What is The Role Of the System Administrator?

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Can you explain the role of the system administrator?

The person who is responsible for setting up and maintaining the system or server is called as the system administrator. System administrators may be members of an information technology department. Most of the following discussion also applies to network and Windows system admins.


Duties of a system administrator

The duties of a system administrator are wide-ranging, and vary widely from one organization to another. Sysadmins are usually charged with installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems, and planning for and responding to service outages and other problems. Other duties may include scripting or light programming, project management for systems-related projects.

The system administrator is responsible for following things:

  1. User administration (setup and maintaining account)
  2. Maintaining system
  3. Verify that peripherals are working properly
  4. Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure
  5. Monitor system performance
  6. Create file systems
  7. Install software
  8. Create a backup and recover policy
  9. Monitor network communication
  10. Update system as soon as new version of OS and application software comes out
  11. Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network
  12. Setup security policies for users. A sysadmin must have a strong grasp of computer security (e.g. firewalls and intrusion detection systems)
  13. Documentation in form of internal wiki
  14. Password and identity management

Cloud computing and sysadmin

Cloud computing is nothing but a large number of computers connected through the Internet/Wan. Cloud computing is now part of technology and sysadmin must lean:

  1. Automation software such as puppet, chef, etc.
  2. Cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Openstack etc.
  3. Network services in cloud such as Content delivery networks (Akamai, CloudFront etc) and DNS servers.
  4. Source control
  5. Designing best practices for backups, and whole infrastructure.

What is so special about the system administrator account?

The root account has full (unrestricted) access, so he/she can do anything with system. For example, root can remove critical system files. In addition, there is no way you can recover file except using tape backup or disk based backup systems.

Many tasks for system administration can be automated using Perl/Python or shell scripts. For example:

  • Create new users
  • Resetting user passwords
  • Lock/unlock user accounts
  • Monitor server security
  • Monitor special services etc

Most important skill to a system administrator

Problem solving, period. This can some time lead into all sorts of constraints and stress. When workstation or server goes down, you are called to solve the problem. You should able to quickly and correctly diagnose the problem. You must figure out what is wrong and how best it can be fixed in small amount of time.

System administrators are not…

  • Cookie cutting software engineers.
  • Developers.
  • It is not usually within your duties to design new applications software.
  • But, you must understand the behavior of software in order to deploy it and to troubleshoot problems, and generally should be good at several programming languages used for scripting or automation of routine tasks such as shell, awk, perl, python etc.


Posted by: Vivek Gite

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  1. Hi,

    This is excellent information, short and to the point.

    a knowledge of operating systems and applications, as well as hardware and software troubleshooting, but also knowledge of the purposes for which people in the organization use the computers is essential for sys admin job.

    You can be a database administrator
    A security administrator
    A network administrator
    A UNIX / Window administrator

    A system administrator’s responsibilities typically include:
    * Morning checks of systems/software.
    * Performing backups of data.
    * Applying operating system updates, and configuration changes.
    * Installing and configuring new hardware/software.
    * Adding/deleting/creating/modifying user account information, resetting passwords, etc.
    * Answering technical queries.
    * Responsibility for security.
    * Responsibility for documenting the configuration of the system.
    * Troubleshooting any reported problems.
    * System performance tuning.
    * Keeping the network up and running.

    1. hi,
      I am selected in IBM for the post of system administrator. I am a B.E in computer science. I just want to confirm that is this job gud for girls as it is a shift job and on rotation

        1. hi,this is sandeep i got an oppourtunity in ibm for system admin in banglore,so shud i go for it ..plase gimme your sugesstion.iam in dillema to go or not…plz rply me fast.

            1. Hi sir.
              Currently i am working in Android Application developer total exp 2.5 year. But I want to switch off this profile system admin.my step good for me. please give me your suggestion. my exp to this profile will be good or not System admin profile, please kindly reply.

          1. it is good to be a system admin but you need to e good in some things and you can go for it if you feel like you want to do it

        2. system admin jobs are very good .ya i am also system admin in innova sec &Ive Ltd Bangalore

          1. hello sir,
            I have finished only Diploma in computer Engineering and IBM’s certified AIX-unix courses.whether iam eligible for admin jobs?
            or should i have to study BCA or Bsc?

            1. that’s great you no need to do any other degree,
              diploma holders are more talented than other degree students because their fundamentals on electronics and electrical’s are very strong. if you apply you will be the first person in shortlist. and companies also prefer to take diploma candidates”
              but if you have you’re personal interest to do more studies you can continue!

            2. Hi friends..please suggest me actually I select for IBM as a windows adiminstrator..after few days I uploaded all documents in IBM portal..later I seen what is status in the poral is No Longer Under Consideration.what is meaning of these status.after seeing these status I am fully confused n now I am in diellema..plz tel what is meaning of these status..please help

          2. hello sir,
            I have finished only DCE,IBM-AIX certified course.
            Whether iam Eligible for admin jobs?
            DCE qualification is enough for me to attend interview?

          3. Iam doing my hardware and networking course include with ccna now and iam doing my B.E in Electronics and communication engineering.Do i have any good opportunities when i came out with my ccna certificate?

          4. sir can u pls tell me is there any job on ur firm..because am very much intrested in these field sir..
            thank you

          5. Hi , I am looking same window system administrator job..plz call me if any opening for window system administrator…

            Thanks & Regards
            Kuldeepak Singh

          6. Hi,
            I selected in system admin profile, pls tell me how to take computer data backup in server

          7. Hi sir, I am ranjith I am completed in bsc (computer science). I would like the job in system admin. But I don’t know what doing. How to increase the this field in my knowledge. Please give me any suggestions

        3. hi this is my rahul previously iam working as linux admin l2 n job now i got job from ibm they given band 4 i have a confusion on band 4 and l2 what are the difference let me know

      1. I am Reena.I am a fresher.I am looking for a job.I have completed My diploma in computer engineering,+2 & 10th from jamshedpur.I have completed N+ & MCSA.I have MCP & MCTS certification.I am basically from Jamshedpur & come over here for campusing purpose.There are more 3 friends with me.They r having same qualification.Will u help me for our job search?Please reply me.

        1. 1st u register job site ex naukri,shine, chettanafourm, monster, and some job classifields sites defently y will get some offers

        2. Hi,
          Don`t worry about the feautre,I am also system/network Administrator,we haveing lot opening in india,
          Pls Perpare in depth of your certification side and upload cv some important site,surely u get better job.
          Don`t loss your confident
          Best of luck y u r feature

        3. I am Neeraj pal i am freasher i have completed my diploma in Information technology& +2&10 from UP Board ,but i am freasher.so i have some problems for searching job ,my brother Mr.Dharmendra hans doing job in pune after complete MCA from IIT Rookee .but i want job after this …..you can search my brother on google Dharmendra hans

          1. Hi

            I am RECE certified[EL6] with 2 years experience.i upload resume to Nakuri & monster.But i didn’t get more company.Can pls Explain how to search more interview related for Linux server admin.Vacancies are available or not

      2. Hi Neelima,

        System Admin job is good its kind of challenging job to managing servers in always up and running fine and resolving customer quires in timely manner.I am part of IBM server support competency.

          1. Hi Preeti, Admin jobs are good for men and not for women. Yes, they do have shifts. Better you can prefer some ITIS domain. That will be good and also in some project there will not be shifts.

          2. ofcourse,it does not mean for a particular gender. if you are intrested in this stream,u should go for that.

            1. hi this is pradeep. I wanna say something in this matter if anyone doesnt mind……………………….everyone has its own life and own way to live and enjoy their life…….in today’s life/market we can’t judge girls because as everyone knows they are also walking with the boys even i’ll say they r much better because they r girls…….doesn’t matter all the shifts,timings,late night, nothing…………just do what u feel what u want….if u dont then might b will appologize that y didnt u do this………….THANK YOU☺

        1. mr . pateel i hav done my ece in diploma .so shud i have to go for a my graduation or can apply job for system admin with my diploma qualification.

        2. hii neelima.pls help me iam working in small company idont have any idea on system admin…i am freshor plss help me

        1. lol, u hv a 6.5yers of exp n u cudnt speak proper English??? newyas….sys admin job is good but for hardcore engineers…

      3. Hey Neelima,

        It depends upon the Location & the company co-workers where you are working, if u are on a rotationial shift & you if you feel that its insecure to do so, then i must suggest not to go with it, for System Administrator Professional their are plenty of job in India or Abroad, if you are good enough to your profession… God bless, Take care

      4. HI……….even i;m working as a system admin for IBM, bangalore….

        its a good job…we can learn lot of things…

        1. hi sir..
          my name is vinay, completed mca. present working in system admin in a level3 company..i have one doubt.at present its agood job or not? i mean in this role good salary is come r not and what will the feathure about the system admin? pls tell me sir

        2. hi this vamsi krishna works as a system desktop is there difference between system admin and system desktop pls rply me

      5. hi neelima this is ayyub.
        i am system administrator in wipro i suggest you to dont do that job it is not
        suitable for girls.


        1. hi Ayyub,

          I am a B.E(C.S) fresher and i have got placed in CGI for System Admin
          can u please suggest me whether is it good for me to work as Associate System Administrator

          Anyone please help me out

        2. Assalaam Walaikum! Brother Ayyub, i am new in linux world, but i have 6 years of experience in GIS and computer hardware related projects, i recently worked with Google as a contract employee. But i don’t want to mess with my career working under different processes every time. i have to choose a permanent domain, and i chosen system administration, i am also SUN certified SA1 in 2008, now i am practicing on Red-hat and Solaris 10 again. i need you suggestion what why i can start my career from starch as system admin. no matter Ll 1 or L2. can i try? currently i am jobless and surviving on my little savings! Insha Alla every thing will be alright with ever one.

          1. Assalaam Walaikum! Brother Ayyub, i am new in but i have 7years of experience in zaki & associates and system administrator related projects, i recently worked with scantech info system as a tech support engineers . But i don’t want to mess with my career working under different processes every time. i have to choose a permanent domain, and i chosen system administration, i am also SUN certified SA1 in 2008, now i am practicing on Red-hat and Solaris 10 again. i need you suggestion what why i can start my career from starch as system admin. no matter Ll 1 or L2. can i try? currently i am jobless and surviving on my little savings! Insha Alla every thing will be alright with ever one.

        3. I agree, Wipro is not a place that promotes or encourages women in networking positions, in fact they will do everything possible to get rid of you if they feel they have to hire you to fill a quota. They don’t like minorities either, at least in the US; They have an extremely high turnover for all their employees in the networking fields, get out ASAP if you are there.

          1. dear shadab, am also wrking as sys admin in govt office,kanyakumari dist,
            and am B.E computer science,but fresher,am facing lot of problems related systems…. give ur mail id brother.

        1. Hi all,

          I hv done B.com, but i am trying to get job in System admin, i have done MCITP and CCNA, fresher i have register online also, give ref.
          for non-tech is it suitable?

      6. its good because, in this days there is the isue gender equality. Therefore, all us need to worker, without favouring either side, again you went to take that cause there be thankfull in that you got the best employed, never mind wheather its a shift or a non sfift job, count the reward that you get,,,,,, ….

      7. This job is not correct for you , better to take some other good course and work on that

      8. Yes Neelima, thts a very pretty good job for you.System administration is a very nice IT career,so if you are holding any degree or deploma or other and you fit for the job, or got a job,quickly go and do it.u will enjoy working as a system administrator in IBM.am a system administrator in vodaphone Ghana,west africa.contact me anytime for help when u find difficult at work because i have a lot of experience.thks

        1. Hi George…I am Bayano currently staying in Ghana…i just completed my professional diploma in network engineering(mcitp) at Niit Ghana,tema branch…i will really like you to help me get an attachment in vodafone Ghana,so that i can be able to get more practical experience and know the job more better..before i start sending my application letters for job…pls do contact me( abdul_bay424@yahoo.com) looking forward to hear back from you…

        2. How can I reach you sir .. Email , mobile .. Emmanuel from Ghana ..have both mcitp , Ccna
          Thank you

      9. neelima can you tell me plz is thr ny opening right now in IBM regarding hardware or networking field 4 freshers….i’m waiting 4 yur reply

      10. Hello madam how r u,if u don’t mine pls sent me some tips r details about system admin,because coming Monday I will go to attend the interview for system admin

    2. hi,
      I am selected in AMI for the post of system administrator. I am a M.S.c -IT in information techonology I just want to confirm that is this job gud for girls as it is a shift job and on rotation

    3. Dear Neelima,

      System Administrator job is very gud job. u have to monitor all areas ok all the best.

