OpenBSD: Find Out Memory RAM Size Information

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How do I check for installed RAM (memory) size on a OpenBSD UNIX operating systems using command line?

You need to use the following commands to see installed memory and other information such as installed CPU can be displayed:

a) dmesg command – Display the OpenBSD system message buffer including boot time info.

b) sysctl command – Display or set the OpenBSD system sysctl (kernel) variables.

Method #1: Display real and user installed memory on OpeBSD

Type the following command:
# dmesg | grep -i mem
# grep -i mem /var/run/dmesg.boot
Sample outputs:

real mem = 3500277760 (3338MB)
avail mem = 3398483968 (3241MB)

Method #2: OpenBSD show installed RAM memory size

Type the following command

sysctl hw | grep mem


sysctl  | grep -i hw.\*mem

Sample outputs:


Or simply get full hardware info, type:

sysctl hw

Sample outputs:

Fig. 01: How much RAM is installed on a OpenBSD server?
How much RAM is installed on a OpenBSD server?

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