Open / view .chm file under Linux or FreeBSD

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Chm file is a Microsoft Compressed HTML Help file in a proprietary format for online help files. Under Linux/FreeBSD or UNIX you can open .chm file using following three different programs which makes it possible to browse native Windows CHM files:


Install chm viewer

Use apt-get or yum command to install chm viewer:
# apt-get install gnochm
# apt-get install kchmviewer

Gnome Desktop User

Use gnochm program as follows
$ gnochm file.chm

KDE Desktop User

Use kchmviewer (very nice and highly recommended) program as follows
$ kchmviewer file.chm

Other tool

xchm program is quite outdated but works:
$ xchm file.chm


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. i installed kchmviewer and it works fine but i prefer konqueror …i tried to open .chm from within the konqueror but it opens it with kchmviewer … i tried right click and open with other application=konqueror ..still it forces it to open with kchviewer …. i actually like the konqueror fonts… please some one

  2. and where are the repositories for the kchmviewer? I ran the update commands and it didn’t find the install packages.

  3. I installed Gnochm. The layout is excellent unlike xCHM where the main content is squished to the right of the panel. Unfortunately Gnochm crashes & closes after viewing about 10 pages, or sometimes when choosing a Chapter from the left plane.
    Any solutions?

  4. gnochm crashes due to segmentation fault everytime. So i Uninstalled it. You can use chmsee or others mentioned above.

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