Ubuntu: Mount Encrypted Home Directory (~/.private) From an Ubuntu Live CD

in Categories last updated May 13, 2010

Recently my old desktop system crashed and I brought a new Ubuntu Laptop from Dell. To access my data from old hdd; I’ve attached my desktop harddisk using an external USB case. Now my old data is stored using external USB hard disk. How do I recover data from encrypted ~/.private home directory using an Ubuntu Live CD and copy it to existing laptop drive using known passphrase?

Linux Gnome: Add Open Terminal Here / Open Shell Prompt Here Right Click Menu To a File Manager

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Question: How do I open a shell prompt or gnome-terminal at the current location while browsing directories and files via nautilus file manager? I’d like to see Open Terminal / Prompt here option added to my right click menu. How do I open command prompt in a single selected directory or otherwise in current directory?