awk command

I have two columns (fields) in my text file. I am trying to insert ‘|' between two and create an HTML table based upon the updated file. My sample input file
FOO This is a description
BAR Another description for bar
TEXT Another description for TEXT

So I ran awk '{ print $1 "|"; $1=""; print}' input > output but print command is adding a new line:
This is a description
Another description for bar
Another description for TEXT

Is there any way to tell awk not to print a newline and create the file? Here is what I want so that I can create final HTML table based upon ‘|‘:
FOO|This is a description
BAR|Another description for bar
TEXT|Another description for TEXT

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I can login as root user on Debian or Ubuntu/RHEL/CentOS Linux based system. I need to log everyone off (all ssh users) to install new kernel and/or hardware. How do I do this on Linux? What is the best way to logout ALL USERS remotely over the ssh based session in Linux like operating systems?
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I am using awk to grep ‘foo’ from a text file and cacluate sum of field # 7. But, result is rounded to an integer. I need exact result such as 385858.66 and not 385858 using the following command:

grep ‘foo’ 2012-2013.txt | awk ‘BEGIN{ sum=0.0}{ sub(“,”,””,$7); sum +=$7}END{ print “$” sum}’

Tutorial details
Difficulty level Easy
Root privileges No
Requirements awk
Est. reading time 5 minute
I want $682444.57 as output. How can I force “awk” to do floating point math?
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