HowTo: Find the GNOME Desktop Version

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How do I find out GNOME desktop version from a shell prompt or GUI?

You need to use the gnome-panel or gnome-about command from the shell prompt to find out the GNOME desktop version. The GNOME panel displays an area on your screen, which acts as a repository for the main menu, application launchers, and applets. Open terminal application and type the following command:

gnome-panel --version

Sample output:

GNOME gnome-panel 2.24.1

Or type the following on modern gnome desktop systems:
$ gnome-about --gnome-version
Sample outputs:

Version: 2.30.2
Distributor: Debian
Build Date: Friday 12 November 2010

Gnome 3.x user need to use the following command:
$ gnome-session --version

View the GNOME Desktop Version Using GUI Dialog Box

Click on System > About Gnome
Sample outputs:

Fig.01: Find Out The GNOME Version
Fig.01: Find Out The GNOME Version

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  1. I think the trick is to use gnome-about like this.

    $ gnome-about –gnome-version
    Version: 2.26.0
    Distributor: Ubuntu
    Build Date: 03/19/2009

    1. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday and Gnome 3 was installed by default. If you want to login into Gnome 3 instead of Unity, you can choose the option “GNOME” in the login screen.

  2. on GNOME 3.2 open the process-monitor application and go to the “System” tab. There you should find the kernel, ubuntu and gnome version.

    1. Unfortunately that no longer works for the latest versions of Ubuntu. Both




      are no longer available since the switch to Unity/GNOME 3. Instead you can use


      , which is also backwards compatible with older versions of GNOME:

      gnome-session --version
  3. The real correct way to check this regardless of what version of gnome your running is this:

    rpm --query --info gnome-panel

    That is, if you’re using RPM :)

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