OpenBSD install MariaDB database server

How do I install MariaDB database servers on OpenBSD Unix operating systems?

Introduction: MariaDB is a drop in replacement for Oracle MySQL servers. MariaDB is a multithreaded SQL database with a command syntax very similar to mSQL. This page shows how to install MariaDB server on OpenBSD. There are two packages of MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4


  1. mariadb-server – The MariaDB server.
  2. mariadb-client – The client side of MariaDB server including mysqlclient library and headers for the MariaDB client API.

How to search for MariaDB packages

Run the following pkg_info command along with grep command:
pkg_info -Q mariadb
Search for PHP client that can access mariadb server:
pkg_info -Q mariadb | grep php
How to search for MariaDB packages on OpenBSD

OpenBSD install MariaDB database server using pkg_add

Type the following pkg_add command to install MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4:
# pkg_add -v mariadb-server
$ doas pkg_add -v mariadb-server
OpenBSD install MariaDB database using pkg_add command

How to install MariaDB client on OpenBSD

Simply run:
# pkg_add -v mariadb-client
$ doas pkg_add -v mariadb-client

How to enable and start MariaDB server at boot time on OpenBSD

To configure and control daemons and services on OpenBSD use rcctl command

Enable MariaDB

# rcctl enable mysqld
$ doas rcctl enable mysqld

Initialize MariaDB data directory

You need to run mysql_install_db command. It initializes the MariaDB data directory and creates the system tables:
# mysql_install_db

Configure MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.x

Start MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl start mysqld

Stop MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl stop mysqld

Restart MariaDB service on OpenBSD

# rcctl restart mysqld

Check MariaDB service status on OpenBSD

# rcctl check mysqld
How to Start OR Stop MariaDB server manually on OpenBSD

Verify that MariDB service running and port is open

Run pgrep command to searche the process named mysqld:
# pgrep mysqld
Another option is to run ps command:
# ps aux | grep mysqld
Verify that TCP port 3306 is open using netstat command:
# netstat -f inet -na
# netstat -f inet -na | grep 3306

How to insall MariaDB on OpenBSD and verify it

How to secure MariaDB installation

Run the following script:
# mysql_secure_installation

How to secure the MariaDB installation on OpenBSD

Securing MariaDB server installations to avoid compromising server

How to test MariaDB installation

Run the following mysql command:
mysql -u root -p
How to test mariadb installation

How to configure MariaDB on OpenBSD 6.4

Edit /etc/my.cnf file:
# vi /etc/my.cnf
For example, change IP address binding from localhost:
bind-address =
To LAN IP address
bind-address =
Save and close the file. Restart mysqld service on OpenBSD:
# rcctl restart mysqld

How to open MariaDB port using PF firewall on OpenBSD

Simply add the following rule to /etc/pf.conf

pass in proto tcp from to any port 3306 keep state

Test it and reload the rules:
# pfctl -v -nf /etc/pf.conf
# pfctl -v -f /etc/pf.conf


You learned how to set up and install MariaDB on OpenBSD. For more information see the official MariaDB site here and pkg_add page here and recommended MariaDB books here.

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    See pf man page for more info:
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