Reconfiguring FreeBSD Ports – Remove OPTIONS config For Any Port

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While building Apache port I was presented with a menu from which I selected certain build options. However, certain option giving out error as follows:
===> apache-2.2.8 mod_mem_cache requires WITH_THREADS.
*** Error code 1

All I wanted to do is disable mod_mem_cache and build Apache again. Unfortunately, it is not allowing me to clear out configuration option. How do I remove all selected options and allow me to start over again?

There are many ways to clear out configuration options under FreeBSD. make command offers various options to revisit CONFIG menu to add, remove, or change options after a port has been built.

make rmconfig option

The simplest one is type command make rmconfig. First login as root; go into the directory containing the port and type:
# cd /usr/ports/www/apache22
# make rmconfig


===> Removing user-configured options for apache-2.2.8

Use ‘make config’ to modify settings

Another option is type make config.
# make config
# make install clean

To display OPTIONS config for port, enter:
# make showconfig
See the man page ports for more information:
$ man ports

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  1. Thanks! I still find it hard to find the right documentation on how to use these ports-commands on FreeBSD…
    Can’t remember I ever heard of “rmconfig”.


    This has solved my problem with apache giving me hell about openldap! Just took out that option and it compiled cleanly!


    1. Installed port options are located in a file called “options” in the directory named /var/db/ports/”portname”.

      To remove an individual ports options remove that ports directory
      ex: # rm -rf /var/db/ports/apache22

      To remove all the ports options then remove all the sub-directories.

  3. Thanks for the info – btw., you have a typo – it’s not ‘make ports’ but ‘man ports’.

    — regards,

  4. To remove configuration from all subdirectories, beginning with ‘p5-‘

    find . -type d -iname ‘p5-*’ | while read d ; do pushd . ; cd $d ; make rmconfig ; popd ; done

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