Rsync Change SSH Port Number While Making Backups

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How do I change my rsync command port number while making backup to remote server at port 10253 (my ssh server runs on tcp port # 10253)? How do I change port number while using rsync command?

Yes, it possible to change or use a different ssh port when using rsync command on Linux or Unix-like operating systems. If your ssh server is running on TCP port # 5000, try the following command to change port number. It is pretty simple command:

rsync -av -e 'ssh -p PORT-NUMBER-HERE' /path/to/source

Use a different ssh port when using rsync

In this example, I am going to backup /home/vivek/ directory to the server called at TCP port number 5000, enter:

rsync -av -e 'ssh -p 5000' /home/vivek
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  1. I faced this problem some time ago..but I sorted it out myself after reading the man pages
    wish this post was made sometime ago :D

  2. We dont use a remote shell, but I need to specify what port the client starts the request on – as well as what port the remote host is listening on. Is that possible?

    For security reasons, we want to allow rsync, but the “random port” from the client is causing me issues.

  3. clarification – we dont use a remote shell with rsync. here is the basic command we use in our scripts:

    rsync –verbose [email protected]::user1

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