    4. i have got a job in techmahindra as a junior system administrator! can anybody tell me about the details of the post?

      1. can you tell me plz is thr ny opening right now in yur company regarding hardware or networking field 4 freshers….i’m waiting 4 yur reply

    5. sir im ravi…,im planing to put 1 year fake exp.. in linux system administrator ,can u please explain how can i tell to interviewer for my previous experience and my roles in the company

    6. Hi,
      i have done my graduation with 68% and i got a job in Wipro Technologies as contractor. my question is i want to do any PG so that it will be best for my life is it right or not? will it be any useful for promotions?
      Please suggest !

    7. Dear mam, Don t let it go away from u r side as u ‘ve been elected for such a enormous company..which i am not suppose to grab indeed to get into a job..

    8. hey guysss..
      i have completed my BSC-IT..nw doing mca in secound year..what should i do in order to enhance..information on the to becoming..system admin..

    9. hi my computet have a rocket tab problem how i can clean that froy computer?
      is give a masage of i need contac my sistem administrator.

      1. my computer have a rocket tab problem how can i erase that from my laptop is give me a message said i need contac my sistem administrator I dont know who is my sistem administrator for my computer can you help me pls thank.

  2. hi,
    currently i am working as an linux administration in an firm i just want to know the details what are all the functions of my position.please reply me as soon as possible.


    1. Hi Sreenath, I am Nawaljeet Singh.I live in Mohali.Can u please help me.I need linux Job.I am Linux Certified.So Please call me 9988406635 if you have require Linux Person.

    2. hi,
      I have complited my Bsc Computer Management. At last year.
      And now i am learning Linux Administration in hyderabad, after 1 month it will complete.
      So i’m looking job as Linux Admin
      Can u help me?

  3. Its very excellent information then,

    I am currently working as a system administrator (Windows Based) along with N+, MCSA

    I want to be a Network Engineer, so please will u suggest me to study what next or anything which will take me to my aim

    Thanking you
    warm Regards with great Attitude…..!

    1. i have taken be.csc i am intrested to work as a system administrator tell whether i want to study some courses outside or its enough to study my syllabus itself ha tell me i want to know

  4. i am currently working as network administator with an I.S.P company what is my next step for me to become network enginner.Thank U

    1. i have taken be.csc i am intrested to work as a system administrator tell whether i want to study some courses outside or its enough to study my syllabus itself ha if at all tell me wat course i want to study

  5. hai i am working as a system administrator i need to know what are the responsibilities have the remote windows system administrator

    i hope i will get the reply thanx

  6. hi, i have got system administrator job recently, but i have’t knowledge practical knowledge of servers, i know the theoritical knowledge of servers and workgroups so how can i get knowledge about mcse i dont know which books are related to this. please give me the details of books. thak u

    1. i have finished MCSE and CCNA online. now i am working senior system support with very low salary.

      I need more salary 15000 per month (chennai) any vacan….

      note : little communication problem.

      pls help me..
      now i am working in Chengalpattu.

  7. i recently joined in system administrator.
    i want more data in this field, pls send me details.
    thank u.

  8. hi am shankar right know am working as system administrator in windows based

    very good information in this website am going so mutch of interviews but technicall round is very hard just telme question of technicall round


    1. u should work hard…….and get knowledge as well as u can…get………………………………………………………………………………………..

      system admin

  9. GOD, reading some of the questions!! makes me really wonder how did you get your sysad job at the first place!! Good GOD whats next”??

  10. hai I am Robin.R.Diploma holder and CCNA &MCP certified. I need a job as system/network administrator. pls help me…I am currently working on Wave Online Infoway Pvt.Lit: company as technical support engineer from oct-2008

    E-mail: wave.robin@gmail.com

    Thank you

    1. so what r u waiting for………i mean u have a good experience and no doubt might hv gud knowledge too…………so go for it……..if u know how to search properly a job regarding ur field……….ALL THE BEST

      1. Hi Pradeep
        My name is kavi. I have completed my Under Graduate in 2008. My degree is Bachelor of physical education. it, is related to sports. but i completed my studies i dont interest to work that field. but my long day dream and i would like to study with Networking course and i ilke to work system admin job..But last four year i am working BPO sector. so pls suggest me i ill study tat course if i can get system admin job? Bcoz some of my frnd said u dont study that course ur degree is totally change in computer science..so very low opportunity you…Please give me any suggestion

  11. Hi i am vijay
    thanks for information
    this is realy usful for the upcomming systemadmin
    thanking you

  12. hi! i am ramki right konw am working as windows systems administrator.

    i have gone through all the information about systems administrator in this web site, this is very use full to me. i want to know more about systems admins tasks, skills, concepts. Please send me details as soon as possible.


  13. hi, I am planning to go to school to learn about network administration network. I basically have no general idea of what it really is, or how hard it is to learn it. IF any one can give me feedback on this subject, email me.


    thank you

  14. I would like to know if anyone can help me out with system admin SOP , where I’m currently working for my Department, which need more information on this

    1. hai i am sarath i completed my graduation and i completed my networking course and i am looking for networking jobs send me roles, tell me vacancies

  15. Wow
    very useful data on System administrators on this site. I Appreciate that
    And Expected that this site is going on right path.
    May GOD Bless you all of site team Who manage that.

  16. Hi friends,
    I am working for a software company in Hyderabad. here i installed one proxy server it is a Linux based called Mikrotek. we can do site restriction and bandwidth and routing protocols
    like rip, ospf etc is there.bandwidth management is working fine and site restriction option is there but it is not working fine.if any body can help please email me the sugestion my mail ID is rameshboobalan@gmail.com

  17. Good work Cyberciti team, credits belongs to you. I am from Bangalore practicing as system admin, i am looking for most common problems tacking by the system administrators around the world with solution. i hope you i will get reply as soon as possible. hats of for your service once again.bossssssss Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  18. Gd staff guys, am also a system admin hia but wd need more information because am implementing all indicated but i trust you guys can get more for me and other guys out there…

  19. Dear Sir
    I m working @ Redington Doha and i interested to work as a systemadministrator so \Any budy can call for interview and my life beeting is to see a computers and servers pls help me


  20. Hi
    I am newly join as a System Administrator.
    Above mentioned information is the very good on the way of A good System Administrator.
    Thanx for that.
    Please tell me the Interview questions .

  21. I can’t seems to put any kind of picture or anything up on my screen. It tells me to check with the system admimistrator. So can you help me please?

    1. Yes it might be…..windows activation issue….go and check that…………….and activate….u r done.☺

  22. Its a nice breif about system Administrator. The role of sysad vary upon organisation i s a very good point. As a system administrator i have worked several companies and the job descriptions varies too

    Anyway tnx

  23. pls l want to be a system administrator, so pls send some tutorials on system administration.
    thank u very much

  24. Hi, This sarma i am working as a system administrator in hyderabad. This information is simple & easy to understand.

  25. hi, i have got IT Assistant job recently, i have done BIT but i have’t grate knowledge of servers, i have started reading and looking on internet for the same but not yet got anything to my satisfactory can u people please help me adding some valuable info to my current profile. thanx

    1. u cant get proper knowledge by surfing…………..as per my thinking u should start doing all that………………how doesnt matter………….every successful man has a bad and struggling story……do the same…..ALL THE BEST

  26. i want to know what should be required education qualification for
    system admin or networking eng job

  27. Hi, recently i have got an opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the field of biometrics systems but i have the good knowledge of computer hardware, networks & servers, i have done RHCE & JCNP program from jet king pune . i have started seeking on internet & news papers for the same but not yet got anything to my satisfactory can u please help me adding some valuable info to my current profile, i hope i will get the opportunity sooner. than you


  28. Hi, I am Vijay i really impress for short & easy to understand information Regd Sys admin.
    i am grad in B.com & MCP certify i want to know what should be required
    system admin or networking eng job

  29. hi…

    Thanks For Helping Those People Don’t Know About the System Administrator Rol

    Thanks & Regards
    Vijay Pokharkar.

  30. Hi,
    I like the given information over the system administrator and how to handle system in such a way that it helps further.Recently i got job in the Medical college and teaching hospital,where my duties and responsibilities are to handle ICT or IT management and to perform as system administrator.So therefore how would i enhance my knowledge to play role as system administrator in the Hospital management.
    So that how would i perform my best and to get great result in the field of hospital management,and i worked under windows based system,if there’s any referable books or the sites that may help me to operate my job smoothly and more efficiently.

  31. Hi,

    plz let me know if there is any opening for system admin job in bangalore
    i will be grateful to you

    thx n regards

    Lateef Zaheer

  32. hey,
    This is very useful for me n i’ll be thankful 2 u. i need some more information reg…. this. is what r the problems generally we face at work place and if u have any valuable information reg… exchange server plz send me tru my mail n tell me any useful sites n blogs reg… this

    with regards,

    1. i am working in this profile but i want to know that what is procedure to go to big company tell me plz

  33. hi!!!

    I am so happy to be part of this, it is so true you know kI have worked in different organisations from my company. Setting up peripherals is one of my biggest hurdles until I came out of the box and go into large companies doing my business. I know there is a big demand for people like us…please it is just a career that you be glad to be in….thanks alot,

    I recently part of a website creation to counter people forwading emails over and over again… its called in short RDNTFY……. ask me about it I will be glad to discuss it with you….Matt
    Matthew T

  34. hi ,
    am an BCA graduate , now am working as customer support engineer based desktop and server , i have 3 years exp wht i do to join top it compaines .

  35. Hi, frnds i am hari recently joined as a solaris system admin its good for having the knwldge reg this topics and i want some info reg after this what are the topics i need to prefer to develop my technical knwledge plzzzz could u help me



  37. as part of my duty in the internal group project at university i am to write the responsibilities of a sysadmin, please help.

  38. I am working in a small organisation as a sysdmin this information is very useful to understand me my duties


  39. Halllooo Friends,
    I m vikram woking as Desktop Administrator .Totally i have around 3 yrs Experiance .I have recently crossed the MCSE 7 papares & seraching for somewhere Windows System Administrator Inviourment,Kindly let me know if somewhere any oppurtunity in Pune.
    My Email id :vikram.kank@gmail.com

    Thank you very much..

  40. very nice information this is very very useful to all of the administrators great

    thanks and regards
    zafar ali mohammed
    system and network administrator

  41. I am working as Senior Technical Assistant, i am not having good knowledge as System Administration. Any courses are there ? Now I’m in Bangalore



  42. I am working as an Junior Technical Assistant, i am not having good knowledge about the system administrator as well as an Exchange Server can u help me in operating and maintaining and creating the Mails in Exchange Server. Can u give me the advice which book should i have to prefer to gain the better knowledge as MCSA.
    Thanking you,

    1. Hi,
      Are you well in Exchange server oh… okay tell me what is exchange server and how to use exchange server and how will configure exchange server may mail id is yoguin4i@gmail.com

  43. Recently i got offer as desktop support in mnc. I am enginnering graduate. how can i move from this role to network enginner or unix admin/sys admin? For this what type of certifications i need to do…
    In this i am working with remote access in our client system.

    Please help me…

    Thanking you alll….

    1. Hi Babu, Desk top support is the ground work for system admim-network admin position there is alot of hands on troubleshooting . I worked at 3rd level network admin. that was on 24/7 call. Learn Unix script language and how to add and delete users to network,switching and routing ,learn how to ping . I had the priviledge of learning the users duties through my previous work history, so I could bettter apply duties of Network Admin. ….Good Luck , Mj

  44. this is very valuable information for all and try give the any more suggistions and any other more

    thanks & Regards

  45. I am looking for a job as a network admin, wat r the roles & resposibilities of a network administrator??

  46. Hi,

    This is quik useful for system administrator but i want to know that what are the actual responsibilities for system administrator.


