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  1. Also, see text below taken from the GDM help supplied with Fedora 14:

    The icons used by GDM can be installed globally by the sysadmin or can
    be located in the user’s home directories. If installed globally
    they should be in the /pixmaps/faces/
    directory and the filename should be the name of the user. Face image
    files should be a standard image that GTK+ can read, such as PNG or
    JPEG. Face icons placed in the global face directory must be readable
    to the GDM user.

    If there is no global icon for the user, GDM will look in the user’s
    $HOME directory for the image file. GDM will first look for the user’s
    face image in ~/.face. If not found, it will try
    ~/.face.icon. If still not found, it will use the
    value defined for “face/picture=” in the
    ~/.gnome2/gdm file.

    If a user has no defined face image, GDM will use the
    “stock_person” icon defined in the current GTK+ theme. If no
    such image is defined, it will fallback to a generic face image.

    Please note that loading and scaling face icons located in remote user
    home directories can be a very time-consuming task. Since it not
    practical to load images over NIS or NFS, GDM does not attempt to load
    face images from remote home directories.

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