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Linux / Unix: Check Last Time User Logged In On The System

I am a new Unix system admin. How do I find ouw who has recently use the Linux or Unix-like server? Which terminals they used, and when they logged in and out of the my server?
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Linux / Unix: users Command Examples

users command

I am a new Linux and Unix system user. How do I list current users on Linux or Unix-like operating system using shell prompt?
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Linux Reboot Command Example

How do I reboot my HP Linux server using command line option? How do I remotely reboot my CentOS or Debian based Linux server?
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Shutdown Linux Server

How do I shutdown my Linux server or computer using command line option?
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Linux Display Date And Time Of Login

How do I display user last login date and time under Linux operating systems?
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Linux Remove or Clear the Last Login Information

I am a Fedora Linux user (SysAdmin) and I would like to clear all the login information. How do I clear or remove last login information on Linux operating systems?
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