    Dashrath Dev

  47. I need to become a Linux Admin. Basically I am an IT student and i had worked for the past 8 months as a PHP developer. Now i want to do Linux Admin. May i know what are the things i need to study and what is the max duration i can spend for it… Kindly suggest me…

  48. Dir/sir
    I’m on the way to be a system administrator , but I have’t practical knowledge of servers, I know the theoritical knowledge of servers and workgroups so how can i get knowledge about mcse. i dont know which books are related to this. please help me
    thak u

  49. Seeing questions like these and have them coming from people who say that they are system admins makes me realize why I constantly have them call in to our center. I’m tired of these so-called admins freaking out because their server went down due to an ecache event. Yeah it happens doesn’t mean you need to replace hardware. I actually had to explain to someone that he didn’t need to replace his DVD-rom because it have hard errors on it. Seriously. But that isn’t what bugs me the most. I have put in multiple applications to firms for the system admin job only to be told that I don’t have the experience that they are looking for. Really?!? How are these people getting hired?? You want the info handed to you then you will not make a good admin. The internet is your best friend. Join some forums and read and learn from others mistakes. Set up a network in your house and just tinker. This is how you learn. And don’t make it just a Windows network or a Unix network. You will not find one in the work world. Mix it up. Toss in a couple flavors of Unix and Windows and you will find that you will learn all you need to know. Don’t just read about it. You don’t tell people that you visited Antartica just because you read about it in a book. So don’t tell people that you are a system admin cause you learned about it in a book. It actually takes doing it.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!!


  50. i am diploma holder working as technical support executive. I want to become a network
    engg. i have done ccna course and mcsa couse .how many years experience required to achive this goal. please suggest me.

  51. I’m studying for a System Administrator. But I don’t really know what are the best things I’ll need to learn. Can someone suggest to me, because in colleges they tell you to learn everything because they want more$. Thanks.

  52. Please tell me about the System Administrator Roll & responsibilities .

    & perperation for interview for system administrator

  53. hello sir,
    i am under going MCSA training in HCL CDC. pease send me the details wat to learn n wat are all the things i need to concentrate

  54. Hi
    I am Babukanson ,am working as a windows based system administrator . This site is very usefulto the new users.
    I need more details about windows system admin. pls send me details.
    thank u.

  55. hi i am ananthakannan. i have done diplamo .now i am working in system admin but i dont know how to work in system admin. i have no certified. now what i do plz anyone suggest to me



  56. hii to every body . I am struggling very hard to enter in server side. Presently i am working as system admin . And i have done my A+ , N+ , MCSE certification .I am able to work in server side but i am not getting any oppurtunity . So please any one help me to work in server side i can excel in it . it will be very helpfull to my feature
    ( My mail ID Solom_2007@rediffmail.com )

  57. Hello,
    Thank you for Information. I have cartified Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Could you tell me what are the remaining role for me to get good job.

  58. hii to every body . I am struggling very hard to enter in server side. Presently i am working as system admin . And i have done my A+ certification .I am able to work in server side but i am not getting any oppurtunity . So please any one help me to work in server side i can excel in it . it will be very helpfull to my feature

  59. i was selected for sys admin and i want to know,what are the informations to learn for this field?
    i didnt had any exp. and any certification.pls help

  60. hi
    i am system administrator and i want to become a good server administrator so please suggest me how can i do this. i have mcsa certification in 2003 and i want to improve my server skills and troubleshooting skills. please guide me.

  61. i want linux admin tips and responsibilites and how to make linux server side.
    what is used for linux server and responsibilities.

  62. hi,
    iam learning A+,N+ course. what will i do to get a system administration job.
    I don’t have idea about that. what will i take next step.
    please may you send me some tips.

  63. hai friends,
    I have completed RHCE global certification, now i want to work as a linux admin, what are the things i need to know for the real time job…

  64. I am a job seeker. i am poor at English what i do.i can’t able to speak in English properly please give some advices.

  65. I am a job seeker, i completed my Bachelor’s degree in science and information technology,
    i sought for a job and failed to get one. Recently i have been given opportunity to train some where. Am challanged because competing with people who have been working with experience is a challange too. I wounder how i will make it in future to be a system administrator. Can you advise me pliz. Thanks
    Sharon A.K

  66. Hi Friends,
    I Am Nawaljeet Singh.i have compeleted MCA from Sikkim Manipal Unversity,I am Red Hat Certified and taken coaching of MCSE.I need a Linux job But i didnt get.Now I am Working as a Desktop Engieer job.Now my Salary is 6500.Can any one please tell me is it good or not.Can i get at around 30000 salary in this field after 2years.Plz cal me 9988406635

  67. Hi, I m a fresher 4m IT 2010 batch, can any1 pls temme wats da scope of unix system admininstrator job s m thru in IBM? nd is it feasible 2 change my domain 4m SA to s/w developer in future? wil da experience be counted or watever I learn thru dis wil be beneficial s I m plannin 4 MBA after 2yrs of work ex…..

  68. Hi,
    Even Myself is working as a System Administrator for the past three years( Windows based). Presently I am doing MCSE.

  69. hi, recently i have upgraded my windows server 2003 to server 2008 so now i am facing a backup related problem that is, i am not able to recover my previous backup data from my server due to the changing of backup file extension. what is the solution of my problem.

  70. dear i have need notes i have join new firm as system adminstrator so pleas gave me some notes your sincerley god bless you ever
    my email :imraan_kz@hotmail.com

  71. hi, the system administrator role is very excellent in this hardware&networking side
    I am Rushi.I am a fresher.I am looking for a job.I have completed My diploma in computer engineering,+2 and pursuring B.sccomputers .I have completed MCITP Certification frm hcl hyd nd have MCP & MCTS certification.I am basically from hyd and i am ready to work any where in India,plz help me :this is my contact no9052762105 and mail id:rushi23.kish@gmail.com

    thank you.

  72. hi, i have got system administrator job recently, but i have’t knowledge practical knowledge of servers, i know the theoritical knowledge of servers and workgroups so how can i get knowledge about mcse i dont know which books are related to this. please give me the details of books. thak u

  73. Hello,
    I have need notes i have join new firm as system adminstrator so pleas gave me some notes your sincerley god bless you ever………………..


  74. Hi Neelima,

    System Admin job is good its a kind of challenging job to managing servers and resolving customer quires in timely manner.I am part of IBM SSO team in IBM you will get lot of oppertunities to learn.

  75. Hi,
    Can u tell me from where u completed ur DE. Is it Al-kabir or R.D.Tata ? U all have chosen wrong career. U can go wid Linux/Unix only..
    All the very best..

  76. Hi All,

    I am looking for hardware & networking jobs in Bangalore. If anyone having reference, please call to my number +91-88920-35529. or you can reply to my email id ashishrao8021@gmail.com.

    Waiting for your positive reply!

    Thanks & Regards,

  77. Thank you very much your info helped me alot when my HOD asked wat task are being performed by you, in your IT dept.

  78. Dear all,

    This is pradeep from hyderabad. I’m searching job system admin on windows platform, I don’t have experience here but I know computer hardware & Networking. I completed graduation and computer course though Jetking. I want know what is the responsible of system admin, how job will be and where I can search. please give me information on it.
    Thank & Regard

    1. Hi Pradeep this is pradeep too…………….from delhi……..system admin

      first create a profile in naukri.com and continue update ur profile daily as per the process………………………u’ll get surely any call……and b prepare for the interview get knowledge as much as u can…………………………….INTERVIEWEE IS BETTER THAN INTERVIEWER……………………………….kisi ne sach kaha hai


  79. Hi my name is govind i want know that. just i have complete our MCP,MCITP,MCSA,MCSE and also .net programming in 1 & 1/2 Year. but i am pursuing BCA in the last Year. I have still that time 5 year and 1 Month experience in I.T Field. but i have not satisfy for getting to this job and salary want leave this job but this time there are no opportunity for the System Administrator in the global market. please sagest me. i am totally confuse.
    What will the right way for me this time. please guide me.


  80. i am a computer operator in an reputed 3star hotel since 1 year..but here;s autunomous sytem are not centralised..no adds..so i want to jump another organisation related to system admin job..so can i?

  81. hello friends.
    i am looking for system administrator job here in Sydney. i have worked in this position before when i was in nepal. but i am facing one problem , that is my resume is not perfect i hope so , and one day one guys told me that my cv is not gud so i want to chage my cv slightly , Could any body help me , sent me resume of System adnistrator where each and every work has define ,pls sent me , i will be waiting for reply
    thank you ..

  82. hi neelema…this is ajit.if u like or intersted this job then its good for u.if u not satisfied then u will fill some bother.dont take tension i think this is suitable for u.be positive think.all is well dear.

  83. hi everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I am system admin LINUX and windows last 2 year.can any body explain about role and responsibility of LINUX and window admin also search new Job………..

    Beat regard’s
    Jitender Rana

  84. hi
    i am pravin i am work as a desktop eng. siens last 2.5 years, now i am doing mcitp
    as well as i want to join new organization as a desktop eng. if any req. let me know…

  85. Hi everyone….

    I am swathi from hyd, i am working in retail industary.I want a career in sys adm linux,How i can find a job,plz help me
    thank u ,

  86. The article wirte details of the task of a system administrator. Career of system Administrator is a very good. If any one want to build their career in system admin he/she may benefied by it. They may also red Name: Article authors first name for the comment + How To Become
    Example: Tim @ How To Become type of article.

  87. hi…
    recently i hv got selected in TCS IT IS(Infrastructure services) can anyone help me to know that this field is good and have growth or not for freshers as i m a fresher 2010 passout…
    Plz advise me …..

  88. i have joined as a server admin ,but i dont have any knowledge about this field, how can i learn knowledge in this, i want to know scope of this field…

    1. Hi geeetha,
      how are you tell me your mail id i sent it server information and witch server you maintain IBM,DELL,HP WITCH ONE …

  89. i have completed my B.tech in 2007 after that i worked in small company with 2 year exp now i doing M.tech project work to go for a better carrier in Mncs can i goas M.tech fresher or experienced with B.tech only which certification courses is very helpful to me .

  90. Hi All !
    I have 2 + years experience in System Administration………………..Ryt now I m looking for suitable job profile of Linux System Administrator at any location ………..Any Help or concerned link will be greatly appreciable.

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Amit Dixit
    +91 9313775222

  91. Hi .

    I have a 1 year experience in windows system administration in a Educational institution. now i am trying to move to software company as a system admin. my qualification is B.Sc(life science) weather am eligible for that job.
    were can i get the more detailes about the info regarding work environment in the software culture.
    Please help me out……………

  92. Hi .

    I have a 1 year experience in windows system administration in a Educational institution. now i am trying to move to software company as a system admin. my qualification is B.Tech(IT).i would like to do job in saudiarebia country.
    were can i get the more detailes about the info regarding work environment in the software culture. my mobile no:+919985596564
    Please help me out……………

  93. halo sir, i am a graduate student and i am MCSA certified, now i am working as a technical support engineer can i elgible for windows systemadministrator

  94. Is anyone got selected for the windows admin in TCS interview held on 20th of Nov 2010. I have pass through the Technical round which was good . Iam waiting for the HR round . Please reply me if anyone got selected………..

  95. Hi ,
    Is there any jobs in Aurangabad ,Maharashtra for Tecnical Support or Sys Admin please let me know .
    Abhishesh_1 @ rediffmail DOT {REMOVE_ME} com

  96. Hi,

    It is very usefule information about Administrator & great to see its awareness.

    I have seen very good market picking up for IBM-AIX Administration. Even anyone who is Fresher, who is into Windows Admin, Linux Admin, HPUX Admin, Solaris Admin can target a good career on IBM-AIX.

    Administrators jobs are:

    “After all Industry cannot reun & surview without System & DataBase Administrators”


  97. Hi,
    pls tell me if their any system admin jobs iam fresher i completed my b.tech in the stream of cse in 2009 pls yaar tell me

    thank u

  98. Hy dear all of u
    i have completed my Msc computers and then i get job in that meanwhile i done my MBA Marketing & HR,now any one suggest me which type of job i have look for my great future
    please suggest
    my email:classic.santosh@gmail.com,classic.santosh@yahoomail.com
    thank you

  99. Hi,Am certified Sun Solaris System Administrator with 1+ year exp.Please if you know any openings just forward to my mail id.Please do the needfull.
    Thank You.

