Remote Shutdown of a Linux / Unix Computer From MS-Windows

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How do I shutdown remote Linux or UNIX system from MS-Windows system?

You can use secure shell (ssh), a network protocol for remote administration of Linux and Unix based computers. SSH is typically used to log into a remote server and execute commands such as reboot or shutdown.


PuTTY SSH Client

PuTTY is a free and open source terminal emulator application which can act as a client for the SSH under MS-Windows operating system. Visit this page and download putty client. In order to use putty you need to know:

  • IP or Server Name: The name of the Linux or UNIX server you want to connect to.
  • Username and password: Login name or password to used on your server.

If you don’t know what login name or password to use, contact the administrator of your server.

MS-Windows Running PuTTY  To Shutdown Remote UNIX / Linux System
Fig.01: Putty in action

Once connected you need to login as root using sudo or su – command. Type the following command to shutdown remote system:
# shutdown -h now
# /sbin/shutdown -h now
To reboot the system, enter:
# shutdown -r now
# /sbin/reboot
A typical login session – PuTTY running on Windows, logged in to a DD-WRT Linux based Internet router system:
PuTTY running a session on Windows, logged into Linux system
Fig.02: PuTTY running a session on Windows, logged into Linux system


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  1. What is the point?
    And can explain me this again, please? Cause it doesn’t seam to work with my servers (not even laptop), cause I am using key based authentication and password authentication is off and won’t be turn on (it is insecure).

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