Linux / UNIX: Kill Unresponsive SSH Session

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Sometime my ssh session just stops working because of the internet connection problem. I tried pressing CTRL+Z and CTRL+C to terminate session, but failed to work. How do I properly kill a hung SSH session without killing my local terminal or using kill command?

KVM virt-install: Install OpenBSD As Guest Operating System

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OpenBSD is a UNIX like system based on Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). It was forked form NetBSD and created by Theo de Raadt in 1995. OpenBSD is famous for quality code and documentation without compromising position on software licensing. OpenBSD is also well know for focus on security features such as Memory protection, cryptography, randomization and much more in default base installation.

How To: Linux / Unix Move Directory Up One Level

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I would like to move a directory one level up into the root directory. I have all my html files located in /home/apache2/www/html directory, and I would like to move /home/apache2/www/html to one level up at /home/apache2/www/. How can I accomplish this over the ssh session?