  100. Hey friends. I have recently joined IBM as citrix administrator … so I want to know if this a gud position to start wid. Please help me out.

    Thanks Nd Regards

    Jatin …..

  101. Its very excellent information Thank U…
    Please tell me latest learn more things…

    Thank U

  102. Hey friends. I have recently joined as system administrator … so I want to know if this a gud position to start wid. Please help me out.
    Thank U…

  103. Hi,Am certified Sun Solaris System Administrator with 1+ year exp.Please if you know any openings just forward to my mail id.Please do the needfull.


    Thanks & Regards

    Dasthageer A

  104. Hi, This bala, i got offer from ibm. i need to know detail about linux admin l2 activity…can one could reply me..

  105. hI!,I have been working with HP-CRIS project as a network support engineer for one year.. i want to switch..i have also wk8 eeprience.!! if any opening then plz inform me>..thanx

    1. Hello Dear

      Greeting of the day
      sir, i am working in edp profile in renault delhi west. but not see better future in edp.
      so can i discussion with him.

      Pradeep Shukla

  106. Pls ,All of these consider me i have 1 year exp in System admin i search job

    my mail id :yoguayn@gmail.com

  107. hi.this is tahwer from hyderabad india i want to make my career in IT recently i have completed my mcitp(microsoft certified it professional).i am totally fresher i only know the concept of mcitp.i want to work as a system admin.thus this work is very tough for a fresher.did the companies provide the training to freshers when they join as system admin.and i also did certification of this mcitp.i have done only 3 papers that is code is 700-640,700-642,700-646.

  108. Hello,

    I am working as a SystemAdmin in one of the private firm. for last 3 years is it help full to continue same for future.Kindly help.
    i did my Diploma ComputerScience and got MCP.

  109. Information worth full, also explain role of Desktop engineer.
    what are the role of desktop engg?, difference between system administrator and desktop engg?

  110. Hi,
    I am working as a Linux Administrator (RHEL 5) in a comp. I want to know the career prospect of this job and some additional details about the role…Please some body reply to me..

  111. I am lewina, I need help. I cannot open any links in my email … especially from online newspaper … help… I have been advised to contact my system administrator …. please please help……

  112. hi
    I done PUC and hardware and networking course in jetking infi train and also
    working in TCISL as a wi-fi executive from 1 year so can I get system admin job
    if any please let me know
    Thank you

  113. hi this is venkatesh. i am pursuig CCNA course in one of the reputated institute in bengaluru. I am a mechanical engineer but want to start my carrer in networking fied. so wats ur suggestion

  114. Hi all,

    I am having 4years of Experiance as a system Administrator (Windows).if some one ask me about Server Quaries like ADS.i am facing problem in answering.kindly help.

    1. Hi friends,

      i am vijayan, i am looking for linux admin & i have 2+ year exp , is there any opening in your company plz sent mail

  115. Hi,
    I have 1.6 years Exp as a Unix Admin(in Chennai) & now i’m looking for a job in solaris field(in Bangalore).If you know the solaris company details means share here.It’ll help lot of people like me.IBM,Collabera,Appnomic… i know these companies only in bangalore and chennai.Just Share what you know.please ….

  116. hi
    i have got an opportunity to work as a system admin in accenture, bt i dont have the knowledge whether its a good job to do or what? i m a fresher so plz help me.

  117. hi
    i want know what is the most oftenly used montoing tool in corporate please tell me how they work on that

  118. Hi IT Guys,

    System Administrator job is not only job its a challenging Job that mean you have job plus you have a critical responsibilties too. If you have Servers managaement skills and you are confident on managing High Availablity and Service lavel agreement then you are good administrator no matter you are male or female. If you are thinking about shift then I think servers and networks can rise problem any time and you have to available for resolve that isssue. Just because no one can take a look on your problem as other profession does. So I think If you are a good problem solver and can take responsibilty for the position I think you dont have questions for the same. I suggest to fresher take a look on ITIL and CBT Nuggets or trainsignal learning videos. that will help you. also have a look on Service desk manage engine.

    Best Of Luck Guys

  119. HI,
    I am karthik working as a jr.system administrator can u pls tell the key roles and responsibilites of jr.system administrator to keep in resume

  120. Hi friends,
    shri rama navami wishes to you and all your family members.

    I have a doubt?

    My brother is working as a windows administrator for the past 6 years. but his qualification is intermediate. 10+2, but he has a good knowledge on subject like all servers. Graduation is mandatory to get the job ? he has some great experience and he worked with mnc clients. he is hairing for job very seriously. could you please help him? or give him any suggestion.

    1. my dear friend,graduation is very important.even though it is DIPLOMO its ok for them.they are expecting any AICTU recoganisation certificate. any percentange any class it ok .without graduation MNC(TIER1,TIER2)company is not having policy to recurit person

  121. Hi
    i am done B.SC(IT)…….. Now i am doing System administrator… i have no practical experience in sysadmin line…. now only learning……i want how to create new users,resetting user passwords,lock/unlock user accounts and monitor server security,monitor special services….. and also tell about security policies firewalls setting please reply me i am waiting..sir

    1. hi divya.u can follows the steps i list below.
      in workgroup envirnoment
      mycomputer-manage-computer managenent-local user and group-rightclick-new user
      in domain envirnoment
      admin right login-start-adminstritve tools-active directiory user nad computer-which domain the user is belong select that domain-user-new

    2. You can get it all if you try to be a MSCITP, Hope this is the answer of your question…

      Let me know for any query.


    3. Greetings

      I am Pavan and as of now I am working as a technical support in IBM and wanted to change my domain to sys admin, hence looking forward for a realtime experience so that I can talk something in the technical interview

      I chose you divya, because you have recently joined and can understand my problem and help me out in giving knowledge transfer.

      If you have no issues, please call me on 9912835143 so that I can share what I know…(PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL )

      Please let me know the common issues and the ticketing tool you work on.
      Here I am just looking for real time tools and their usage, so that I can face the interview

      Hope You will understand my concern and help me.

      Thanks in advance.

  122. iam dasan looking for a job for system adminstrator can u plz help me for getting a job

    1. more opening in chennai for desktop support,but system admin u can get only more afdter 2 yrs experince in desktop support.
      some company recurit desktop support
      1.care I.T
      u can get the adress for this company in internet

  123. hi..
    M prashanth..actually i have done ccna.I dint get any job on networking.but right now i hav been working as system admin.please tell me how to learn,what i can refer to get knowledge about this.

    1. network admin job u can get only in m.n.c company.for system admin u can get more opening.study in company envirnoment,this is only a way u can get practical experince for systemadmin.u can refer mcse books in internet for free of cost.

  124. m using windows 7 operating system. i want to install windows xp professional and if i installed will data goes?
    Is it possible to use both operating system? please reply me
    my pc configurations
    4gb RAM
    250gb hard disk

    1. Dear Prashanth,

      Yeah it is possible to keep both operating system (XP & 7) at a time. I recommends you to save all your data first and then install Xp first and 7 later in separate partitions.

      Make sure, if your Lappy or Pc have “win 7” sticker then it’s difficult for you to find out the drivers for your computer.

  125. U can use Virtualbox or vmware software.on top of that software u can install any OS

  126. Hi,
    i have done Mca, and a diploma in networking and system admin , i am certified in RHCT and MCP, searching for a job in linux system admin. i am fresher, can anybody help me plz to find one in hyderabad

  127. I m working with Wipro as a L2 Desktop Engineer, But here is no increment and all. If any one having any type of job related me then email me…..

    1. Hi dinesh tell me your mail id wipro is a good company why you relive that company tell me your daily work activity


  129. Hi All, Am 2009 passedout & having 1.6 years Exp in Web Dev.Now I Complete SCSA(2 Papers).Am Looking job in system admin.But I’m Fresher for this field.Can any one Help me?

  130. i am rajesh joining as a system admin as a fresher in one company but the company put me on uploading and downloading in http://ftp…but i like to work in server side .. i don’t know what i am doing i asked the hr but hr says that u are a fresher so it take some months to work in server side is it ok are resign job ….plz give me a suggestion….

    1. yeee.. this not a matter da.. wait for few month and any chance for access server..

      keep in touch with your IT head…

      now i able to access domain in company.

      but i need more 15000.. any van… help me….

      Bala (CCNA MCSE)

  131. i am srinivasan.i am BE GRADUATE WITH MCSE COURSE,i get an offer in one small bpo company as dialer associate,i want to know wheather it sutiable for networking professional,i dont know any about dialer,can anyone guide me wheather can i take that job or not,please give reply as soon as possible

  132. Hi,

    This is Revanth

    I am working on Technical Support , I want to become sys admin . For that what course i should learn
    pls Suggest to me

    Thankfull to YOU

    1. Hi revanth…

      Iam also a system admin.. you should learn these things,how to manage & troubleshoot operating systems, Networks basics, study some materials from the internet and try to do any certifications it will help you..

  133. i came qatar to look for a job as system admin, i have 2 years experience in the field of system administrating and 3 years experience of customer support system engineering.
    what should i do to get job as system admin….?

  134. Hi,
    I’m working in a bpo as a senior technical support executive for past 4 yrs.Is it possible for me to apply for a system admin job with this experience..

    1. Hi,
      yes u Can move Into Remote Infrastructure Management,Which One is Going To Create A Big Boom In IT By 2013..It Is Sutiable For US Acsent Communcation Guys Which u Are Going To Support 20% Voice And 80% Remote Support In Windows,Linux,Unix,Mainframe Zos With ITIL Background
      All The Best For Your Future

  135. hi i am uma. I m a fresher. Joined as a system admin in Bangalore. i m a kid for this field. Can anyone give me some tips to shine in my job.

      1. hi Yoganathan, As i m a fresher i m in training period. I may also put under some other project. But till that i have to be here. Thanks for your care. Sorry no other way than continue this job.

        1. Hi uma

          This is pradeep, i wanna tell u that if u hv knwldg and if u really want to do this then just do it…. its best just expand ur knwldg deeply in server and u’ll definately find a way of success……


    1. Dont worry, if you are fresher. you have to study properly and get deep understanding of concepts and do practically in testing enviornment instead of production environment, initially you feel very hard but later you will have very confidence due to online job/work.

  136. I had completed my CCNA,MCITP,RHCE.now im working in Tech mahindra as a IT HELPDESK..This job is awesome…

    1. Hi, friends i am an B.TECH IT Fresher and i finished CCNA,RHCE,MCP,JNCNA.
      HELP ME………………….

  137. Hi,
    I doing CCNA . I want know, after the CCNA . where I can start my job( profile) .
    and what’s the profile before CCNA?

    1. can u plz tell me is systm admn job good for girls ..
      i m fresher ..doing B.Tech (IT)
      i have heard that this field is not secure for girls..

      1. Hi aditi

        If u r saying insecure for the timing and night shifting only then there’s a lots of companies in which only day shift or no timing issues there..just apply in that u’ll definately go far.


  138. Is that system administration is available for MBA (SYSTEM) . . .
    My UG back ground is B.C.A . . . .
    How is differ from B.E students and MBA(SYSTEM).?
    plz clarify this . . . . .

  139. Hello! I am Pramod working on LInux as System Officer..I have gain some knowledge and want to start my career with Linux..So I want to do Red Hat Certification..Please friends suggest me on this what type of basic knowledge I have to cover to beat this certification in better way…

  140. i am a graduate with an oracle certified associate certificate, and also working on linux. I am looking for job.Can someone help me out

  141. I have completed engineering in electronics and communcation….I am
    working as an AIX admin with 6 months of experience and i have heard
    that this field has not got scope for my future….since I am a
    fresher I dont have much knowledge on this

    I heard that in administration or in support , there is not much
    growth in terms of salary package as compared to development. That’s
    why I am thinking so. Please clear my doubt if I am wrong

    My question is
    1.should I continue in the same field or swith to development..
    2.what is the growth in Unix administration

    Please give me suggestion, your valuable suggestion will be helpful
    for me , thanks in advance.

    Sandeep kumar

  142. HI,

    I have completed my bsc computer science if i want become an system admin what kind of course should i join?

  143. Which is Better Linux System Administration or Software Developer in Java……. Please suggest as soon as possible…………….

    also suggest which has better future ahead………….

