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Shell Scripting: If Variable Is Not Defined, Set Default Variable

If var is defined AND NOT EMPTY, use var, otherwise set a default variable under Bash. For e.g. my script needs a parameter for output variable. It can be text or html. I set it as follows in my script

output=$1 # either text or html

However, sometime user forget to pass the parameter to my shell script and my enter logic fails. So how do I set default value to text, if no parameter passed?
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Linux / UNIX: Check If File Is Empty Or Not Using Shell Script

How do I check if file is empty or not using bash or ksh shell script under UNIX / Linux / OS X / BSD operating systems?
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HowTo: Skip Bash For Loop

How do I skip bash for loop if certain condition is satisfied under UNIX / Linux / BSD / OS X?
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BASH Shell: Test If a File Is Writable or Not

Q. How can you test if a file is writable under UNIX / Linux bash shell scripting?
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Linux bash for loop

Q. How do I use bash for loop under Linux operating systems?
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Linux Bash Script Check File Existence

How do I check if a file called /tmp/foo.txt exists or not using a shell script under Linux operating systems?
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