01: mkdir in action under Linux / Unix like operating systems

Animated gif 01: mkdir in action under Linux / Unix like operating systems

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