  144. hi frnds

    i am working as a Desktop support.i completed CCNA and MCTS certification. iam looking for junior system admin plz forward me

  145. hi,
    I want to be a system administrator in my future. Now I am pursuing MCA , So how can I prepare myself for this…..plz help me……..

    1. First select which systemadminstrator u want to be…Normally u can go for windows system admin or unix systemadmin(Linux,rhel,solries)..then prepare according to that.

    2. Hi,
      Basically Sys Admin And Network Admin Is Some What Difference
      Sysadmin:maintain server
      network Admin:maintain Firewall,Router
      Better Move Into Sysadmin First Get Some Experince in Server And Start Study Router Concepts Because Router Side Opening Is Less Compare To Server

  146. thanx for giving us such a valuable information……….i want to clear CCNA exams……so anyone plz give me some suggestion or tips to clear it….because i m doing study and i have no any idea that how to prepare this……..?

  147. Hi,
    Iam rajesh from bangalore. i have nearly 2yrs of work experience in networking field.
    last month i resigned the job. now i got offer in ” Kalyani motors pvt ltd ” as an Sys admin.
    can you please tell me,
    doing sys admin job in auto-mobile company r IT company is good?
    how will be effect on future?

  148. I have completed A+, N+ MCSE and CCNA but my Gratuation is in BA english literature Does it be a problem to select me to my profeesional job

    1. not at all, education is just for knowledge, and degree is just a need and formality to get in to professions jobs, the real employer need the guy with technical stuff, don’t BA or B.com regular or distance you will get a good job soon. by the time you became a good administrator don’t dream about wide organizations! what ever comes first get it 1st .

  149. Greeting Friends,

    I’ m working in a Managed Hosting Company. As System Admin. I do work what my Boss assign to me. M not clear that what exactly my work is.

    Can anybody tell me what is the role of a System Admin in a Hosting Company?


    Ankur Vishwakarma

    1. there is nothing to tell you! its all about how many systems you’re managing and what daily tasks you’r performing? make a regular not of you’re work and dig in google what that comes under !

  150. hi everybody ,i m a btech in electronics& communication from bhubaneswar,m confused about the questions asked for system admin,so please kindly suggest for which courses i should go?????

    1. sadly you have to spend 5 to 8 hours on google and search and collect every information and you you’r self have to make one detailed document to understand it!
      revise it take two old systems practice for few mounts may be 2 or 3 months! then you will be able to answer you’re self! fi you need any technical instruments tell me i will tell you where you will get them!

  151. hello, i am sandhya ,i am MSc in computers ,write now doing my JCHNE in jetking , i want to do IBM IAX admin please suggest me a nice Institute in hyderabad

    1. Hi give me your e mail id i send some basic concept of AIX after you learn center

      my mail id is :yoguin4i@gmail.com

    2. haha. Hi sandhya, i am just suggesting you, you’re already done a computer and networking course for jet-king, and now you’re routing to system admin.. well its a spiting way, if you wanna be a network admin you must do practice more in you’re lab and search for network admin job.. if you want to get in to unix administration it means you’re already wasted you’re time in jet-king.. anyway the best institute for AIX in hyderabad is Root Shell technoligies ameerpet.

  152. hii my name s chaitra..i hav done bca…i want t knw wats this admin job…can anyone pls tel me about this admin job…my frnds said its very risk job….dint get job still…i wanna job in admin field….

    1. Hi. you’re message seems to be very week, and its reflect you’re confidence!
      well its not like that, a girl or guy any one can do system admin job. there is nothing you have to lift servers and computers on you’r shoulders, its just you have to be very sharp and active you don’t know when the network and services are sucks, so what yoganathan means to say its a quit responsible job, its not like you have done a coding and quality team rejects it and sent you back for fixing. its like you have to take right decision on the time. its like in our out business! but no company will give you server direct in you hand to play it. they will teach you every thing ! i can say try it .

    2. i am also B.CA .. after that worked in BPO Similarly finished MCSE and CCNA . now i got senior system support for in the same company

  153. Hello sir,
    i am from aurangabad, maharashtra.
    I am a graduate in B.sc(comp. Sci, chem., env. Sci.) also i have done hardware networking Diploma, and also passed microsoft exam 70-640,680,642,236
    i am fresher, any one please suggest me a job in system admin field in Aurangabad city
    Plz reply me email:

    1. Hi alok.
      getting a MNC job in Aurangabad for now its not possible, because there are no MNC software companies in you’re city, but you can contact CMC or CMS in you’re city branches they generally hire people on contract basics and keep them in banks and govt organizations, as system admin and service engineers. if you’re ready to leave you’re city the best place for you try in Pune.. there are good openings for you! God bless you friend.

  154. hai…
    i am kanchana. i have completed my engineering degree in the branch of electrical and electronics engineering.few my friends are doing IBM main frame. after getting placement in companies they will appointed as a system admin level .this information from their center where they studied the course.i am asking that is this job suitable for B.E/B.Tech candidate ??????and job growth is only in the admin level or software engineer area.???????

    1. Hi. a pathetic way of asking something with no clear agenda! search within you’re self what are you good in? coding ? managing or administration ? the answer with you! actually the answers mostly within us, but the sad thing is people still need spoon feeding.

  155. Hello,
    friends this is sekhar i recently joned in software company as a system adminstrator so help me and send me more information to my e mial

  156. hi ,

    i m BE (comp sci) 2010 passout and got placed in CGI as associate system engineer , i m currently working on UNIX and i want to know that being a software developer is good or being a system admin . which has good feature ?

    1. you’re questing i like .. choosing between pears and apple!
      its all up to you. if u like coding ? then go for programming! if you like roaming around the floors and doing some exiting job without using much brain became a system admin!

  157. hi
    i am working in CMS as system Engineer
    i am having 3+ experience .
    i am interested to go system admin .
    is it possible to go,wht i have to learn to as system admin.
    can u all give me suggestions .
    waiting for ur reply

    give me ur suggestions through my mail
    my ID suresh.abu1342@gmail.com

    thank u
    suresh vaka

  158. Hi all,
    The real thing is not as u guys thinking.
    I am the system admin for an MNC ,but they call me when the power goes down,i have to switch on the fckng genset,and used by the seniors as a porter.this is really ridiculous for me to do this things because i have 3+ experience as a senior system admin in old company.

    1. every job gives pain in butt! its nothing more then a frustration! i am job less and i am 100 times more pissed off sitting at home and busting my … have a 3 days trip to goa, you will be ok.

  159. Hi,i had a user account in the system administrator but it has been blocked as i forgot the pass ward and i keep on re trying to log in have been asked to contact my system administrator.how do i go about these?am stranded help me?

    1. Basically it may be account disabled,u hav to log in as any user account which hav admin privileages and mak the admin account enabled

  160. Hai everybody. I am Balraj pattar from Banglore. Basically i am a BA graduate and recently i completed n+, mcitp course (60-740 active directory, configuration servr 2008). So now i am in quest of job. As a fresher wht type of can i get ? If it is L1 or desktop support engineer then what could be the roles ? How much salary i can get in the begining ? Pls do let me know. If possible mail me to balaji.rsm@gmail.com. With regards.

  161. don’t worry about roles they will stuff you before you start any thing on system! every one get training before start their work in new organization no matter junior or senior! good luck

  162. Which job is more paying job..wheather it is network admin or system admin..?And how u people came to this post!!!..i didnt find any opening for networking freshers!!!plz reply..

  163. Hiiiiii

    This is System admin of PROTEXT i am having 2years of Exp
    I am looking for job change for more info about me feel free to contact on my Hyderabad nu 8886243143.

  164. Hi,

    i have completed my B.TECH (I.T.) in 2011, i have a job offer from a MNC to join as unix system administrator….i m in a confusion to choose which is better whether to go for software development job or to choose sysadmin one…..

    please help me regarding this as my joining date is quite near and the company is saying me to serve a bond for 18 months.

    1. hai bharat,
      you have good opportunity dont miss it. because sys admin job is challenging job. you can go forward for your life and achievement.

  165. Respected sir;
    May i ask one thing,I am a MCSE and CCNA holder and Graduate in English literature,but i am job less ,for a long one year i am looking for a job in such a field.i recognise my limitation ok eventhought. I sent out my CV to a lot of companies a lot of time no body replyed me, I don’t get the job even now. Now i forget the things which i study before.could any one help me in two ways, to suggest some technical instruments to practice the course and to get a job soon.

    if convenient, send your reply to my mail Id also. shamseereml@gmail.com

  166. sir;
    I completed MCSE and CCNA since one and half year before and have all of it’s certifications.At that time i search out to get a right opportunity .but i did’t get the job even now.But now actualy i forget the subject which i study.becouse of some finincial problem i am not able to learn again.What should i do?But it’s my dream to be a sys admin

      1. Hi I am desktop support engineer . im so confused about my career . i dont know in which area i hav to go i mean ccna or mcitp or linux pls explain me suggest me . i very expecting ur mail . pls mail to my mail id mohdali.dc@gmail.com

  167. i have completed RHCE and planning to join for a job as linux sys administrater. can any body say how is this field to build up a good career.

  168. Hi sudha,

    It is a challenging job .If u work hard it is a very Good Job.ALL The best .

    Duvvuru Niranjan Reddy

  169. Hello All,

    I have completed BE (CS&E) 2009 passout,Working for Mphasis with having 15months of Exp in Server Monitring and scheduling area along with some AIX servers section, And i have done IBM AIX course and completed the AIX 6.1 admin Certification also,Currently i am looking job in AIX domain, please can any one suggest and guide me for any openings in this area.

    Thanks & Regards,

  170. Hi
    I am Pinki. At present I am working as an IT trainee in an organisation. In this organization there is no one for IT department except me. There is a third party agent which takes care of IT. I am the only one. And I am a fresher. No one is there to guide. Sometimes I get doubts, whether i am going right or wrong.
    I have done Computer Hardware & Networking course… but here I am doing only desktop support job… Can u please tell me whether I am going right.
    ,,, here what I am doing I will list out those work: I make a visit to all the desktops and laptops .. and take these info in IT checklist: Model no. of the PC, Serail no. of the PC, user name, Which OS, product ID of the OS, antivirus name, antivirus installed, other requests, any troubleshooting matter,
    Plz tell me ….

    1. HI Pinki ,

      AS u told you are a Fresher . U already done the Hardware and networking course .U Entered in to the IT field.I suggested to u first learn how to install os in systems .what are softwares installed in systems,How to install the softwares,What are problems occured in systems in os level and hardware level,How to resolve the problems After learning all the things u Join MCSE course then u get the knowledge on server side also prepare well .Choose job in another company .


    2. HELLO PINKI!!!!
      Yes, U are doing a right job, even i’m working as Desktop support at IBM-client location in BANGALORE . its good to work iin small company,coz u can learn more things than workin at a big company. if u have a small knowledge about system den u can learn by own as per my experiaence. im working here from past 1 year,and begining i waz zero and now im proud that i learn’ alot as working at IBM client location controlling around 300-400 users, including remote locations.and even handle video conferenceing,printer SSK machine TMS machine.

  171. Hiiiiiiii
    if i am working as a sysadmin and after 1-2 yera work exp if i want to
    go in networking field then will this sysadmin exp will count for that job??!??

  172. I am working as Open VMS system admin at IBM.I am interested in pursuing some part time courses which can make my career growth more .Can you suggest me what are the courses that i can enroll. Is CCNA or networking course good for my career.

  173. I have been working as a windows administrator for 6 months. I have not liked the job and want to move out of it. Please suggest me possible options that I can explore. (I have knowledge of Java and dotnet.)

  174. I am a diploma(hardware&networking)student .any hope for get a good job without degree. Plz anybody gives reply (hariskv26@gmail.com)

  175. Hi All,
    Good Morning,

    Can someone please help me in getting documents of Day 2 Day tasks we perform in production environment .

    Many Thanks..

    1. Hi All,
      Good Morning,

      Can someone please help me in getting documents of Day 2 Day tasks we perform in production environment on Vmware.

      Many Thanks..

  176. hi… is syst admin job gd fo girls…. do we av to travel…. if its not a gd job fo girls… why..??? what are the other oppt…. plz rply….

  177. Hi this is NaGENDRA working as system admin in educomp solutions limited for past 1 year,,,,,, i need to change my company could u help me ………..

