HowTo: Merge Apache / Lighttpd / Nginx Server Log Files

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My ecommerce site runs using a cluster of Apache web server. The cluster is behind nginx load balancer. I want to merge backend Apache web server log files for statistics purpose. How do I mere web server log files under Linux / UNIX like operating systems using cron jobs?
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keychain: Set Up Secure Passwordless SSH Access For Backup Scripts

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We establish connections to remote systems without supplying a password. However, I do not want to store my password-less keys ( passphrase-free keys) on my servers. The ssh-agent, takes care of keys with a passphrase, which allowing me to have a ssh-agent process per system per login session easily. How do I dramatically reduces the number of times I have to punch my passphrase from once per new login session to once every time my local server is rebooted? How do I use keychain utility for all my backup scripts for secure passwordless login?