Gentoo Linux emerge command log file

Gentoo Linux emerge command log file

To see a log of Gentoo Linux emerge command log, enter:
# cat /var/log/emerge-fetch.log
# cat /var/log/emerge.log
# cd /var/log/portage/
# ls -l
# cd elog/
# ls -l
# cat summary.log

Sample outputs:

Messages generated by process 6448 on 2017-05-23 13:53:35 UTC for package sys-process/htop-2.0.2:

WARN: setup
To use lsof features in htop(what processes are accessing
what files), you must have sys-process/lsof installed.
Unable to find kernel sources at /usr/src/linux
Unable to calculate Linux Kernel version for build, attempting to use running version
Unable to check for the following kernel config options due
to absence of any configured kernel sources or compiled
You're on your own to make sure they are set if needed.

Examples and usage: How to find out and show a log of actions taken by the software management on Linux