Linux Gnome: Add Open Terminal Here / Open Shell Prompt Here Right Click Menu To a File Manager

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Question: How do I open a shell prompt or gnome-terminal at the current location while browsing directories and files via nautilus file manager? I’d like to see Open Terminal / Prompt here option added to my right click menu. How do I open command prompt in a single selected directory or otherwise in current directory?

UNIX Shell: Find Out Real Path Of File or Directory

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My programs and scripts needs a real path and not a a symbolic link. How to I determine a real path of any directory under Linux / UNIX like operating systems? How do I remove references to /./, /../ and extra ‘/’ character in path?

View Installation / Uninstallation Script Inside The RPM File

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Q. How do I view the pre / post installation or uninstallation script inside the RPM file called foo.rpm under Red Hat Enterprise Linux / RHEL / CentOS / Fedora / Suse Linux? How do I list the package specific scriptlet(s) that are used as part of the installation and uninstallation processes?