  178. Hi Dear Friends,

    This is Sarath, iam working as a System Administrator in Engg College, IT Company past 4 years. i need to change my job, iam looking for MNC,s Please help me.

  179. Hi Dear Friends,

    This is Srinivas, i am working as a hardware engineer in engg college,I had completed diploma in hardware. Distance B.A degree… I want to upgrade my Qualification please suggest me relative courses.. My ambition system admin job. my upgrade study Please help me.

  180. hi this is khadeer khan i working system administrotar in royal yacht brittannin this is my first step in this job i want to upgrade my Qualification in mcse pelase suggest me relative courses… my ambition system admini job. my upgrade study please help me.

    1. Hey Hi All h r u all nd wazz up all well now come to the point system adminsitrator is the very big responsibility there are so many things to do nd its nt easy to get a job as a system admin this is the guidance to do you have to follow these things hardware & networking then mcse then ccna then ccnp then linux then exchange server ok guys follow these aix is the different operating system ok babye t c SAM ADMIN IN USA FOR CISCO

  181. I am Innus . i wanted to become a system administrator. i spend my 1 year in IT company as a php developer . now for geting system administror job what should i do (which knowledge require) .

  182. Hi,

    I am working as a desktop engineer for the last 1 year. Now, i want to change the job but i am not getting system admin job in good companies because they are telling you are purely into desktop side, not into server support. Please suggest me what should I do ASAP. I am struggling very badly.

  183. Hi all

    I completed BE(IT) with 72% in top college…I got job as system administrator in accenture…please suggest me whether to join in this job or I have to wait for developer job….please explain about system admin job…about salary,next levels on promotion and job comparison with developers..

  184. All the information given so far are quite ok. But what i’m looking for is, in an industry or organisation adminstration which area computer is apply.

  185. Hi ……
    My name is BALRAJ from bangalore. Recently i completed Hardware and networking courses including MCITP (server 2008). As a fresher i am in search of a job. Please let me know if there is any openings for Desktop support or system admin job in Bangalore. My mail id is balaji.rsm@gmail.com ( i am a gtalk user). Even i am getting calls from consultancy but not from company so what to do and how can i apply to get a job at IBM/HP/Cognizant etc ? Please help me out …………………. i wish you all the best to all of you.

    1. Hi,

      Where are you finishing MCITP and how much amount you speend certification fee please tell me.

  186. Hello friends,
    I got a job in softenger india pvt. ltd. as a wintel admin. plz share your knowledge reagarding this comapny and profile..

  187. Hey Hi All h r u all nd wazz up all well now come to the point system adminsitrator is the very big responsibility there are so many things to do nd its nt easy to get a job as a system admin this is the guidance to do you have to follow these things hardware & networking then mcse then ccna then ccnp then linux then exchange server ok guys follow these aix is the different operating system ok babye t c SAM ADMIN IN USA FOR CISCO

  188. hi everyone, wel system admin job is very good, i am workind as system admin at the second rate local municipality here in SA, i enjoy it and to be honest is very good, i am not just not sure if wether is also good for girls, but the job itself beilive me is very good

  189. I am working hard to become a windows system admin, recently had some interviews but my response was not very convincing and therefore no progress so far

    I wish and thank if someone can provide some practical info on how to win an interview

    I have good knowledge of windows admin and love to work in windows. Any help will be highly appreciated


  190. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….
    Thank you..

  191. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….
    Thank you..

  192. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….my friend waiting for your answer with thousands eyes…
    Thank you..

  193. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….my friend waiting for your answer with thousand eyes…Replay my friend…..
    Thank you..

  194. Hi all,

    I have done B.Tech in computer science and completed CCNA certification. I have also cleared one certificate paper in Sun Solaris. I am looking for system admin job. what i should add in my resume so that i will get good interview calls? please suggest me..
    I am not getting good offers as a fresher.. please help me..

    Ajay Verma

  195. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….my friend waiting for your answer with thousand eyes…Replay my friend…..
    Thank you..

  196. Hai,
    This is aravind,completed my B.Tech and, looking for system Administration job…could plz help me.I’m in dielamo what to do….my friend waiting for your answer with thousand eyes…I want sugession from you..and also its package Replay my friend…..
    Thank you..

  197. sir,

  198. hi,
    I am Pravin from nagpur, I am completing my pg diploma in cyber law and now appearing for pg diploma in ethical hacking and cyber security, and i am complete my CCNA and i m also learning linux, I just want to ask is there have any chances for my job as system administrator

  199. HI,
    I have done BCA now . I am persuing MCA external from ignou and currently working as Windows System Admin.
    I have lot of interest in Linux Administration , I want to Learn Linux Administration and make my career in Linux, So please kindly tell me Whch stuffes I need to study and if required RHCE Exam I’ll attend, is it possible to study our own and give RHCE exam .
    Please suggest me

  200. Hi Friends,
    I have 6+ years of experience in windows administration, Please tell me any openings at hyderabad or vizag.

  201. hi this is srinivas from karimnagar now i am in working press manager.
    My dot is the whichis designation is the best
    1.system adminnstrator
    2.system manager
    please tell me urgent any one
    my number is 8341374299

  202. Hi Friends :D
    I am Sachin from Nagpur. I have done BCA (Computer Sci ) in second class and also done CCNA and RHCE. I want to make career in Linux administration but now I am fresher.
    Plz tell me how can I get job in this field ? and how can I apply for job ?
    Thank you :)

  203. Sir,

    I completed MCA, Iam in trails, I have work exp in operating systems loading, loading the softwares all those, but nw i am planning to take training in networking courses & admin, Is helpful the previous knowledge for me, what are the advanced courses in networking today, networking jobs are good r not, Plz helpful to me.

    1. Yeah! of-course it’s good if you are having excellent skills of networking courses and administration. Get started from CRM, MCP, CCNA, CCSE, MCSE, MSNA & MCITP etc. That is very valuable courses of networking.

  204. Hi, I kishor puthran completed my B.E. in Instrumentation in the year of 2003. And then joined facilities management industry which is like admin cum maintenance engineer job. But now i would like to switchover from this to sysadmin job. Is it a right decision?

  205. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Dear Friends,
    I’ve got selected for CGI as System Administrator. Kindly tel me whether should go with it or not. I’m really confused. Presently working as Technical Support in Accenture. But its not a good profile.

    1. Wasalam,

      You must go if you are not feeling well or reputed status in present organization.

      May Allah Bless You.. !!

      Good Luck

  206. sir, Ihave passed msc(it) From PTU Now iamm working as network support engineer in Mobineers Info. Pvt. Ltd.from one year What is next step is useful for me.

  207. hello sir,
    i have completed my msc, now im searching job on sap basis. but i keeping fake experience as system admin for 3 years. could you please send full details regarding sys admin, as i need to know some thing about sys admin.

  208. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for publisher this article .before I have read this information I was some confuse about the role of Windows system Administrator Work. But finally I got the right information about system administrator job.
    Thanks Buddy for these article.
    Rock star

  209. hi


  210. i want what is the day 2 day jobs of linux system admin plz help me all my dear friends

  211. i am boobalan still now i am working in desktop supoort engineer (field work) in last one hand of year.i am complete be ece please tell me next developement ideas

  212. hi sir… i have been discontinued my BE degree and doing BCA through correspondence in 1st year .. shall i study system admin.. and can i get the job while studying in correspondence…… pls help me sir.. u r my only hope

  213. Hi sir I have completed BCA as well as successful completed training of CCNA,MCSE,RHCE(5.0) & also Global certified of RHCSA & RHCE(6.0). Now i m start to search job in Linux system Administrator. If there any jobs of me please let me know. & Thank You for given me important information.

  214. Hello sir i am completed in my diploma in cse as well as successful completed training of CCNA,MCSA,RHEL,A+,N,.. i have one year experience of system admin Bt now i am searching for a job. if there any openings please inform to me……….
    please sir help me

  215. Hi,

    I have recently joined a company as a sys admin. Please let me know what about the courses that will help me in future.

  216. Hi Guys,

    Please rush to HCL Comnet, they are hiring for Linux Profile and there is walk in interview.
    Linux Basics are required.
    HCL Comnet Noida.

  217. Hi all,

    Currently i am working in one private bank as a IT officer having 6 branches, so my responsibilty of the maintain, installation, upgrading the system, i am handling 6 branch,

    so i want to do some new for our organisation and for beneficial, so give me suggestion what i do, that all management people are impressed to me,,,,,,,

    plz give me new Ideas for doing something new,,..

    if any ideas regarding handle all PCs in one computer, and handle all server…

    1. 1. Domain Implementation
      2. Centralized management
      3.Centralized Data Storage.
      4.Centralized Antivirus Server

      To manage all your Desktop PC create Domain Controller , FTP Server to Store files , Proxy server for Internet access and Securty .
      For Quick installation create WDS or images (Norton Ghost clients)
      Centralized Antivirus Server Symantec go for it…
      Good Luck manage all System from one machine…….

  218. hi my name is mohammed khadeer khan i want system administrator job i have 2yers exp if u like select me i do my best in job thank u…

  219. Hi frds….

    I have completed my bsc computer..presently i am working in Banking field, hence job not related to my studies., further i did VM ware course…please suggest what will best way i can………is in banking field vm ware support..if yes how??

    please advice me….tanQ

  220. hi everybody
    I am sumit sharma i m a passout of polytechnic diploma in IT last year i want to join a MNC company as a system admin. What is requirment for this kind of jobs? any certification cource like MCSE, CCNA etc.
    please suggest me.

    1. Hi sumita i waork as sytsem admin.. see i hv completed my Diploma in E&c and done certification for mcitp win7 and 2008 srv so 2 cetificatio is enough with good knowladge of AD, DNS, DHCP , IPsec n outlook.. tats it best of luck

  221. Hi All,
    I am a b.tech 2011 Pass out , after that i have done Oracle sql,pl/sql, as well as a unix linux basic course, now i got good book knowledge on linux, but as i dont have any idea on practical knowlwdge in industry, thats wat i wnder on which specific domain i ll apply for job as i have idea on unix/linux shell script and sql,
    Please any one help me chosing the right path for my career…..
    i sd go for unix admin , or any possible options there in industy,
    help me, suggest me….
    Thank You….
    my mail Id is bibekanadamantry167@gmail.com
    plz help me……

  222. Hi All,

    I completed my B.tech(i.t),after that i did MBA immediately.Now iam looking for functional oriented jobs in I.T companies.kindly give suggestions.Pls help me.


  223. Hi All,

    Hi sumita i waork as sytsem admin.. see i hv completed my Diploma in HCNE and done certification for mcitp win7 and 2008 srv so 2 cetificatio is enough with good knowladge of AD, DNS, DHCP ,Security,ADS,Switiching,CISCO OS,WI-Fi Network IPsec n outlook.. tats it best of luck
    C.K Singh

  224. Hi sumita i waork as a sysadmin, i was comleted my diploma in computers engineering in the year of 2012. what courses i want to learn to get job? plz tell me


  225. Hi All,

    my name is kiran have done my ccna and iam working as a L1 engineer at Adecco .i dont have technical Knowledge in Networking part but i know the all theoritical part so can you give me some suggestions how i will improve my pracctial knowledge …


  226. i want to stop constant pop up s when i boot up but it says i have to be the administrator to do so how do i overcome this

  227. I am oracle certified and a B.E. fresher, wanted a job in Database Administration.. After a search and struggle of six month month period, i am ending up with a position of ‘Trainee’ in the role of ‘Team Member’ under the ‘System Administrator, Wintel’..

    Should i go for it or wait some more time to get a job for s DBA.

  228. HI
    I AM rehan, i recently joined a company in UAE and i am facing a problem,how to configure fire wall, software deployment services.

    please some one help me other i would have lost my job.

    please mailed me any materials if you have,mail me on rehan_ece@yahoo.com.

    Waiting for your valuable feedback,thanks for helping me.

  229. Sir,
    My son who completed his BE in Electronics & Telecommunication during the year 2010 and joined IBM through consultancy firm, and worked there for 13 to 14 months & got training for system admin job under solarisis programming language. However after waiting for such long period after training the project for which he was trained never took off and there was a roumer that the project may not take-off for the reason of high cost. Under this circumstances he was resigned the job during Feb 2012 and under went training in linux course. Meanwhile he kept on applying for job without any response from the prospective employer. kindly advise.

