Vbulltin PHP Xcache Displaying Same Forum Data For Both Boards Error and Solution

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Q. I’ve followed your Xcache php 5.x opcode cacher installation under RHEL 5 for my vbulltin board. I see good boosting in performance. Now I’ve installed 2nd VB forum on the same server and I see all sub-forums hosted from 1st forum. So I had to disable Xcache. I want Xcache for both board on same host. How do I fix this mess?

View Installation / Uninstallation Script Inside The RPM File

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Q. How do I view the pre / post installation or uninstallation script inside the RPM file called foo.rpm under Red Hat Enterprise Linux / RHEL / CentOS / Fedora / Suse Linux? How do I list the package specific scriptlet(s) that are used as part of the installation and uninstallation processes?