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Free DNS Server

Q. My ISP DNS servers are overloaded, can you give me free dns server IP address for fast name resolution?
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Verify MD5 checksum of Linux DVD / ISO ISO file using Windows XP / Vista

Q. How do verify my MD5 checksum of an ISO file under Windows XP? The Linux ISO images downloaded from the net onto Windows XP system.

A. Under Linux or UNIX you can use MD5 checksum command to calculate the MD5 checksum of a file or an ISO image.

Under Windows XP and other Windows operating system you need to use a special program called winMD5Sum. It is a simple open source Windows MD5 checke to calculate the MD5 checksum of a file or an ISO image.

Download winmd5sum

  • You can download the winmd5sum here
  • Install the software

MD5 checksum is one of the most common signature to make sure that a file that you have downloaded is not corrupt. Some websites post the MD5 checksum of a file on their download page. Once you have downloaded the file, use winMd5Sum to get the MD5 checksum of the file on your computer. Then make sure that the MD5 checksum from the web site is the same. If they are the same, then your file is exactly the same as the file on the website.

Access Linux From Windows XP / Vista / 7 Systems

How do I access Linux from Windows Vista or XP or 7 operating systems?
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