  230. can anyone guide em what is the role and responsibility of citrix l2 admin,
    and give the full phase working procress inside the company

  231. i have obtained a diploma in system administrator do i have the chance of getting a good job with a fruitful income??

  232. it’s been a year working for municipality as a system and website administrator and i did BSC in statistics and operational research.could you please advice me if i followed the correct stream,and i sometimes can’t solve the problem within a short period of time,could you please send me the helpful websites except google

  233. Hi,
    hi friends m searching for system admin job if u know any openings pls tell me and
    tell me about system admin roles plss any one tell me

  234. Hi
    I am attending interviews as a Linux system administrator With 2+ Exp, Could You Please tell me role & responsibilities, Recently faced Challenges & Latest Major issues…

  235. Hi guys,
    what possible question can one expect when invited for an interview for the post of system admin. please i need help.

  236. Hello ,,
    I had done MCA from JSS noida,in my 10 percentage was so less so i did not get placement from clg. after one month i got job Server support engineer (SUN ,HP) in Delhi based comp. basically its is a field job.. they will provide a chance for clear a certificate of Solaris 1 …But right now i am very confused plz tell me This job is suitable for me..or not..what is tha future scope after 2 year ..can i get better opportunity after take experience..or which type of job i will get..Plz plz fast reply

  237. Hiii to all I am Durga from Hyderabad I have completed MBA and my background is bsc biotechnology. and after that I have learned unix(Solaris). But as a fresher with these background how I can achieve the job as system admin plz give me ur valuable suggestions and help me after 6 months am leaving to USA I want to do job there itself

  238. Hi,

    I am new to administration.i placed in a company xxxx.com,they gave me the role of monitoring server.I think monitoring server is equal to a system admin & can anyone guide me,how is career in his domain & suggest me i am going in a right path or not.

  239. hello everyone,
    i wanted to know if system admin is a good field for girls??? i am an engg fresher(2013 passout) in E&TC.From where can i get d certification done for “SA”??? i also have an option of doing MBA, which one will be better??? plz help….

  240. what i have to do? i want to become a sys admin in any company. i completed my diploma in computers. 10+3 (polytechnic). please help me.

  241. My age is 41 and i having redhat el5 RHCE CCNA certified but i am doing self employee now can i get System Admin Job in chennai

  242. hi sir
    myself venkatesh i completed my M.tech in JNTUK in 2011 and i do build and release engg course on linux ..but i got a job in hyd system adminstration it is good r bad of my carrier plzs advice and sugest and confirm ..

  243. HI,
    I have done BA . I am currently working as Linux System Admin.
    I have 4+ years of experience in Linux administration, Please tell me any openings at Kolkatta or Delhi/NCR.

  244. HI
    I have good practical knowledge of server, i completed mcse.
    I don’t have real time experience if any probelm to apply for job with fake experience
    please sugest me….please.

  245. Dear Sir/Madam,
    i completed the Diploma Computer Engineer and i wish work as system administrator and i completed Accel Certification of CCNA course , pls refer me if any recruitments available

    Thanks Regards,

  246. Dear sir,
    i have completed bsc comp.science and recently i am working from last 2 years as customer support engineer(access controls,biometric systems).shall i get system admin job

  247. i m gettin a sytem admin job in WIPRO Belapur, i hv done my B.E in Computers from M.U ,
    is dis job gud ?? hw cn i make further progress by doing ds job ?

  248. hello,
    I joined a company as a system administrator and my qualification is Msc Software engg. Can anyone suggest me wat r all the ways to improve my skills regarding this job.

  249. how do i improve the systems administration skills of all the people in my country in the
    government’s IT sectors; including refuges, young stars/children, the deaf and blind people,
    middle age, youth, and the old.

  250. Hello sir
    I did MCA and im very interested to do system administration course.
    Is it good for MCA candidates.
    Please give your valuable information..

  251. hi, i am working as system security specialist in iopex, my job nature is to connect the client system in remote, and to remove the malwares or spywares from their system, So that i have good knowledge in working with windows registry, event logs etc.. At the same time i have a basic knowledge in linux.

    Is it possible for me to move on to the position of system admin in future, if so what else i need to study(certifications) to move on to that field?

  252. Hi,

    I am a B.E holder and CCNA completed bu not certified. I have experinced in printer support and customer serivce and Knowing knowledge about system admin and networking. So my career is selective one or not in MNC companies. Plz tell me….

    1. most of top companies asking for certifications these days so choose a small company to gain experience

  253. hi
    i m new to sysadmin field
    i want to know about real time work of Linux sysadmin
    if someone is Linux admin here..please send me the real time tickets or real time scenarios.

  254. Hi,

    i have 2years experience as system adminstrator,if anywhere jobs as on same please revert on my profile email id.

  255. hi,i am 2011 passout i gort job in system admin but i dont know anything about it will they guide me how to work in a company

  256. hi i was selected in hcl company for network engineer but i havent done any kind of certification i am getting fear about the work how it will be there will i be able to learn the work quickly but i am intrested in network how the work will be i dont know plz let me know it

    1. certification is not needed in most of the companies
      If they ask u can take the exam
      Dont fear training will teach u everything
      once if u are in the job no need to worry
      cheers ;)

  257. Hi, friends i am an B.E CSE Fresher and i finished CCNA,and Cisco Exam
    HELP ME………………….


  258. Hi guys, i m working as linux systm admin. For network and system monitoring i am using NAGIOS and OpenNMS. Will you please tell me any good systm monitoring tool for linux. Bcz nagios is very tuff tool.
    You can mail me at

  259. Hi
    Am completed diploma in electronics and communication engineering …. can i work as system admin…..am i suitable for that post ???? Can any one plzzz tell me

  260. Hi,

    I worked on Active Directory,Microsoft Exchange,resolving incidents on Citrix applications.

    I am very confused which is suitable for me as Citrix admin or windows admin or what?

    Can you guide me?

    1. Hey Keerthi, Hi my name is Shiva, can you help in knowing some stuff related to Citrix. As i am new to this Platform.

  261. Hi,
    May I know what is the difference between Developer, Testing Engineer & IT Engineer(System Admin)??

    and why system admin’s salary is less compare with development and testing?

  262. Hi everyone.. am working as a Technical Support Executive in IBM. am looking for a job in System Admiminstrator. I have few doubts and need your clarification.
    1. is it a technical job.
    2. does this job has rotational shifts.
    3. I have done my Electrical and Electronic Engineering with no prior technical experience like (C, C++, Java or so)
    4. Please suggest me if there are any institutions which give training for System Admin jobs.
    Kindly Help…waiting for your responses..

  263. hey i m a server admin in my company
    i complated ccna and mcsa
    so which is next cource is suitable for me?

  264. hello sir,..
    myself dhivya ,completed BE-computer science and looking for a system admin job,which course is suitable for me ,.could you help me,.i am expecting your mail to my mail id;rdhivyarajendran@gmail.com

  265. Hello, I am a diploma holder, done diploma in IT, after that I have total non technical experience, shall I do Linux admin course, I am looking a job oriented track…so is Linux admin option is better for me?

  266. sir/madam, i am a btech computer science student entering 4th yr.. by 2015(passedout) can i get a job as system administrator???? coz i didnt learned anythg stil nw based on dis job .. bt i m intrsed to learn.. nd dont knw where nd hw could i learn.. could u pls help me (ramya.veerisetty@gmail.com)

  267. Hi sir/madam,
    I completed NTTF Technical course Diploma in Computer Engineering
    i am interesting in System administrator if u know any opportunity please contact me

    Thanks & Regards


  269. Hello everybody
    I am a MCA fresher and I have completed MCSE course but I have not done any certification as I am unable to pay the amount for any Microsoft certification…so please any body suggest me how to get a job as a system admin….I m very much interested to do this job…..

  270. Hi friends
    My name is kavi. I have completed my Under Graduate in 2008. My degree is Bachelor of physical education. it, is related to sports. but i completed my studies i dont interest to work that field. but my long day dream and i would like to study with Networking course and i ilke to work system admin job..But last four year i am working BPO sector. so pls suggest me i ill study tat course if i can get system admin job? Bcoz some of my frnd said u dont study that course ur degree is totally change in computer science..so very low opportunity you…Please give me any suggestion

  271. Hi, My Name is Rakesh Agarwal , Actually i have done MCSA and CCNA from IIHT Noida (Cloud Campus) Please suggest me anyone weather can i get job in it field?
    I haven’t any certifications of Microsoft and nor graduated as well.
    But, we need a job of SysAdmin …….Please tell me as soon as possible weather can get job or not?????

  272. Hello Concern

    I am Puneet Kumar , I complete my BSC-IT & join the Linux course , kindly tell me is is\t good for my future & which certification is best for my career, Reply please

    1. Linux is Good and Certified Linux professionals are well paid , do Redhat Certification …
      All the Best go ahead . ..

  273. Hello Friends,

    I am IT Admin having 4 years of Experience in Server Administration,
    System administration is good Track to start your career in Server / DataCenter / Cloud Technology.
    System Admins perform the support task and will be more Challenging task when you are performing any server troubleshooting or Technical resolution.
    Initially if you want to start your career :
    Desktop Support / Technical Support : You just need basic knowledge of Troubleshooting the desktop related issues , installation of Softwares and Configuring IP and network related stuffs.
    as you get technical knowledge perform tasks or study related to Server Windows 2003 /2008 /2012 – Active Directory , DHCP , File Servers , IIS or if Linux then Redhat Administration configuring NFS, LDAP, SQUID Webserver HTTPD
    Take 1-2 years of Experience and find job in Server Administration .

    Server Administration : Performing Server roles installtion and Configuration , Monitoring Server performance , Upgrading Server , back up tasks, Upgarading Bare Metal Servers , Virtualization VM Ware , Hyper V , Clustering …..

    Keep Updating your skills and be confident in what knowledge you gain while learning and working..
    The more you learn you will get more opportunity to grow …

    What are your strengths?
    What about your weaknesses?
    Think about answers to some common interview questions before the big day. The more prepared you are, the better you’ll come across.

    1. Hi ,
      My self Ganesh i work in company called Technotree engineering solutions pvt ltd ,
      they are into trunkey solutions provider , for airconditioning vetilation , Fire n safety acess control , networking and CCTV acameras.

      I have a question for you request for you to suggest me,
      we are desiging networking solutiosn for an hospital , where we have around 157 data points , being hospital appliaction not all teh time 157 users willl be using it , at the max at at time 50 people will be using .Client will be using account software tallly ,HMS (hosplital management software ,

      What do you suggest , what size of server should we buy and what should be the specification, how do we select teh server .

  274. Right now iam working in windows admin. ifinished my aix certfied 3 years back. i dont have the proper experience in aix. whether i can continue windows or go for aix.kindly suggest me sir

  275. i have joined in a company for the post of system administrator .i just want to know .what is the scope for this profile .and what is best package offered in the market .Moreover what growth opportunities could i get in future .please let me know ASAP

  276. I am a B.Com graduate. Did dipoloma in Computer Hardware & Networking, Diploma in Multimedia, M.C.S.E and C.C.N.A . I am looking for a career as system administrator or network enginer. Need help to get a promising job suiting to my interests in this field

  277. Hi guys
    I placed in TCS as a customer support executive non voice BPO process .
    I just want to know BPO is use full for carrier growth.

  278. Hi,please let me know if there is having any opening for linux admin for 1 year exp.I have get certified in RHCSA,RHCE.

    1. Hello sir
      Im now doing BE(ECE) and also studying RHCE and RHCSA. Help me to pass in this tow exam. Thank U.

  279. Hello i need your suggestion on which things i must concentrate to do 100% justification to System Admin role in an firm.

    Kindly suggest .thank you

  280. hi Guys …
    Please help out with daily tasks the admin works out on the AD and the backup server or the Exchange server for an Organization.


  281. It is fantastic …I am intrested very much..Iam a third year computer engineering diploma student….Whether i am eligible for system administration job after competing my diploma course..??

  282. Hi thr,

    I am am ATM CSE n looking forward fr a change to System Admin job, Can one suggest the responsibilities,


  283. hallo sir,
    I have completed ‘O’ level. Is there suitable for me to do this kind of sysadmin job ?

