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HowTo: Change Password of Specific User Account In Linux

Hdo I change passwords for specific user account under Linux operating system using the command line?
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Linux: HowTo Check User Password Expiration Date and Time

/etc/shadow files stores actual password in encrypted format for user’s account. How do I check users password expiry information under Linux operating systems?
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HowTO: Linux Disable a User Account Command

How do I disable a user account under Linux operating systems? How can I completely disable a user account Linux server?
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Linux: Force Users To Change Their Passwords Upon First Login

How can I force my Linux users to change their passwords upon the first login under a CentOS / Debian Linux? How do I make sure user must change password at next logon on Linux server?
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Linux Locking An Account

How do I lock an account (user login id) under Linux operating system? How can I disable a user’s login without disabling the account on a Linux based server?
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