PHP: Disable APC Module At Command Line CLI Scripts / Cron Scripts

in Categories , last updated November 6, 2012

I have a PHP application developed and running on LAMP. I have APC installed on the server. APC is a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code. The APC based caching is good for my web site, but my cron jobs and php cli scripts fail to
fetch correct data due to caching. How do I disable APC module at the command line (php-cli) under Linux or Unix like operating systems for all my cron jobs?

HowTo: grep Text Between Two Words in Unix / Linux

in Categories , last updated August 12, 2012

I got over 100s of HTML files in the following format:


my data 1
my data 2
my data 3
my data 10000
my data N times

How do I extract text between two words (<PRE> and </PRE>) in unix or linux using grep command?

FreeBSD: Display Laptop Battery Charge Status

in Categories last updated July 15, 2012

How do I find out out details about my FreeBSD based Laptop battery status and other information from command prompt? Howto do I check battery charge status at shell prompt?