Linux tar: /dev/st0: Cannot write: Invalid argument error and solution

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Q. When I run tar command it fails with an error that read as follows:

tar: /dev/st0: Cannot write: Invalid argument

How do I fix this error under CentOS / Debian / Fedora / RHEL Linux HP server systems?
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Can I use tape drive with XEN VPS / Guest oses?

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Q. I’ve CentOS 5.0 server running XEN kernel. VPS Guest is Linux distribution. How do I use tape drive with XEP Guest os?

A. You can’t use character devices such as tape drives in Xen guests. This is limitation of Xen. It doesn’t have the ability to export character devices to multiple guests oses.

However for backup you can use rsync or ftp server or NAS server.

Linux Tape Backup With mt And tar Command Howto

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Magnetic tape is a non-volatile storage medium consisting of a magnetic coating on a thin plastic strip. Nearly all recording tape is of this type, whether used for video, audio storage or general purpose digital data storage using a computer. How do I make backup using tapes under Linux operating systems?