Howto rebuild Apache for Cpanel Linux / UNIX Server (Control Panel)

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Q. I’d like to rebuild Apache web to include support for additional modules or to latest version. How do I rebuild Apache for Cpanel Server?


A. Building Apache is quite easy under Cpanel server.

Procedure to Rebuild Apache for Cpanel

Login as the root using ssh

Type the following commands:
# cd /scripts
# ./updatenow
# ./easyapache

Just follow on screen instructions to rebuild Apache for Cpanel server under Linux/FreeBSD oses. Please note that you should see a menu on screen asking you which options you would like built into your apache install. Select options as per your requirements. Once it has completed it will automatically restart Apache for you and you will then be able to use the new features.


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  1. Note that you can also use EasyApache by logging into the WHM interface, going to the “Software” section then clicking on “Apache Update.” Note that you may want to “Load Previous Config” as your first step to load your server’s existing configuration so you have a good idea of what is currently on the server as you customize Apache and PHP.

  2. I’ve noticed that the script updatenow has been deprecated since the latest cPanel ver. 11 or perhaps earlier and maybe I’ve noticed it during these times.

    In turn you may just rsync the /scripts/ directory manually using the rsync command.

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