  284. Hi,

    I m Post graduate in computer(PGDCA).I have learned Linux (RHCE)
    I m working as a system administrator from last 1.5 year.
    but i ddint learn anything from the company. There are no use for linux. What I do. plss help me out. I m helpless.. do i change my profile or anything alse.


  285. I’m working in a company as a Linux system administrator, and i ‘m doing my MCA in IGNOU, can I get job, if I come out. I was working as a php developer for 1 year also.

    Please give me any suggestions or idea….
    My number – 9632745298

  286. Hi sir,
    I need your suggestion on which things I must concentrate to make 100% justification for Windows Admin role in company.
    Even i don’t know basic things also…….please any one help me out……
    mail id is : varahalu1991@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance….

  287. I want to know actual exp. more about system admin . I am Linux certified . so what can I do to get system admin job.?

  288. Hi,
    Myself balaji.I need to know about the job description of system admin in banking sector. Can someone help me what i have to learn for that role in banking sector

  289. Hi,
    I need to know about the responsibilities of system admin in banking sector. Can you help me what i have to learn for that role in banking sector.

  290. Hi,
    I am Harish 2014passed out. am presently working as desktop supporter as contract based, I want to choose a Linux/system administrator domain but I have a confusion can u please help me for which domain I select is the best for my feature… please reply immediately

  291. Hi I am mahesh I did graduation I chemical but now I am interested to do ccna can I do r not.

  292. m doing job as an event executive what professional course i can do so that it help me in getting on site project also .. Dear Vivek, Iam doing job as an event executive what professional course i can do so that it help me in getting on site project also ..

  293. I looking for a career in System Administration and need a few questions answered? I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

    1. What type of preparation/education/training is required?
    2. What are the advancement opportunities and limits?
    3. What do you enjoy the most? The least?
    4. What must a person know to stay competitive?
    5. What are typical entry level job titles and duties( if you’d like to explain)?

  294. Hi sir.
    Currently i am working in Android Application developer total exp 2.5 year. But I want to switch off this profile system admin.my step good for me. please give me your suggestion. my exp to this profile will be good or not System admin profile, please kindly reply.

    1. system admin its good job but intially you ready to working with desktop support afterthat only you get system administrator job, company prefar low salary for desktop support as your wish.. take right decession.

  295. hi,
    i am currently working as an IT desktop support for 8 months.
    actually i trained on oracle.
    now i am handling application things for desktop, i want to move forward i mean technical domain (server,network) .could u suggest me wt i do nxt???
    which certification s better??
    pls help me..i am so confused…


  296. Hai,I am sathish kumar and I completed my B.E in electronics and communication engineer in 2015..I wanted to enter into networking field..so I searched for courses to learn and get placement.but people are telling that u vil get only a desktop supporter role initially even u completed ccna course…!!! How long it bill take to reach system admin positiom ?? And is it OK to join as a desk top supporter??and tell me wat kind of course should I learn to enter into a networking field?? Any one can explain clearly pls..I dono wat to do..please give some information

  297. Hai,I am sathish kumar and I completed my B.E in electronics and communication engineer in 2015..I wanted to enter into networking field..so I searched for courses to learn and get placement.but people are telling that u vil get only a desktop supporter role initially even u completed ccna course…!!! How long it vill take to reach system admin position ?? And is it OK to join as a desk top supporter??and tell me wat kind of course should I learn to enter into a networking field?? Any one can explain clearly pls..I dono wat to do..please give some information

    1. yes, its is okay to work as a desktop support engineer role for 1 yr or so…meanwhile you can improve your skills and please remember that in this filed one has to update himself by doing certifications…company prefer it..:) good luck and welcome to tough world;)

  298. hi everyone….this is sruthi,
    iam a b.tech fresher and i recently got call letter from wipro and it says training in adm unix c sys.
    Can any one tell me what actually this stream includes?what is the future scope of this stream?

  299. I am having 6 years of system administration experience in educational institutions.I have completed my Linux certification.I would like to join as system administrator in company side Industry/company people don’t consider the experience in educational institution.what should i do to move to industry /company ?for what level should i have to target?Somebody Pls guide me

  300. Dear Friends,
    I completed my MSc.CS in 2004,after that I worked as a teacher in schools.Now i got a System Administrator job from abroad.I know the installation of OS,softwares, antivirus installation.I don’t have that much experience in hardware field.Is this job is suitable for me,If I am accepting this job offer.I need to do any certification course like CCNA,MCSE,etc.Please anyone give the proper feedback to me asap.Otherwise please text to me; shijuphilip54@gmail.com.

  301. Hi everyone:
    I am not an English native and create the job description of my CV but I am not sure whether it is correct or not in term of grammar and structure. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate that.

    Windows System Administrator and Vsat Technician
    Hired as a full-time Windows System Administrator following initial consulting and administrating roles. Responsible for effecting, provisioning, Installation, configuration, and maintenance of systems’ hardware and software related infrastructure namely by deploying and configuraing Windows 2003 Servers, Microsoft ISA 2006 Server, Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, FTP, RRAS, setup GPO policies and create Norton ghost image disc. In addition responsible for support, configuration and maintenance of Cisco Routers & Switches, Dlink Acces-Points and iDirect satellite technologies.

  302. hi,
    my name is dhananjay bhakte working in Wipro as a win system admin,
    I want to move in Linux system admin can u guide me hw can I switch and which course shoud I join

  303. Dear Friends,
    I completed my MCA in 2013,after that I worked as a Programmer in college.Now i am searching for System Administrator job I know the installation of OS,softwares, antivirus installation.I don’t have that much experience in hardware field.I need to do any certification course like CCNA,MCSE,etc.Please anyone give the proper feedback to me asap.Otherwise please text to me;
    lohithbabuks@gmail.com or 9743699465

  304. I am completed Btech in Electronics and Communication from MG university,Kerala in 2014.Now I am certified in RHCSA and RHCE. Please suggest me how to prepare for an interview as a fresher in systems administration.

  305. Hi Everyone My name is Kanishk and i want to do a system admin job… but i am confused should i go for as a NOC (Network engineer) profile…. or should i go for system admin job? can anyone please suggest me best.

  306. Hi I have completed Diploma engineering. I have totally 3.5 years, as a Linux administrator, now am in need of job can you please help me

  307. Hi
    i will work in sky pro technologies pvt ltd in desktop support engineer pas 5 month but i get the new job for system admin at sarva outsourcing pvt ltd.but her have less employ for 2 day,s i will confuse i will go for the job ? plz tell me a solution

  308. Hi friends im selva Diploma in computer engineering curent im work in system admin in pvt Ltd company i have some inframection network OR system admin .Kindly replay.frds.

  309. Hi Friends
    i have completed 3 years diploma in computer science and engg. and currently working zen software solution pvt ltd. as system and network administrator in noida, i want switch the company in noida or delhi location at same post. i have 2 years above exp . pls help me

  310. HI;

    This an nice sharing and good info any future update means please share to my id
    and i have a doubt the firewall
    there is an any certification for firewall provided by an any organizations

  311. got a job as a junior / mid level unix engineer job , very nervous i never did any professional job , i dont know wat to do on first day at job , what is the key operation i will perform

  312. I m completed my jetking hardware n networking engineer it’s one year course n i also have experience in cctv service enggineer in goa shipyard Ltd as in contract base so i wnt to move in IT companies in any fields so n I also want to make my carrier in IT companies so plz tell me der is any opportunity regards my qualification.

  313. Hey Guys,

    I have 5yrs of experiance in shell scripting. Now I wanted to move as Linux admin. Could anyone please suggust me, how difficult it is to my experiance? And what are the topices I need to learn?

    Thanks in advance.

  314. Can anyone Give me Suggestion of Courses In networking …Which Course Is Best Fo system admin Pls Ping ME……Thank You

  315. I completed DECE but I have 3 year exp in manufacturing field I feel its not a suitable field for girls. so I would like to try for system administrators jobs as a fresher. Is it possible to get job or I need to do some other course

  316. Hi,

    I have 6 years of experience in server administration in Bahrain. If I come to India will I get a job and could you predict package also?

  317. Hi sir,

    I have completed B.E computer science and engineering .I am Fresher,I am looking for Network/system admin job then i have completed Diploma in Hardware and Networking.can you tell suggestion for job.

  318. So, “problem solving” is THE skill you think a sysadmin need… well, I think that is the skill systems TECHNICIANS need, NOT systems administrators. Sysadmins “must have” skill is “problem elimination”, or if you prefer, the skill to make things work like a charm without any technical problems, or at least minimize them to the minimum, planing programming, and ADMINISTERING your servers and resources to reduce the incidences and down times to the minimum possible, a PROACTIVE work. That is our job. If you think resolving tickets, repairing problems, and obey orders is your job, then you are a bad sysadmin. period.

  319. Please.. Suggest a better job in it….! I am just completed bca.. I hate this programming languages.. Bt I like the system administrator job..or networking. So what’s my next step..??? Please give me a suggestion..!
    What are steps in a good system administrators job…

  320. Hai,
    Am karteek .I am doing my job in 3i-infotech as system engineer for the past 7 months.I want to change the company as well as my role.Can i prefer System administrator or Linux administrator.Kindly if any job opportunities are there in Hyderabad location kindly say me.

    Thanks and Regards,

  321. Hi
    I have done MBA(Information System) degree . Please do guide me which profession will fit for that degree.
    System Administrator or Information system Administrator etc…

    copenhagen, Denmark

  322. Hi everyone.

    I have 2.9 years experience in desktop engineer , but stell I got system administrator job .
    I have basic knowledge , but I want to perfect knowledge that position .
    So can you send me interview question , (HR) and all details on my email e-mail.

    Thanks & regards.
    Mukesh kole .

  323. Hi,
    im interested in system admintration…but i have no programming skills like mysql…so can i become a system admin,,,,pls suggest some cource…

  324. Hello sir,

    My passion is to become as system administrator..
    I am a graduated in b.sc computers.Having MCSE,CCNA and Linux administrator trainings.
    As a fresher, can I start my career as system admin…or I should do any other job like tech support jobs?

    “Please reply me urgent”

    Your given information is very
    useful for everyone…

    1. There are Many types jobs suitable for your profiles : like

      Customer Engineer
      Technical Support Engineer as wel Trainer
      Help Desk Co ordinator

  325. Looking for System Admin position in Hyderabad Location, & having 4.10 Years of Exp.

    Thanks in advance.
    Chavali Sastry,

  326. hi geeks,
    your posts are very informative.
    can anyone please send me sample resume for Linux System administrator with 2 years of experience. Thanks,

  327. Hi
    I have 1.6 years experience in desktop engineer , but still I can’t get a job in new company .
    I have practical knowledge , but I want prepare for an interview
    So can you send me interview questions and exact answers , (HR) questions and all details on my email e-mail.

    Thanks & regards.
    Ashok Kumar

  328. Hello sir,
    Is there any job for Linux Administrator ?I have 2.5 years of Experience.But I want to change my company and work with the same spirit what my previous gave me. … I learned so many things in the previous company but I want to improve more things new company that’s why I left the job.

  329. hi sir ,,,i am completed mca with 1 yr exp as system engineer …..my main aim is to become a windows system admin….if u have any openings pls inform or give me reference…..i am waiting fr your reply

  330. hi m deepti last year completed my mca now i want to go for RHCE is this good certification or not and is sysadmin good job for girls? plz replay

  331. i want to know some sub topica regarding to role of system administrator…. nd that topics are
    1. managing user account adding and deleting user
    2. changing permission and scholorship
    3. creating and managing groups
    4. modifying group attributes
    5. temporary disable user account
    6. creating and mounting file system
    7. cheaking and monitoring system performance file security and permission.
    please provide me details about all these topics….i really need it

  332. Hi sir,
    I want to do job in Windows system administrator. if any vacancies is there please send email to me.
    I have 2 year of experience in Application support. where i am doing add, delete user and their roles. resolving users query as when they use our tools for install,uninstall software…or building new servers Linux, windows. and some tools alert.
    Thank you.

  333. hi sir,
    i studied IT and i have 1 year experience on it, i want to switch to system administration. but before that i want to know all things which i have to do first before switching to sysadmin.

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