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  1. I think method #2 has a typo. I tried and it doesn’t work.
    Here’s what works for me (Notice the additional ‘\’ character in the expression.)
    setenv PATH $PATH\:/dir/path

    1. Man ,Sharath u da man

      Its absolutely right .. WIthout the \ , u are doomed with following output :

      ecamolx1820.mo.ca.am.ericsson.se{xmomana}61: setenv PATH $PATH:/usr/bin
      Bad : modifier in $ (/).

  2. set path = ( $path usr/local/bxh/bin )

    does not set path, when I check with echo $path

    I have other paths set and they work ok.

    But when I go far back as usr/ , the path is not set

    Any help is appreciated

    Mac OSX 10.6.8

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