sed: Remove All Digits / Input From Input

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Q. How do I remove all digits or number from my text file or input using sed command?

A. You need to use regular expression to remove digits or number from input. For example, ‘s/[0-9]*//g’ will remove all numbers from the input.

Remove all digits

Type the following command:
$ echo 'This is a test 12335 and 669384 535xy4' | sed 's/[0-9]*//g'
Sample output:

This is a test  and  xy

You can remove all digits from a text file:
$ sed 's/[0-9]*//g' input.txt
$ sed 's/[0-9]*//g' input.txt > output.txt

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  1. Hi!
    I’m doing this:

    echo 'something=1234
    something=2345' | sed 's/something=1234[^0-9]/something=9999/g'

    The output is :


    And what I’m trying to get is :


    Why isn’t it working when the pattern is at the end of the line ? What a pain….
    Help, anyone ?

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