Open MS-Word and MS-PowerPoint file under Linux/UNIX

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You can use program like office application to open Ms-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files under Linux, FreeBSD and other Unixish oses. If you are looking for command line based utilities then try out catdoc or catppt:

catdoc : Reads MS-Word file and puts its content as plain text on standard output. catdoc doesn’t attempt to extract formatting information other than tables from MS-Word document, so different output modes means mainly that different characters should be escaped and different ways used to represent characters, missing from output charset
$ catdoc filename.doc
$ catdoc filename.doc > /tmp/output.txt

catppt : Reads MS-PowerPoint file and puts its content on standard output
catppt filename.ppt
catdoc filename.ppt > /tmp/output.txt

You may need to install catdoc and catppt using apt-get, yum or FreeBSD ports collection:
# apt-get install catdoc catppt

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  1. Hi,
    nice tuto…
    but problem with me is quit different…
    i now shifted to linux (red hat enterprise ed..) now problem with me is that i am not able to open my ms word files in open office,I get someting like this msg :
    “Unable to open document”
    “Unhandeled MIME type:”application/msword””

    plz help me coz they are really important documents of me and my family…
    Thanking you bof u r above litrature.
    Hoping u r kind co-operation

  2. Dear sir
    I hv shifted to ubantuu linux platfirm fir thin client. Now word fike in windows when opened with openorg, its firmating n appearance is disturbed. How to resolve as i need to use knly openorg in linux?

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