Bash source Command: $0 Can Not Determine Its Own Location

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The source command read and execute commands from a file. My script source a script called But, script can not determine it’s own location using $0. By default, $0 gives parent script location. How do I find out a script that is sourced at the command line can determine it’s own location? My sample script:

# /var/www/html/java/tasks/ 
# I want /var/www/html/java/tasks in _currentdir 
echo "${_currentdir}"

When I run from



source /var/www/html/java/tasks/

The $_currentdir is set to be the directory where lives which is in /root/scripts/java/helper or . (current) directory. How do I fix this problem?

Bash Get All Command Line Arguments Before Last Parameter In $@

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I‘m writing a wrapper bash shell script that will get the last argument (a domain name) from the command line into a shell variable called $_domain. I need to find all other parameters before last parameter in $@ and stored in a shell variable called $allargs. So that I can pass them as follows:

/path/to/real/binary “$allargs” “$_domain”

How do I do this using bash shell under Unix like operating systems?